Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What is Your Moon Sign?

Many of us are familiar with our Sun sign.  We will occasionally read our horoscope in newspapers, magazines or on-line.  Sometimes these messages ring true and other times, not so much.  At parties someone may casually mention he is a Taurus or Sagittarius.  But often, that is the extent of their zodiac knowledge.

Yes, in astrology, our Sun sign is paramount.  It represents our identity and self, and, how we direct our will.  It is our vitality.  However, there is much more to our own personal horoscope.  Each planet, from the Moon to Pluto, is in a particular sign and house at the moment of our birth.  Together, these comprise our astrological chart.   

Along with the rising sign, or ascendant, the moon by sign, house and phase carries equal weight to the Sun in any astrology reading.   The rising sign is our mask, how we perceive the world and how the world perceives us.  The Moon, by contrast, is our emotional interior, our feelings, how we interpret and digest stimulus on the deepest level.  

Only when we are very, very at ease do we show our Moon and relate to others with it.  We share our Moon, our true feelings only with those we love and trust such as family members and very old, dear friends.   With anyone new to us, we typically present our rising sign.  If they pass muster and we feel we can relate to them, we ease into our Sun sign.  Once we know them for a while, have enough trust to relax in their company, we take off our outer layers and reveal our Moon sign, our vulnerable, soft, emotional self.

Astrologically, the moon represents our: mother, family, how we parent, food, cooking and feeding, our biological inheritance (genetics and shared resources), and psychological roots.  Psychologically, what triggers emotions, trigger thoughts, then trigger actions.  So it is a wise man who knows himself and how he will react from his deepest places:   his heart.  When feelings are steered deftly and with maturity, our thoughts follow suit, followed by our choices:  what we do. 

When we understand our emotional triggers, we can detach and make healthier decisions.  No small thing this.

So then, what is your moon sign?

It may be calculated from the time and date of your birth.  This will also show your moon phase…indicating how you connect to and engage with the world.  New Moon people are different from Full Moon folks are different from Dark of the Moon fellows.

For now, let’s stick to Moon Signs.  Here are the ways each zodiac sign taps into their feelings:

Aries moon:
Initiating, pioneering, brave, courageous, warrior, impulsive, rash, heroic, rescuing, champion, fierce.

Taurus moon:
Values, worth, money, skills, talents, down to earth, stubborn, resilient, realistic, return on investment, artistic, sensual.

Gemini moon:
Data driven, charming, versatile, flexible, mental, intellectual, detached, persuasive, argumentative, curious.

Cancer moon:
Nurturing, comforting, compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic, empathic, intuitive, overly sensitive, moody

Leo Moon:
Creative, optimistic, festive, playful, loud, charismatic, athletic, overly dramatic, generous, spirited, passionate, proud
Virgo Moon:
Precise, analytical, perfectionist, detailed, service, health and work oriented, routine, habits, patterns, efficient, practical

Libra moon:
Balanced, gracious, artistic, relating, charming, diplomatic, fair, judgmental, overly concerned with others, easily persuaded, engaging

Scorpio moon:
Psychological, suspicious, hidden, concealing, passionate, sexual, regenerative, layered, spiteful, deeply sensitive, the detective

Sagittarius moon:
Adventurous, curious, understanding, searching, spiritual, optimistic, bellowing, honest, truthful, casual

Capricorn moon:
Pragmatic, grounded, responsible, honorable, dignified, cold, calculating, structured, ambitious, formal, reserved

Aquarius moon:
Interested, inventive, detached, aloof, different, outre, resistant, ingenius, unusual, group oriented, connecting

Pisces moon:
Mystical, inspired, dreamy, musical, spiritual, selfless, intuitive, hyper sensitive, compassionate, believing, trusting

Once you identify your moon sign, you may also learn where it falls in your astrological chart by house and phase.  These three elements signify how you relate and connect to yourself and others and initiate your work in this world. 

The moon is our psychology.  No matter what your relationship to her, the moon represents our mother, the earliest and most formative of our relationships.  The moon is primal.  Regardless of sign, house or phase, the placement of our moon indicates how we nurture…every one and everything, from ourselves, to friends and loved ones, to any ideas, projects or products we create.   From your moon, all creative energy flows. 

If you are interested in learning more about your moon, its location in your astrological chart by sign, house, phase and how it operates and influences your life, please contact me for a personal astrology session: hilary@oursightyourlight.com or www.oursightyourlight.com

Monday, April 30, 2018

And Now For a Completely Different Perspective

While there are the usual planetary sign changes during the month of May, one in particular makes us stand up and take notice.  Uranus, planet of rebellion, genius, invention and the unusual, has been cycling through fiery Aries for the past seven years.  At mid-month, Uranus shifts into earthy Taurus.

As Taurean Barbra Streisand says:  let’s talk. Uranus is change.  It is called The Great Awakener.  The planetary change agent, Uranus spins vertically rather than horizontally like all the other planets.  That’s how a-typical Uranus is.  It says to us: what’s so wrong about that?  I do my thing and you do yours.  Its role as awakener serves a key purpose in our lives:  to show us a truly alternative perspective.  One we may never have thought of, considered, or could even conceive of.

To do this, Uranus often acts radically.  Sudden, surprise events and moments, both positive and challenging are ruled by Uranus.  Since it literally rules earthquakes, lightning (and electricity), Uranus shakes us up and shakes us down.  It jolts our world.  Think break ups and break throughs.  Eureka!  And the veritable Ah-Ha moment.
Moving from fiery Aries into earthy Taurus, Uranus takes on a whole new flavor.  Think back over the last seven years of your life.  Where did the greatest changes occur for you?  At work, in health, with relationships, family or your home, finances or neighborhood and community?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, known as the Initiator.  So many firsts occurred over the last seven years.  In the United States for example, the Supreme Court approved gay marriage and upheld universal health care; we had a vast increase in mass (Uranus) gun violence (Aries); a dramatic change in presidential administration from our first African American President to the controversial Donald Trump; a rise in terrorist attacks, the rise and fall of Al Qaeda/Isis; numerous scientific and technological discoveries including self-driving cars, CRISPR genome progress and the widespread use of drones.

Now as Uranus enters the very different quality of Taurus, we may expect other kinds of changes.  Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac and is most closely tied to Mother Nature. Taurus is springtime and Uranus is change.  Together, they manifest the bursting flower blossoms and new leaves on trees.   Ruled by Venus, planet of love and money, Taurus oversees beauty, our personal resources, money we earn through our skills and talents, our self-esteem, values and worth.  Taurus wants to know exactly what it is getting for our hard-earned dollar.

Practical Taurus says what you sow, so shall you reap.  So be very careful what you plant, wish or pray for.  As we have treated Mama Earth, so shall she treat us.  Since Uranus is the change agent, in Taurus we can expect fluctuations with our money, the stock markets, climate events, plus new applications of our talents and skills both individually and collectively.  This is key:  Uranus rules groups, networks and friends.  It stands as a reminder:  as goes the individual, so goes the collective.  Uranus is the pebble tossed into the status quo, generating ripples. 

Expect ripples, shifts, in your life wherever Uranus in Taurus cycles through your chart.  To prepare for this, be open in all aspects of your life – open to new ideas, people, and creative concepts.  Guard against stagnation, the same-old-same-old, the daily grind.  Change it up!  Even just by taking a new route to work.  There is a time and a place for tradition…such as the holidays we celebrate.  And there is also a time for altering and tweeking customs, routines and habits. 

That time is now. 

With this in mind, let’s look at the first two weeks leading up to Uranus’ shift into Taurus.  As May opens, three planets cycle through pragmatic Capricorn, lending a whole lot of ballast and drive to our efforts.  Capricorn is the ultimate achiever, setting its sights on a goal, it doesn’t demur. Three planetary heavyweights in this sign (motivating Mars, transformer Pluto, and karmic Saturn), align with the Sun (our will) and generous Jupiter during the next few weeks will get any job done.

Allow your humor and ingenuity to flow as the lunar north node in festive Leo dances with Venus in versatile Gemini.  Much like April, cosmic activity really gets moving the middle of the month.  On the 13th, Messenger Mercury joins the Sun in Taurus, fixing our minds on realistic and worthwhile endeavors.  Again:  be open to anything new – alternative solutions, people, modes of thinking.  This is vital:  Open minds and hearts willing to receive do reach breakthroughs.  Cures, answers, healing.

Ask:  what can you do differently to change the outcome of a stubborn or resistant problem or concern?

May 12-16, the answers start arriving, just in time for the New Moon on May 15th in Taurus.  The Sun (our will) and Moon (our emotions) align beautifully with Pluto (our desires) and Mars (our drive).   In other words, go for broke.  Plant your wishes like crazy:  hand write five or so goals you hope to manifest over the next few months and year.  With six planets in earth signs, master manifesting energy is primed and super ripe.  Plant baby plant.  Water carefully, then step back and watch it all grow.

Two days later, the big shift occurs.  Motivating Mars moves into Aquarius, sign of invention and Uranus turns into Taurus.  These two have challenged each other for the better part of May and will continue to do so through the entire summer.  The truly intriguing part of this challenge is that Mars (our drive) will be in the sign Aquarius, ruled by Uranus!   With both planets cycling through fixed signs (Aquarius and Taurus), we are really being pushed to change long-held and stubborn areas of our lives. 

Aquarius is about communication, invention, new modes of thinking and being.  Taurus is deeply rooted in its values and resources.  Uranus asks us to find new ways to add value and fresh resources to harness to resolve obstacles in our path forward.  New applications and new skills, talents to increase our worth.  Think about that.  Uranus in the money/value sign of Taurus is the ultimate entrepreneurial genius. While Mars in Aquarius pushes us to find non-mainstream modes to solve resistant problems.  Each of us is imbued with skills and talents no one else quite has or applies in the exactly the same way.  How could you bring your skill set out to share with others?  Uranus is the group:  how can others benefit by what you know or do? 

When applied with focused energy, this combo is the Mother of Invention, pushing through the most obstinate of problems.  Breakthroughs will occur.  The key is to keep trying until success is at hand.  As Winston Churchill said, “never, never, never give up.”

Two days later, on May 19th, Venus enters the nurturing sign of Cancer.  For the next month, until mid-June, our attention is drawn to home, family, food, nurturing anyone or thing we care for.  It is a terrific time to get house projects accomplished and beautify your flower box or yard.  The next day, the Sun shifts into flexible Gemini.  Infinitely versatile, the Gemini Sun finds clever ways to address immediate needs and long-term concerns.  Gemini is the master communicator.  So you will find yourself talking a whole lot to your neighbors, co-workers, students, family and friends.  Just make sure you do not talk yourself into or out of anything you aren’t 100 per cent sure of!

The Full Moon in Sagittarius falls on the 29th, broadening our outlook, searching foreign landscapes (literally, spiritually, on the internet or in our imagination), for answers.  The Sagittarian Moon says don’t fence me in, while the Gemini Sun wants to discuss every possible angle and outcome.  This is a generous, gentle and sensuous Full Moon underscored by a grand planetary formation in water signs.  Generous Jupiter in Scorpio (abundance) aligns with Neptune in Pisces (inspiration) and Venus in Cancer (nurturing).   This alliance is the building block of Faith.  Belief. “Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of faith is to see what you believe.” – St. Augustine

With broad minds and open hearts, no obstacle is too great to tackle.  The world is truly ours for the asking.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Chiron into Aries: Healing a Whole New Way

April opens in the afterglow of the Full Moon on March 31st.  As with all Full Moons:   life, circumstances, relationships, our work, are seen completely at the brightest visibility.  If you ever want to announce something of importance, the Full Moon is best.  Conversely, don’t even try to hide anything during a Full Moon.  It will be seen.

Catalyzing energy abounds the first part of April, despite Messenger Mercury’s retrograde motion.  We really feel the push to move forward with three planets in fiery Aries:  the Sun (our will/identity), Mercury (how we communicate) and Uranus which calls us to change it up and be open to anything new and different.  This feisty troika challenges three planetary heavyweights in pragmatic Capricorn:  Pluto (the transformer), Saturn (taskmaster) and Motivating Mars.  On April 1st, smack dab in the middle of these two trios is the Full Moon in Libra.  This is a balancing act extraordinaire.  Relationships are on the line.  You will feel the push and pull, tug-of-war either within yourself or externally with others.  Most likely:  both. 

All Full Moons carry extra emotional ballast; however, this full moon is ripe and rife with potential conflict.  Tread lightly.  Aim for grace and consideration in all facets of living:  mental, emotional and above all with our actions.  If possible, be measured and centered.
With Spring Fever upon us, the inclination to rush ahead full tilt, frustrations abound.  These will take the form of delay, rejection and worse…no response at all, often leaving us in limbo.  A helpful reminder now:  Divine timing knows best; delivers what we can handle when we can handle it.   There is a reason for delays and lack of response.  How many near misses can you recall in your own life if you had left earlier, or later…? 

Remember, until April 15th, we are in the midst of Mercury retrograde.  Anything started now will have to be re-done.  Until mid-month, RE member those RE words:  rest, restore, relax, renew, recycle…This will serve you in very good stead when Messenger Mercury does move forward.  Mid-month is when all the cosmic activity revs up.  Before then, your hours and days may feel like pre-dawn dreams.  You know the kind:  where you are half awake, half asleep, aware of light in your room and all the tasks that lay ahead of you but you are still so tired and reluctant to launch your day. 

Such are the first two weeks of April.  Best to use this time to prepare for the springboard that awaits on the 15th.  Dig deep and do your RE search.  Line up all projects, vendors, estimates, ask the relevant questions, obtain RE ferences.  From April 1-8, Saturn and Mars are tightly conjoined in practical Capricorn.  The work horses of the zodiac, this duo demands crystal clear honesty, integrity and responsibility in all we say and do.  They demand the job be done correctly, efficiently, on time and on budget…the first time.  Lay the foundation of your future carefully with solid facts and materials.  Motivating Mars is super comfortable in businesslike Capricorn and drives our efforts on.  While our minds (Mercury in Aries) may race impulsively ahead of us, Saturn-Mars puts one assured foot in front of the other, steadily climbing the hill. 

Recall the fable of the tortoise and the hare?  We are living that during the first part of April. Just remember:  err more toward the tortoise.  Focus mightily on your goal, never losing sight, no matter how your rabbit-like mind may jump to and fro, eager to get out in front, across the finish line.  The minds of others may froth too, telling you to hurry, hurry, hurry lest you lose out. 

Stop.  Just stop and take a breath.

You will be fine.  Listen to your higher self now, especially in our world of immediate reactions.  Your goal is in sight waiting there for you. It doesn’t ask when you are going to get there, but rather how.  With honesty, the right tools, solid relationships, the necessary resources and funding, you will arrive at the right time. 

Fostering our intuition now, our higher self and knowing is Generous Jupiter’s exact alliance with transformer Pluto.  This is a cosmic power couple if ever there were one!  Wow.  Jupiter in Scorpio sharpens our x-ray vision.  We assess situations and know precisely what to do; while Pluto in Capricorn sets the wheels in motion:  rolls up our sleeves and gets to work.  This pair assures that a firm structure and framework must be in place before any relationship or business can take root for a permanent, strong foothold. 

If you are experiencing rejection, perpetual no, no and NO, or frustrating delays the first part of April, remember that rejection nearly always equals protection.  Adults rarely think they need protection, (from what, you ask?!); but many times we need to be protected from others, circumstances we don’t fully understand, and yes, protection even from ourselves.

Knowing this, planetary movement starts rolling and fast.  First, Messenger Mercury turns direct motion on Sunday, April 15thin feisty Aries.  All those plans and initiatives you’ve been patiently harboring can get going now.  Sign the contracts, buy the big ticket item be it a car, appliance, etc.  We are ready.  The very next day on April 16th is the Aries New Moon.  With Messenger Mercury now direct, what a terrific time and opportunity to hand write five or so goals, wishes and prayers to manifest.   Use the full thrust forward power of Mercury coupled with Uranus (change), the Sun (our will) and Moon (our emotions).  This is a whole lot of Aries fire power and some may feel they are shot out of a cannon.

Not only that, but healer Chiron changes signs on Tuesday, April 17th.  For the past eight years, since 2010, newly elevated planet Chiron has cycled through mystical Pisces.  Now on the 17th, at a critical degree of 00 Aries, Chiron catalyzes us to approach our individual and collective wounds in a whole new way.  The best example of this are the youth leading the March for Our Lives.

Children are spearheading a whole new day, new agenda and strategy toward solving gun (Aries) violence in America.  This generation says we are done with the old ways. Welcome to Chiron in Aries.  It rules pioneering initiative, bravery, battle in addition to guns. Youth rule the day.  They are here to awaken us, teaching adults what they should have done long ago:  to value human lives more than anything man-made. 

What wounds do you carry from the past that require a completely new approach?  You know what has not worked.  What haven’t you yet tried?  What have others perhaps suggested, or you’ve thought about but dismissed?  Chiron at this flash point of Aries catalyzes us to get moving, be fearless and self-starting to heal our wounds with new techniques, methods.  Children are leading the way now that is for sure.  Out of the mouths of babes. 

We best listen.

On the heels of Chiron changing signs, both Saturn and Pluto turn retrograde motion, on April 18 and 22nd.  These are outer planets so we do not feel their effects as readily as say, Mars, Venus or Mercury.  Saturn is the taskmaster and Pluto the transformer.  Retrograde in Capricorn they invite us to deep dive to review the functional and practical aspects of our lives where they fall by house in our charts.  With Pluto especially, we take a look at how we operate collectively as a whole, whether by nation, culture or society.  These planetary heavy hitters push us to examine what works and what does not work in our lives and eliminate any habits, processes, people or situations that do not serve us.

In the midst of this, the Sun shifts into earthy Taurus on April 20th.  For the last ten days of April, the Sun (our will) aligns with Saturn (our karmic work) to build and create our vision.  This aspect is vital, key manifesting energy so apply generously to what you seek to accomplish now.

Leading into the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 29th, Venus (love and money) enters talkative Gemini.  Flexible and versatile in Gemini, Venus is the ultimate salesman.  Great for seeing both sides (and more) of any situation, be mindful that while you may be able to talk your way into or out of anything, so can others.  Gemini Venus does not easily take no for an answer.  Be sure of your needs and goals.  Then set Versatile Venus in Gemini in hot pursuit.

Anchoring us to reality, earth energy abounds now.  The Taurus Sun at Full Moon lights up the aforementioned troika (Pluto, Saturn and Mars in Capricorn) while the Scorpio Full Moon has us feeling all of the feels.  Trust your gut instincts and intuition. From April 15th through the end of June 2018, we are blessed with incredibly potent manifesting energy.  Our dreams are tangible now more than ever. Point your eyes on the horizon and steer your boat straight ahead.  

Of Special Note: 
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dream a Little Dream, or, Pulled Apart at the Seams

Awash in emotion, excess rain water, day dreaming time away or jamming to terrific music? 

As March opens, Pisces energy surrounds and envelops us, spilling over the containers of our lives.  Five planets are moving through lyrical, inspiring Pisces on Day 1.  Like any sign, Pisces has its benefits and challenges.  And these are amplified to the nth degree leading into the Full Moon on March 1.

In the days leading up to this Full Moon, watch for sublime inspiration, overwhelming urges to escape, wanting or needing to forgive, and practicing faith against all odds, or, drowning in faith’s polar opposite: fear.  

The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, more than any other sign represents distinct polarities and every shade in between:   The entire range of human experience.   Pisces signifies the highest and lowest in human behavior.  It brings pristine insight but can shroud us in foggy thinking.  It represents the saints and angels as well as the downtrodden and despairing among us.

With this in mind, pay attention to your gut feelings, instinct and intuition, also ruled by Pisces.  We are asked to trust our own senses now.   Trust, believe your heart to be right regardless of what others think, say or do.  The subtlest of energies, Pisces does not dominate (as may Aries or Scorpio); but with five planets this first week of March, urges and dreams seep, leak, and wave through our minds and emotions, pushing us to morph dreams into action. 

The flip side of visionary, dreamy Pisces is illusion and deception.  Be careful to distinguish the difference between what is real and what is not, as lines will blur this first week.  Be the “observer” or “witness” in your life to test and examine if your feelings and urges are solid and real, if not practical.  As the old adage goes, “believe little of what you hear and half of what you see.” 

Amidst this emotional torrent comes identifying and practicing faith over fear.  The United States finds itself immersed in a debate on guns.  Oddly, nothing illustrates Pisces energy quite like this debate:  on one side are those who fervently believe they can only be safe with the protection of arms, guns.  Directly opposing this notion is the group who firmly believe we should limit access to guns in order to prevent further mass shootings. The first group is fear based.  The second is based on faith.  

Pisces outlines these distinct polarities.  And this is precisely where the United States finds itself caught now, culturally and politically.  Pisces also rules drugs while its opposing sign, Virgo, rules health and healthcare.  The debate about opioid use, drug overdoses and its damage to our society versus. the spiraling cost of health care is yet another example of this polarity. From here as individuals and collectively, we must find our way to middle ground. 

Helping us to do just that is the Virgo Full Moon on March 1.  It beautifully aligns with heavyweight Saturn in earthy Capricorn.  Along with transformer Pluto in Capricorn, this Full Moon says hey, wait a minute.  Before you run away (more like float away) on all those Piscean dreams, let’s look at the practical aspects of exactly how your ideas might work:  realistically, on the ground.

To balance your dreams with pragmatic realism, take your Piscean visions and ask how you can put them into action:  to manifest the dream.  Let music and water inspire you.  Write down, create a vision board, paint an actual picture of what you hope to bring to life.  Then use all of that earth energy (Moon, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn) to build your dream.  With effort and patience, you can do this!

At the start of the second week of March, on the 6th, the energy begins to shift.  Messenger Mercury, ruling our thoughts and communication, enters pioneering Aries.  The very next day, March 7th, Venus, planet of love and money, joins Mercury in Aries.  The original initiator, fire starting energy, Aries is a terrific leader.  So Mercury-Venus help lift your dreams off the ground, turning ideas into action. 

However, you may also have a sense now that others don’t quite understand, believe in, see or get your vision.  This is such an incredible idea….why isn’t everyone jumping on board? You may ask.  Mercury-Venus in Aries want to make things happen now.  And how!  Take a breath.  Rely on planetary workhorses Saturn and Pluto to plod along, step by step, to create your dream.  It will all work out; but it may take more time, energy, or resources than you initially thought.

Ultimately, the month of March shows us the highest human potential possible, individually and collectively.  Will we join together to problem solve or sink to the lowest common denominator, stand in opposite corners pointing and blaming one another?

On March 10th, Generous Jupiter turns retrograde motion for the next 4 and a half months.  In Scorpio, Jupiter retrograde invites us to review the deepest aspects of our lives:  from sex to joint finances.  Everything from taxes to transforming the inner most layers of our psyche are on the table.  Scorpio rules desire and magic.  It is the veritable make-over energy, the Phoenix rising from the ashes.  Jupiter brings its formidable blessings to Scorpio through November of 2018.  Whatever area of your life you desire to change now will occur with focused intent.

Bear this in mind for the New Moon in Pisces on March 17th, exactly aligning with Jupiter in Scorpio.  All New Moons bring fresh starts.  This New Moon is particularly vibrant.  On the cusp of Spring, Mercury-Venus in Aries beautifully align with the Lunar North Node, stoking our actions even as we continue to weave our dreams from straw into gold.

Potent stuff this.  Wow.  The Sun-Moon challenge Motivating Mars in Sagittarius so it is imperative to tell the truth now, be honest, honor the law of ourselves, our true north, bearing in mind social norms and laws of the land.  This New Moon pushes us to discern the truth of our dreams and visions.  Are we chasing a pipe dream, escaping reality or are we pursuing honest endeavors?  To clarify, hand write your wishes, goals and intentions for the next month and year.  Then plant in the ground or cast in a moving body of water. 

The very next day after the New Moon, on March 18th, Mars enters Capricorn where it shines most brightly.  For the next two months, Mars gradually joins both heavyweights, Saturn and Pluto, demanding we get real.  Act responsibly, with honor and integrity.  When used well, this is masterful taskmaster energy.  Capricorn rules big business, politics, architecture, government and tradition.  It is structured and formal.  One step at a time, one foot in front of the other.  Nothing focuses our attention like these three planets in serious Capricorn. 

A few days later, the Sun enters Aries on the Spring Equinox, March 22nd, joining Mercury and Venus. Feel the urge to surge ahead, blaze new trails, conquer that mountain our vision has set its sights on?   Fiery Aries energy is brash and rash.  Impulsive.  Mars, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn says not so fast.  First things first.  Lay a firm foundation and then you can proceed safely and securely.

 Also slowing our hand is Messenger Mercury.  It stations retrograde motion on the Equinox as well.  For the next three weeks, practice all the RE words:  relax, restore, renew, rest, review, etc.  In our go-go-go world, no time feels like the right time to slow down and take stock, especially now with Spring upon us.  However, this is a great time for spring cleaning!  Clean house, pitch and purge…re-cycle and re-organize.

Tidying our own back yard is a terrific use of the catalytic energy upon us now.  We will feel an internal struggle, a push and pull as the Aries troika squares off with the trio in Capricorn.  The Sun, our will, Venus, our money and relationships, and Mercury, how we communicate duel with the three planets in long-haul Capricorn (Mars…our energy, Saturn…our responsibility, and Pluto…our desires).  The urge to push forward is immense.  We feel evenly split between wanting to get stuff done now versus doing it right, for the long term good.

It is no accident that Mercury Retrograde overlays this time frame.  Until April 14th when it turns direct motion, best to review your tentative plans, marshal your forces and resources.  Examine exactly what you are undertaking.  Our higher self reminds us:  Haste really does make waste.  So be sure you are directing your lower, active-on-the-ground self to do what is in your best long-term interests.  This catalytic energy at the end of March builds to a climax on the second Full Moon occurring March 31st

Watch for upheaval in traditions and customs of our personal lives…uprooting the way things have always been done…; while on a collective level, look for fire and fury (Aries energy), upheaval in government, rules broken, barriers brought down, rebellion, blowing up what does not work anymore.

The March 31st Full Moon is not for the faint of heart.  So take care.  Focus on your work, your loved ones and your own self care.  As the British say:  Keep Calm and Carry On!

Of Special Note: 
Please mark your calendars for the Healthy Living Expo on Sunday, April 8th, from 10 am to 6 PM, in Plymouth, MA.  I will be speaking about the astrological outlook for 2018, what to expect personally and as a nation/culture.  Or stop by my table that day for a mini-reading!  Please visit www.myhealthylivingexpo.com for details, directions and information.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Expect the Unexpected: Double Eclipses

As befitting the sign of Aquarius which colors much of February, this is a rather unusual month celestially.   The air sign of Aquarius and its planet Uranus rule anything off beat, non-mainstream, unpredictable, sudden, avant garde, genius and ingenuity.  Think Thomas Edison, Oprah, Nelson Mandela.  Anything labeled “different”.  So goes February 2018.  All planets are direct motion for the second month in a row yet there will only be three planetary sign changes.   Oh, and lest we forget:  one eclipse…a partial solar eclipse on the 15th .

For starters, having all planets moving forward for so long is a bonus.  This began at the outset of the New Year and continues into March.  What is striking about this isn’t so much that all the planets are direct but rather for the length of time they are forward motion.  A week, perhaps a month at most…but over two months?  This is very rare indeed.  February finds itself in the heart of this planetary push ahead. 

How does this impact you?  Aquarian energy is optimized now…encouraging us to feel, think and do outside the box, our normal grind.  Look outside yourself, your circle, your community and routine for solutions, to break out of habits that no longer serve you.  Go baby go.  Full steam ahead.

Otherwise a quiet month cosmically, we find a bump at mid month, a partial solar eclipse on February 15th, the second of two eclipses.  The first eclipse kick started February on January 31, a total lunar eclipse at Full Moon.  This is the second Full Moon of January (or Blue Moon) and its eclipse occurs in the sign of Leo.   It is a particularly rare occurrence for a total lunar eclipse to happen on a Blue Moon.  The last one happened 152 years ago.  Talk about unusual Aquarius happenings!!

 During the final days of January, watch for drama, fun, self-expression, your voice to be heard.  If you have been sidelined by others, you will feel a large push to speak up.   Between January 25-February 4, ask where have you suppressed your voice?  Bullied and victim no more.  Just look at the scores of young female gymnasts sexually assaulted by Dr. Larry Nassar who just put him behind bars for life.

Unshackled, February begins.  With the Sun (our will), Venus (love/money), Mercury (communication) all in radical Aquarius, you may very well feel an earthquake inside, lightning strikes of knowing.  Pay attention to flashes of insight.  This is not your imagination.  Rather, these will lead to breakthroughs in  persistent problems, areas where we find ourselves stuck.  What are you being urged to do?   Alternative approaches and solutions are your best bet this month.
With Messenger Mercury at its sharpest now, beneficent Venus and the Sun tied to the Lunar South Node (our point of release), all in humanitarian Aquarius, watch for opportunities to connect with your fellow man/woman; look out for your neighbor’s best interests and to work collaboratively as a group.  Together as one we rise and fall. 

The two generous planets, Venus and Jupiter, challenge each other the first week of February.  So be aware of where you can give and receive.  Set stubborn resistance aside now.  Often we say no, decline opportunities that offer a way out our conundrums.  A mantra for February is “say yes and figure it out later”.  This is most definitely such a time.  Look around.  What needs resolution in your world?  Who needs healing?  You, your family, your workplace, community?  We are called now to consider larger, broader aspects in our lives, our footprint on this earth, the impact each one of us creates as part of a chain reaction of existence.  No small thing this. 

Good think heavy weights Saturn and Pluto are in serious Capricorn now, teaching us Responsibility, Structure and Integrity.  Use this energy as a functional platform on which to build your life.  Saturn (dharma/karma) and Pluto the transformer hold your seat to a firm foundation while you meet on-coming challenges, pursue dreams and rise to the above-mentioned humanitarian call.  Man-made disasters in Yemen, Myanmar and Syria come to mind.  These are publicly noted as the “worst humanitarian crises since World War II.”

The preponderance of off-beat Aquarian energy at the outset of February is enhanced by Mars in Sagittarius.  You may feel a strong need for freedom.  What liberates you rather than confines and binds?  Some may feel persecuted or victimized by circumstance with this energy.  Better to steer yourself toward healthy solutions, adventure, search or quest, like going on a treasure hunt rather than staying trapped on a never-ending treadmill of “why me?”

Deepest healing is at hand now with Generous Jupiter aligning beautifully with healer Chiron.  Take a break, take a time out, take time off.  Science has proven that those who are most successful know when to say when:  change it up, go outside for a walk, change your scenery to get fresh perspectives.  And simply…rest.  Was a nap ever known to hurt anyone?  Wake up renewed and ready to tackle challenges from alternative angles.

Midmonth brings the most cosmic activity.  First, on February 11, Venus enters Pisces.  Here the planet of love, money and relationships shines most brightly:  the Venus in Pisces lovefest.  Mm, mm, mm.  Nothing quite like it!  Feel her angelic, adoring effect.  She is gracious beyond measure for the next month with time, energy and money.  Over the next ten days, Venus pairs with her higher planetary wavelength, Neptune.  Dream a little dream.  Now is the time.  Pisces and its ruler Neptune rule dreams, as well as inspiration, fantasy, music, water, sleep, universal love.  Mother Theresa comes to mind.  From February 17-24, you can’t help but feel the love.  It is everywhere and all around. 

“Can you feel the love tonight…?”  from Disney’s The Lion King is an apt theme song right about now.

The Winter Olympics occur amidst this lovely Venus in Pisces stretch, reminding us all how far loving energy goes to repair relationships, the dysfunction of which is the root of so much suffering in our world.  

Smack in the middle of the month on February 15th comes the second eclipse on the New Moon.  This is a partial solar eclipse at 26 degrees Aquarius.  Talk about an invitation for new beginnings!  A New World Order is on call.  With the Piscean lovefest of Venus, Neptune and Chiron combined with the humanitarian Sun (will), Moon (our emotions) and Messenger Mercury, while Pluto and Saturn lay a firm groundwork, this is one heck of a New Moon eclipse!  Tremendous potential awaits.  We are called to dream (Pisces), gather (Aquarius), and plant (Capricorn).  Power is virtually in our hands.  To join together.  To unify.  In such a contrarian, conflicted and war-torn world, repairing and healing opportunity unfolds…if we allow.  Power in numbers.  Strength in groups.  Can you see that you are not so different from your fellow man after all?  That we share far more than separates and divides us?

This eclipse invites us to let go of our differences and unite what aligns us.

As the brief month of February draws to a close, Messenger Mercury and the Sun’s shift into Pisces on February 18 and 19th, joining Venus, Neptune and Chiron.  Pisces qualities intensify.  With any sign, there is always a caution:  don’t overdo.   A water sign, Pisces can lead us down a very slippery slope.  What good is a lovefest if it turns sour?  If you stay too long at the party?  Know when it is time to go home, to call it a day.   It is one thing to rest, dream, be inspired, another thing entirely to slide into escapism or addiction.  Pisces rules drugs, alcohol, addiction of any kind.  Be mindful:  choose moderation.  In everything, be balanced. 

This applies to givers especially.  If you are one who constantly gives to others, be very careful of being taken advantage of now.   Doing as much for yourself, in equal parts, as you do for others is not selfish.  It prevents burnout and exhaustion.  Pace yourself.  While giving to those in need, remember to take time for your needs:  listen to beautiful music, relax in a gentle bath, compose a letter to a long-lost cousin, get a massage, row-row-row your boat gently down a stream…

Go and do likewise.

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Pedal to the Metal: January's Full Throttle Forward

Pedal to the Metal:  January Full Throttle Forward

There is very rarely a time when celestial events coincide so directly with humanity’s calendar.  Our agenda.  Our clock.  January 2018 is such a time.

With the holidays behind us, we are ready to dive full tilt into the New Year on January 1.  Several remarkable events occur smack dab on New Year’s day:  the Full Moon is ON January First and Radical Uranus turns direct motion.  Radical yes.  Rebellious, surprising, shocking, ingenious, off-beat Uranus.  Expect the unexpected is an extreme understatement.  We can never know what will happen with this planet.  Most notably, Uranus' shift forward leads ALL of the planets in our beloved Milky Way galaxy to turn direct motion for the next two months.  This is highly unusual. One or more planets are typically retrograde motion (reverse) at any given time.

How does this impact you?   All the planets moving forward streamlines our lives, desires and dreams with a vital forward thrust.  Whatever you have sown to date or are planning to launch now, January through March is terrific for growing.  Go baby go!

First, the Full Moon.  January 1 finds Mother Moon in its own sign, nurturing Cancer, making beautiful angles to inspirational Neptune and Mars-Jupiter in psychic Scorpio.  You will feel this Full Moon and how.  Terrific for deepest devotion, passion, intuition and more, this Full Moon is as grounded as it is emotional.  We feel super committed to our New Year’s resolutions as this moon opposes four planets in earthy Capricorn:  Saturn (responsibility), Venus (love and money), the Sun (our will) and Pluto (transformation).  Capricorn is THE building block energy of the zodiac, the architect of our lives creating a firm foundation on which to manifest our desires.  With Saturn now in its own sign of Capricorn for the next two years, we feel a responsibility to build our lives wisely.  This energy digs hard work and is resolved to see any task/project/relationship through to completion.  So what you intend now will come to fruition.  Build with care.

And, this Full Moon occurs on the cusp of wild and woolly Uranus turning direct.  Feel a switch flick on inside yourself?  Uranus rules electricity, earthquakes and lighting…anything sudden or shocking.  You may literally wake up in the early days of January 2018 ready to turn over a completely new page in your life.  Expect others to do the same.  Uranus is called the Great Awakener for a reason.  It is the original AH-HAH discovery energy.   Victim, prisoner, sleeper no more! Says Uranus direct.  Engines are Full Throttle Ahead.  So we speed into the stars; into the unknown of 2018.  It is tremendously exciting, exhilarating, if not a bit scary.  One thing is for sure:  there is no time for fear here.  Buckle up and strap yourself in for a ride.

Adding vitality to the New Year’s mix are the Lunar Nodes at powerful degrees. The North Node calls our name.  It is at 15 degrees Leo, a super strong point and real attention getter.  Hear the siren call to take a chance?  We feel the urge to laugh, pursue romance, your passion, to create something new, indulge our children and inner child.  In short: play.  Play with wild abandon.  Have fun and enjoy life.  So many of us carry steep and heavy burdens. But the Leo North Node reminds us to keep it light, festive, try new things we’ve never done before.  Leo also rules drama…so a word of caution:  avoid drama and drama queens. 

The planetary power group in serious Capricorn are sure to keep it real.  Keep us realistic.  With focused intention you can find the balance between fun, humor and responsible action. The edge of our attention sharpens by the second week of the month (January 6-11) when this foursome tightly conjoin.  We are all business, no nonsense, black and white.  These make a helpful angle to Jupiter-Mars in Scorpio which rules karma, big money, taxes, investments, psychology, joint finances (shared bank accounts, property, etc), the metaphysical realm, psychic rebirth.  In other words:  the piper will be paid now.  With wise aim, this is an excellent time for significant investments of money, time or energy.

The United States will witness unfolding consequences for Mr. Trump, the impacts of the recently passed immense tax bill, and shifts in government.  Scorpio Jupiter (abundance) and Motivating Mars (action) also deals with secrets and deep revelations.  Aligning with Capricorn planets, this duo says there is no time for anything hidden.  The cosmic alliance demands all cards to be put face up on the table.  If anyone kept something from you, it will be revealed now. 

Revelations only increase with Messenger Mercury’s entrance into Capricorn on January 11th.  The scales are tipped now:  five planets in Capricorn during the third week of the month.  Build like crazy whatever you want to manifest.  Incredibly hale and hearty energy, Capricorn is cold and hard-nosed; it shoulders the harshest of burdens, tolerates the most extreme conditions.  So tell all the naysayers in your life where they can go; better yet, don’t say anything.  Save your energy to bear down, focus on producing your dreams.  With five planets in robust Capricorn, stand back and behold how much you can accomplish! 

…Just in time to set intentions for the first New Moon of 2018.  On January 17th, hand write five or so goals you hope to realize over the next month, season or year.  Plant them in the ground or cast in a moving body of water such as a river, stream or ocean.  The same day, Venus moves into unruly Aquarius.  Ruled by Uranus, this sign is an out-of-the-box thinker and doer, prefers anything non-mainstream.  Highly inventive in Aquarius, Venus turns to new designs in projects, investments and relationships.  Only days later, on January 20th, the Sun joins Venus, applying our will to new-fangled ideas, concepts and people.  Embrace what is different now.  You know what has not worked in your life so be open to trying alternatives.  There is nothing to lose and only experience and success to be gained.

Enhancing your sense of adventure is Mars’ shift into sagacious Sagittarius on January 26thOur only limits are those we set for ourselves, Mars now reminds us.  What is your dream?  Aim your arrow high and accurately.  With all the Aquarian inventiveness and Capricorn pragmatism at hand, this is the perfect time to manifest your plans.

In this truly rare time of complete planetary forward motion, we are blessed with a second Full Moon in January.  On the 31st, the Moon ends the month as she began it:  nurturing what we sow into ripe culmination.  Under her bright light, the Full Moon guides us and shows us the way.  We are made of stars and stardust, she says.  Nothing is impossible.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Getting Real with Saturn into Capricorn: Reputation is Everything

December is generally regarded as a festive month of parties, beautiful music, gathering friends and family.  The holidays and dawning of a New Year also mark an unofficial anniversary in our lives, one of self-reflection:  so what have I accomplished in the last year?  Have I improved or fallen off the mark somewhere?

December 2017 is particularly given to reflection for two notable reasons.  First, Messenger Mercury, ruler of communication, is retrograde motion for the balance of the month, and task master Saturn ends its cycle in truth telling Sagittarius before shifting into earthy Capricorn.  Hard though it may be to hit the “pause” button during this very busy time of year, it is vital to schedule breaks for yourself until the New Year arrives.  Lean in to any activity that clears your body/mind/soul…exercise, meditation, a woods walk, time spent on, in or near the water, yoga, and journaling all come to mind.  You will feel refreshed beyond measure when you partake.
Day 1 of December opens with Venus, planet of love, money and relationships changing signs, from intense Scorpio to wise Sagittarius.  In this fire sign, Venus values freedom, honesty, learning and studying, and adventure.  She is generous with her wallet here too, as she wants the best for her fellow man.  In fiery Sagittarius, Venus is not afraid to take risks and put herself out there.  Over the course of December, Venus gradually joins Messenger Mercury, the Sun (our will) and heavy weight Saturn.  She lightens our load and sees the brighter side of life.

A good thing too, as the beginning of December is so loaded you may feel ready to snap:  Motivating Mars in Libra directly opposes Uranus in active Aries while we approach the Full Moon on December 3rd.  The same day, Messenger Mercury turns retrograde motion.  This Full Moon could hardly be any more fraught with relationship tension.  A helpful reminder from the Tao this first week is:  “Tension is who you think you should be; relaxation is who you are.” Breathe!  As I write, a volcano in Indonesia is stirring mightily.  Already exploding, it could soon wreak devastation with the Full Moon acting as the trigger; communications may be severely hampered afterward with Mercury in reverse gear.  

In terms of our individual lives, watch your words, behavior and interactions with everyone during the first week of December, especially the 1st -3rd.  Put your earplugs in if necessary, bite your tongue, or use whatever other language filtering practices you rely on.  In short:  think before you speak.  Ordinarily, I encourage free self-expression and honesty; however, the first week of the month is cosmically challenging.  As above, so below.  So err on the side of less is more in all you do and say.

Complicating our filtering efforts, Saturn in the final degrees of Sagittarius demands the truth, from ourselves and with others.  In the sign of The Law (both earthly and universally), we will be held accountable for our actions.  If you need to make amends to anyone, December is an excellent time to atone.  Nevermore so as Mercury moves into reverse on December 3rd.  Let’s each of us own what we do and say/have done or said, so we may begin January 2018 with a truly clean slate.

December days can feel dicey, with Mercury retrograde until the 22nd.  A strong suggestion for managing your holiday shopping during this time:  best to hold off on major purchases now.  If you want to give something large, such as a car, jewelry or technology, consider wrapping up an I.O.U. note for your loved ones to open on Kwanzaa, Chanukkah or Christmas Day.  The I.O.U. offers a promise to go shopping with the recipient after the 22nd.   Another advantage of this is that you also will find huge deals in the post-holiday season that may save you oodles of money.  Laptops, phones, TVs and entertainment systems especially are best bought once Mercury turns direct motion the 22nd.

Messenger Mercury is spending a really lonnnnng time in fiery Sagittarius too, from November 6th to January, 10th, 2018.  For the first two weeks of December, the communications planet joins with task master Saturn, the Sun (our will) and Venus.  Retrograde Mercury invites us to turn inward.   Practicing gratitude, good old fashioned counting your blessings – even for the smallest things, reflecting on who we want to be and how we want to live in 2018, adjusting our goals accordingly, is the best use of time until the 23rd.   What do you want your life to look like and how do you want to get there?

Our ruminations are deepened by Motivating Mars entering psychological Scorpio on December 9th.  Through the beginning of January, Mars gradually joins Jupiter in Scorpio, for deep dives into our psyches.  Scorpio rules transformation – the really big guys:  sex, death, re-birth in all its forms, as well as the metaphysical realm and joint finances.  All during December as Mars moves toward Generous Jupiter, our x-ray senses are sharpened.

Answers are now revealed, people and entities shown for what they truly are, especially after Mercury turns direct motion just before Christmas.  Deniers or those trying to hide will be exposed.  A tricky time is at hand as Scorpio loves secrecy; rules it in fact.  However, the abundance of Sagittarian energy (4 planets!) demands the truth.  The Law will be upheld.  You can run but you will not be able to hide.  Watch the news unfold; what this period portends for the US government and Mr. Trump in particular is crucial.

We are invited to acknowledge soul truths now.  Set your intentions for the New Year on this roundly honest Sagittarian New Moon December 18th.  Hand write up to 5 goals, wishes or prayers that you hope are fulfilled in 2018.  Then cast these in a moving body of water or plant them in the ground to grow and bloom over the coming months.

This New Moon sets off a series of planetary shifts.  One right after the other, Saturn, the Sun then Venus change signs and Mercury turns direction motion.  First, task master Saturn:  For the last three years, Saturn has been cycling through Sagittarius, sign of the law, adventure, education, spirituality, things foreign and the truth.  Some of us have sought our own truth, while others have been brazenly shown the truth.  Saturn is dharma (responsibility with a capital R) and karma (what goes around comes around).  No one escapes or is excluded from Saturn’s hand.  In Sagittarius, justice is done.   What the recently outed sexually abusive men in film and media wouldn’t give to escape the truth and regain their reputation…

Reputation is everything. 

My father used to say, "if you don't have your reputation, what do you have?"

This is never more true as Saturn moves into its own sign Capricorn on December 20th.  Here, ruling reputation, status, business, tradition, integrity and honor, we see in no uncertain terms who we are.  Saturn is structured, formal, concrete, black and white energy.  It is the building block backbone of the zodiac and governs architecture, construction and the skeletal system of our bodies.

If you have not done your work to date – as Saturn has demanded while passing through Sagittarius – been honest with yourself and others, the structure of your life with Saturn in Capricorn will not hold up.  Watch for everything from bone fractures, difficulty with teeth, to earthquakes and systemic shakedowns.  Saturn and Capricorn oversee government and big business…so the piper will be paid in these realms too.

However, if you have been “on path”, doing your soul work, in all honesty and fair practice, your reputation will be cemented for good and you may even be rewarded.  Black and white, no-nonsense Capricorn energy is further heightened and crystallized in the following days as the Sun joins Saturn at 00 degrees, a highly notable attention-getter.  Venus collaborates with these two in Capricorn on Christmas Day, with Mercury turning direct just prior on the 23rd.

Guys, if you are planning to propose marriage, the stretch from Christmas Eve through New Years is a wonderful time.  This holds true as well for those tying the actual knot.  Capricorn is not known for its romance, sexiness or passion (rely on Mars-Jupiter in Scorpio for that!) but it gives a lasting sound structure, firm foundation and solid substance to any relationship begun now.

“Where attention goes, energy flows” is the old adage and a terrific mantra for the New Year.  Point your gaze, time and attention at what you want to achieve and then build baby build.  May you each find lasting and sustaining health, peace and joy in 2018!

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