Sunday, July 31, 2016

Girl: Heal Thyself

If I could have one super power, it would be to erase evil events before they occur. 

My work as an astrologer is to guide and uplift where possible.  So as a human being but particularly as an astrologer, I am discouraged by the violent global events of June and July.   There is just no accounting for human behavior.  Energy may be directed either positively or negatively.    And if we focus our energy toward positively, this summer may be a truly transformative time. 

Transformative possibilities continue into August as it opens with Motivating Mars finishing its tour in deep and intense Scorpio.  There is significantly more planetary activity this month than last, the trickiest part of which finds Mars shifting from psychic Scorpio into adventuresome Sagittarius where it will join Saturn later this month.   Our attention shifts away from attention-getting crises toward how to manage the gravity of philosophical differences driving said crises (often violent).

First, though, let’s look at the energies building up to this climax later in August.  To begin with, Messenger Mercury entered health/work-minded Virgo on July 31.  For the next two months, all through September and even into the beginning of October, Mercury draws our thoughts toward planning, perfection and acute detail.  Mercury is at home here in the sign it rules and commands a tremendous work ethic.

The first week of the month the Messenger planet tangles with Motivating Mars and Saturn which demand freedom rather than planning or details.  Sagittarius is big picture energy; if anything, we are directed to honor our truth no matter whom it offends.  Mercury in Virgo pulls the other way:  So you’re unsatisfied with your job/home/partner/finances?   Get down to business and make a plan.  Pull out some paper and pen, your laptop and calendar and chart a course.  Change does not happen without effort says Virgo.  Elbow grease and using your head are the only way to get things done.  Shift, change, move forward.  Step by step. Plan. Step by step. Rest. Repeat.

Our motivation is directed by Mars and as it moves into Sagittarius on August 3, pushing toward Saturn,  Mars drives our efforts while Saturn sets the agenda; meanwhile Mercury tells us how to think, what to do and in what order.  With Mercury rabidly discerning every detail as Mars/Saturn look at the global landscape, things can get dicey.  The most effective way to manage these contrarian forces is to take turns with your efforts.  Like a painter, step back from the picture you are working on and see it in full, its entirety:  where you need to add, delete, edit, re-do…then, go to it, attend to the details in that sector of your life.

With the New Moon on August 2-3, if we align our thoughts and actions carefully, we are afforded an excellent opportunity to set the course and reap rewards over the next month.  This New Moon is wildly creative as it forms tremendous alliances with Saturn.  Think of it:  your creative urges and will (the Moon and Sun) are underscored by fiery Sagittarian Saturn responsibility to honor your truth, to do that which you believe in wholeheartedly.  At its core, that is Sagittarian energy:  philosophy, personal truth, belief, and understanding.  Joining creativity and personal philosophy is very powerful stuff.  Combine that with Messenger Mercury and Generous Jupiter in planner Virgo and you’ve got yourself super potent forces to work with.

This force is strengthened and highlighted as relationship-oriented Venus enters Virgo on August 6th, the same day Mercury conjoins the Lunar North Node pulling us toward our goal. Mars/Saturn push us to dream BIG while Mercury/Venus/Jupiter/North Node in Virgo tell us exactly how to make that dream come true.  How to make it real.  This energy can feel daunting.  And, Virgo, because it sees every single detail in how much work there really is to fulfilling the dream, you can be riddled with self doubt or second guessing.  A word of advice here:  Don’t.   Just don’t.  Do not go down the path of doubt.  Remember, if you are aligned with positive action and know that you are given ideas and dreams for a reason, whether for self-improvement, positive life change, growth and development, only good can result.  The great news is that the Sun cycles through creative Leo well into August.  So it roars right back at all those naysayers, needling self-doubting thoughts and Negative Nellies dancing in your head.  The Leo Sun is can-do energy like no other.  It tells us to go ahead, step out into the world in a great big way and take up space.  This desire is particularly strong from August 10-18 when the Sun aligns beautifully with Radical Uranus.  Our ingenuity and creative engine is running full speed in whatever sector of your chart this alignment occurs.  Truly, breakthroughs are truly possible now; and with careful application of your will, change naturally follows.  

Strengthening this passage is Saturn turning direct motion on August 13.  We get a gigantic kick in the pants, telling us to get going with our Responsibility to fulfill our potential.  Our dharma and karma.  What we came to earth to accomplish.  All of these forces increasingly build up to the Full Moon on August 18th.    This Full Moon bears a lot of helpful energy with it as North Node/Venus align with Pluto (transforming our relationships and what we focus on) and Messenger Mercury’s pairing with Jupiter (masterful touches to our work and projects).   The cautionary angle here is Mars/Saturn’s continuing conflict with illusory Neptune.   Mars/Saturn are hell bent searching for truth(s) we must face while Neptune reaches for the escape hatch.  There is a lot of disillusionment, wanting something else instead of what we have, refusal to accept the present moment in favor of wishful thinking.   Again, allow this conflicting energy to take turns:  continue to dream and work for the ideal (Neptune) but face the truth you are dealt with honesty.  Resisting or pushing against the flow is wholly a waste of time and energy.  If you do, you'll find yourself further and further behind in the game.

A note of warning here is global events.  As we know, we have free will and may direct our thoughts and energy anyway we want.  So it must be said that darker drives continue this month, driven by beliefs and personal philosophy (Mars/Saturn in Sagittarius).  Some such as ISIL clearly think their beliefs are right, correct, Holy, and the only path to embrace.  It is my sincere hope that the darker choices and paths are contained, this month and in the future.  Humanity is really being shown light and dark, goodness and evil in stark contrast now.  At few times in our history has there been such an increasing emphasis for the individual (and thus collective) to choose sides; and that one side is the correct side to stand on, stand up for.  This is dramatically playing out on the US political front.

As the days of August unfold, we are squeezed to make our choice.  If you are uncertain, be still, turn off the phone, listen to your heart; act in good faith and conscience.  Ask yourself which path leads to love, health, healing, grace, unity.  And which path divides, separates and leads to disconnection?   This is truly an auspicious time.  No hyperbole here.  As we face collective choices as a nation and world, so do we also on an individual level.  Will you stand up for yourself, your child, your employees, your community?

Enormously helping us all month long is a series of key planetary alignments in earthy Virgo with transformer Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn.  It keeps our feet on the ground and our minds and hearts realistic.  Given the times we live in, that is a very good thing.  First, on August 11, the Lunar North Node (our directional calling) and Messenger Mercury align with Pluto.  Our thoughts match our desires.  Next at mid-month, August 15-19, the North Node and Venus align with Pluto, fostering our relationships and desires, perfecting these, building healthy relations, whether to loved ones, work colleagues or ourselves.  This is highly useful energy, especially in sequence.  Use it to your full advantage.  It is a terrific time to plan anything:  travel, personal or work projects, self improvement goals.

Right around the Full Moon, Mercury/Jupiter oppose healer Chiron.  There is an emphasis on what we need to cleanse and release from our lives in order to heal, and in many cases, heal really old wounds such as toxic relationships, thought processes/traps, poor eating or exercise habits, finances and spending patterns.  With all of the Virgo planning energy, map out exactly how to revise areas of your life that do not work efficiently. 

By August 23, the Sun joins the troika in Virgo, aligning our will to our efforts.  We will need this very pragmatic, earthy energy focus as the Sun/North Node challenges Mars/Saturn squaring off with Neptune/South Node the last week of the month.  You may feel off–balance or thrown off-kilter by people and life events as August closes.   The point of this conflicting energy is to ground us, really push us to focus on what is real and what is most definitely not real.  With Mars/Saturn in the middle of the other two pairings, we are driven to find the truth of the matter, and of ourselves.  There is a whole lot of disillusionment and delusion to cut through here…a sorting through, gutting out and focused discerning to determine what is smoke and mirrors versus what is actual and factual. 

Ask:  where are others leading you on, deceiving you (at home, work, national politics).  Where are you misleading or kidding yourself?  Leading up to the Lunar eclipse on September 1, it feels like something really has to give, especially as Messenger Mercury turns retrograde on August 30.  For the first three weeks of September, we are offered a wonderful chance to review, revisit, repair and revise absolutely any part of our lives that is broken.  We are human and we make mistakes.  As much as Virgo quests for impossible perfection (chastising ourselves with full-blown self-flagellation as we go), it is also the Great Healer.  Tend to your wounds now, be they open and festering or old and scarred over.  It is time to get real.  Time to be healed.

Friday, July 1, 2016

All together now: Exhale.

Anxiety much?  Not typically a raucous month, June gave tension a whole new meaning.  Nothing you can exactly put your finger on either…so, what’s up?  Last month shoved a glaring light on all the kinks in our own lives as well as social ills plaguing humanity, manifesting in some truly ugly violence:  namely, the largest gun massacre in US history and even the UK with the murder of MP Jo Cox.  Underlying our efforts at civility and playing nicely, there are strong undercurrents tearing apart the fabric of our preferably neatly organized worlds.  Enough already we scream.

Fortunately, July eases us into love and healing.  The next four weeks softens a great deal of the anxiety we have felt building over the past two months.  First, Motivating Mars turned direct motion on the final day of June.  Have you been holding your breath since May, trying to get things done but spinning your wheels?  On July 1st, exhale.   Breathe, baby, breathe.  All systems are go now.  Let it all out.  While some of the underlying tension still exists, three planets are now in nurturing Cancer, saying, go ahead, cry on my shoulder, relax on the beach, take a day or a week or two off and find out what feels good to you again.  As the Sun (our will), Venus (love and money) and Mercury (our thoughts and words) move through Cancer we find abundant TLC and compassion, and are encouraged toward much-needed self-care.  Lots of resources envelope us if we only look for them.  Cancer is crazy intuitive and the sentient power of this planetary troika is accentuated by its super helpful angle to Neptune and the Lunar South Node in psychic Pisces.  It’s like being guided by a gentle hand that knows exactly where you need to go.  NICE!

In addition, the first week of July, the same trio in Cancer make a beneficial alliance to Jupiter/Lunar North Node in Virgo.  That gentle hand guides us toward healing people, resources, projects that are just plain good for us.  Let the healing begin!  This energy is so needed after the hullabaloo and chaos of May and June.  We are given a plum opportunity for rest and body/mind/soul restoration during the first part of July.  Take advantage and make the most of this golden opportunity.  Water signs are terrific at tuning in, listening, diving deep.  Use this special time to quiet the voice in your head and truly hear what your soul is saying.  Hear what your loved ones are trying to tell you…for weeks or months.

July 4th falls at the end of a long weekend in the United States and is especially advantageous as the New Moon occurs precisely on the national holiday.  Venus aligns beautifully with Mars as do Pluto and Jupiter/North Node, giving our relationships a boost of inner knowing and glow yet firmly and practically rooted in reality.  It is a New Moon with terrific potential for building the loving world we hope and long for, both individually and collectively.  Praying and setting intentions now are most powerful.

Now that Jupiter has shifted away from its challenging position to Serious Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune/South Node in Pisces, there is less mental gymnastics, tension, worry and anxiety.  However, Saturn and Neptune are still dueling:  Saturn demands truth and justice while Neptune/South Node cleanse and clear away all disillusionment.  It’s like having your psyche run through a car wash.  Where we have misled ourselves or been led astray by others, honesty prevails now and insists on having its time through much of the fall.  Lies, even bare shading of the truth, are not tolerated now.  With our heightened intuition this month, we can feel the right thing to do, the next steps and wiser word choice to make.  Pay attention to your gut now as it is ringing with truth and showing you the way.  Jokesters and tricksters take note as your shenanigans will not get you very far.  The old rules are out, done with and done for.  Inhale a deep cleansing breath to clear away the cobwebs in your head.  Five planets in water signs during the first half of July offers us a delicious opportunity to wash away what doesn’t work, what we no longer need in our lives.

Also, the Venus-Sun-Mercury trio in Cancer draws our attention to home, family, food and mom.  With its alliances to Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces now, we can deep dive into family history/psychology to heal old wounds, do (significant and perhaps costly) repairs and renovations to our home, and develop new approaches to eating.  Our diet:  eating healthy (or not), regular and well-balanced meals, is one of the truths revealed to us now by the cosmic configurations.  Really, our bodies and minds are what we eat.  We must deal with it.  How much better would we feel if we consciously consumed healthfully prepared and proportioned platefuls instead of grab-n-go junk?

On July 12th, our attention turns as Venus enters festive Leo, prompting us to find creative ways to make necessary changes to concerns raised in the first half of the month.  Two days later on the 14th, Messenger Mercury joins Venus in Leo, adding a sense of humor to our thoughts and speech.  Leo is all about FUN, romance, taking chances we might not otherwise, and drama.  These next two weeks are great for going on vacation.  If you can’t take a whole week off, just a day will do a world of good now.  Go ahead and enjoy yourself.  Indulge.  Splurge on a new outfit (Leo is all about the clothes, hair and makeup) or new look.  Step outside your comfort zone.  You have cosmic permission. 

The Full Moon on July 19th in pragmatic Capricorn lends a grounded realism to our inclinations.  It prods:  so you have an idea or two…well, how will you go about building that?  Creating the relationships you want?  Creating the self that you desire?  With the truth ripping off our rose-colored glasses, we see the bare bones of what it will take to create the life we desire.  This Full Moon shines a huge spotlight on your assets, greatest strengths and flaws/shadow to be turned into productive use.  Notice:  I did not say how to best hide your flaws or deal with your shadow.  There is no more of that now, says this Full Moon.  We are to use each last bit of our being, the good, bad and ugly, and apply it positively to heal ourselves, relationships and world.  It is high past time and so very, very needed.

By Friday, July 22nd, the Sun moves into Leo, joining Venus and Messenger Mercury.  The party’s really hopping now.  For the next two weeks, all of the feelings and emotions churned up during the first part of the month turn externally, seeking creative outlets.  Use this energy wisely.  Now is the time to get inventive.  Your ideas take off now as the Leo planetary troika makes gorgeous angles to demanding Saturn.  Approach tasks adventurously.  Play.  Try something (or a strategy) you’ve never done before, individually, with family or friends.  We feel festive now.  Stir ideas for a creative project, taking all of those feelings provoked by the melee in May/June (possibly a lifetime of frustration) and channel smartly.  All systems are go now, so let the tiger out of its cage.  Paint, write, dance, cook, create your way to freedom and catharsis.

The final week of July finds Radical Uranus slowing down and preparing to turn retrograde on the 28th.  In its groovy alliance with Messenger Mercury this last week of the month, we may find the answers we need to long-standing questions or problems, breakthroughs in relationships, work, science and the arts.  Creativity abounds heading into August.  We are so blessed with options, choices and solutions, and the courage to seize these.  So try them out and on unabashedly.  The last two-three weeks of July are truly a time to step out and strut.   The Pluto-Jupiter/North Node alliance provides enough practicality that we won’t take unnecessary or foolhardy risks.  Go ahead:  you can do it!  On the final days of the month, Messenger Mercury moves into Virgo, planning and preparing our future.  If nothing else, Virgo is efficiency personified.  Harness the creative engine and ideas you’ve developed then stand back and marvel out at your amazing results!   Yes, yes you can.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Brass tacks: hard choices with abundant resources

June:  Man am I glad to see you!!  May was a real doozy that took us for quite a ride.  I sure hope you had it smoother than I did.  Wow.  While a lot of blessings rained upon us, we really had some major kinks and plot twists tossed our way.   I know I had more than my share. If you were trying to reach me via my website email and couldn’t, I am now fully reconnected and all lines are open for business once more.  Little comfort to know that I was hardly alone in the communication snafus as Mercury retrograde handed out some tough stuff last month. 

The days since the messenger planet turned direct motion on May 23rd are gracing us with a steadier path that continues with our entry into June.  In fact, the cosmic gears are not shifting signs or motion until mid-month.  Thank you Universe!  Yet we will have enough challenging planetary angles to poke or prod us.  Fortunately, there is abundant stability supporting us as we move into summer.
June opens with exactly this:  super support and strength from three key planets in earth signs.  For starters, Messenger Mercury is cycling through practical Taurus aligning beautifully with Generous Jupiter and the lunar North Node (our directional calling) in hardworking Virgo.  These energies are powered up by transformer Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn.  

With their help, we will be given the answers we need to our most confounding questions and problems.  This incredibly realistic and deeply helpful alliance has bolstered us through most of May’s rocky road.  We continue to benefit from the peace, practicality, clear thinking and communication this magnificent trio affords.  Where do you need to make a plan?  Create a solid foundation from which to grow?  At home, in business, in your health care practices and routines?  Anyone celebrating a birthday, anniversary or launching a venture between mid-May through June 5th will have this stellar support backing them up throughout the next year.  The very powerful help it offers us in whatever sectors of your chart it falls cannot be overstated.  Take advantage!

Another beneficial aspect as June opens joins Venus (love, money and relationships) and the Sun (our will and identity).  These two travel together until mid-month.  Venus casts a versatile, engaging glow over our efforts and how we direct our energy.  Simply:  it is like having a magic wand for two weeks.  Of course the caution is:  be really careful where you wave that wand; be careful what you wish for and use the power wisely as this duo is part of a very dynamic planetary formation.  These are mighty forces at work. From May 25-June 5th, we feel as though we are inside a boxing ring as five planets square off:  Neptune (illusion), Jupiter/Lunar North Node, Saturn (karma) and the Sun/Venus duo.  It feels like we are being pinched, cattle-prodded and squeezed through an altogether too-tight passage.   A suggestion:  surrender and release.  Go with the flow, wherever the current takes you. 

Remember:  fighting the current only pulls you under.  Surrendering and swimming with the current’s flow, you will stay safe. 

So how do we navigate this tricky landscape?  There is a lot of illusion going on and especially illusion about control.  Give it up.  Manage work, health care matters and the hard facts of life to the best of your ability; control what you can and let the rest go.  Applying force of will just will not work right now.  There is a demand for truth, honesty, integrity, knowledge and answers.  Find them.  This is your work right now!  And we have abundant resources supplying information.  Get as much information about anything you plan to buy, invest in (including prospective relationships…business or romantic), agreements, etc.  Be wary of the “too good to be true” quality to anyone or thing.  The old adage that knowledge is power is the name of the game now.  Listen, really listen to what someone tells you.  Venus/Sun in Gemini challenging Neptune in Pisces is the ultimate spin doctor.  We soooo want to believe…something, someone, our prospects.  And there are savvy people who are chatting us up and talking a great game.  So just exercise caution.  Before moving in with him/her, taking the job, signing on the dotted line:  know what you are getting into.

You may turn up details or information that you do not want to hear or know about.  But really?  Would you rather spend a lot of time or money on something or with someone who is taking you in the totally wrong direction?  The Mercury-Pluto-Jupiter/North Node earth trio is an incredible helper here.  So please trust what the information is giving you.  If you are uncertain, just keep asking questions.  Especially as Mars reverses into Scorpio all month long, it places a detective hat on us.  Prods us to dig deep.  Find the answers.  Don’t stop until you feel certain.  Until you know for sure.  Listen.  Trust your gut and intuition now.

We can feel life shifting gears the week of Monday, June 13.  Venus/Sun in Geminii are still traveling together but no longer squaring off with Neptune/Jupiter/Saturn.  Messenger Mercury moves into its home sign Geminii really sparking conversation and a thirst for knowledge.  You will really want to know what’s going on, be in the thick of things, be happening:  No bystander energy is this!  On the same day, Neptune turns retrograde motion until well into November, cleansing and healing old ways, habits, patterns and routines that are long out dated.  Neptune, especially in its home sign of Pisces, signifies the soul.  Bound tightly to the Lunar South node (the point of release) we move through a very deep clearing cycle.  We are pushed to purge now.  Big time!  Throughout the summer we experience the effects of a giant soul cleanse.  Think of the next few months as a spiritual colonoscopy you may have avoided but can no longer.  What pieces of your life are completely broken and in need of release or repair?  What can you no longer dodge or hide? 

Saturn in Sagittarius demands pure honesty, the truth and nothing but the truth, as Neptune brings in the Tidy-Bowl men in white suits to scrub everything down and wash away all the dirt.  Meanwhile, Jupiter continues to provide endless new healthy connections, details, alternative options to better our lifestyles.  This challenging troika asks:  is your job killing your personal time and/or relationships?  Is it time to move on, move out of that suffocating partnership (business or romantic)?  Are you living life as fully as you desire?

The trio really gives us life experience(s) we otherwise would not pursue in order to realign our paths with our soul purpose:  what we are here to do.  If you are off path, you will not be after this passage.  Life events will force your re-direction.  The good news is Jupiter/North Node will provide abundant resources to find our way ahead.   When harnessed effectively, the energies of June set us up beautifully to break us out of ruts, fulfill our deepest needs.  It is a very challenging time for sure.  And as always:  you have free will.  So you can go kicking or screaming or embrace the opportunity to clean up your act.
Some self-nurturing wouldn’t hurt as we make these life changes and on June 18th Venus enters motherly Cancer, showering all the care we could ask for and use.  This loving energy is enhanced three days later as the Sun (our will and identity) shifts into Cancer on the annual Summer Solstice June 21. It is no accident that the apex of the Sun, bestowing the brightest, longest light and warmest days launches the vitally nurturing sign of Cancer.  Our basic needs since birth:  food, mom, home, and family dwell within this deeply loving sign.  Cancers are caregivers.  Period.  They naturally nurture and grow what crosses their paths.  Venus/Sun in Cancer now prompt us to take care of ourselves first…and no it is not selfish.  
Your happiness (or discontent) spills out into the rest of the world.  Once you are replenished, then take care of those around you:  loved ones, friends, community, the world.  Many people think of mothering and nurturing as a passive act.  Yet it is the greatest action as it stems from love.  To feed, teach, and care for another forms the invisible net that sustains our planet and the creatures on it.  Cancer is feeling, emotion, intuition.  Our extrasensory perceptions are heightened now through the end of June when Venus/Sun in Cancer aligns beautifully with Neptune/South Node.  Follow your truth, what it tells you. 
Then at last on the final day of the month, Motivating Mars turns direct motion (finally) bringing our actions and inspiration forward, out into the open.  And somehow, life just works well again.

Of special note:
My website: and the attached email: are all back in great working order!  Please contact me to schedule astrology readings or Reiki sessions.    Mercury retrograde insisted on having its way with me last month and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that the disconnect may have caused my readers and clients!  I hope to hear from you soon.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Feeling off-center and out of whack? Focus on the blessings.

By some measures May is a relatively quiet month celestially.  Only three planets move from one sign into another; and there is steady progress forward into growth and development, especially as two key planets turn direct motion.  However, at May’s onset you may feel that things you need to get done are sputtering along; that there is resistance, missed connections or tripping over words.  Mercury retrograde anyone?  The messenger planet that rules thought and speech turned reverse motion in the final days of April.  The first week of May, we are in the thick of communication snafu wonderland.

For the next three weeks, Re-member the Re words:  restore, repair, relax, read, research, renew, etc.   This helps immensely to navigate an otherwise tricky few weeks.  Refrain from signing significant documents during this time and instead of racing out to buy a new car or appliance, do your product research as to which one suits you best.

This is not the only fly in our soup during May.  The biggest challenge is a month-long throw down between Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune.  Three planets tilting at odds.  Think of a chair missing one of its four legs:  you keep tipping forward or backward where the missing leg is.  Feel the imbalance?  If I only had two words to describe this month I’d say:  off center.  Generous Jupiter in Virgo delivers abundant help wherever it falls in your chart – especially in the areas of work, health, pets/animals and service.  Feels great right?  Not so fast.  In Virgo, Jupiter focuses like crazy on the details – the tinier the better.  This rubs Saturn in Sagittarius the wrong way.  In fiery Sadge, Saturn wants freedom, liberty to go wherever and whenever we want, explore topics of interest to us completely unfettered; to learn and understand and take adventures.  Meanwhile, Neptune in Pisces seeks clarification.  Neptune tells us to Let Go and Let God, not to worry about the details or worry so much in general.  Piscean Neptune focuses on the bigger picture of our lives:   Does this [situation/relationship/job] serve our best interests or of those we love?  What do we really want?  Before we get clear, we have to go through a lot of fog to arrive at the answers we seek.

Feel the conundrum?  The push and the pull, the internal tug of war.  One thing is for sure:  May is rife with second guessing, doubt and insecurity.  

My family recently faced our own conundrum.  Anyone with a sick family pet can relate to our heartache:  Our beloved dog Daisy had cancer.  Question was:  should we operate or not?  Do we put her through misery (and our financial expense) of surgery and post-op suffering…or do we let her slowly decline until she can’t function anymore and then decide when is the right time to put her to sleep?  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  So goes the month of May.   Please take comfort knowing there is no right or wrong way, no easy answers or easy ways out of the fix you might find yourself in.  There is only learning and understanding:  that life is indeed a process of trial and error.  If nothing else, taskmaster Saturn in Sagittarius is here to teach us.  So you think you know everything?  Mmm, perhaps not.  Best to open our hearts and minds to new ways of thinking, believing and hearing what others have to say. Try.

Through our struggles we are supported mightily by Transformer Pluto making a beautiful angle to Generous Jupiter and the Lunar North Node in Virgo all month long, in fact, all summer long.  Where we apply our energy, time and money solutions can be found.  They rise up to greet us.  Assure us we have abundant resources if we only look for them and apply the elbow grease to work through the details.  We simply have to use that Saturn kick in the pants to explore alternatives.  Because:  the old ways just do not work any more.

The Republican party is a great example of this.  Traditional GOP conservative voters are not thrilled about Donald Trump being their party’s nominee.  But they may not have a choice at convention time in July.  They will either have to embrace this man or go fifteen rounds at the convention to hammer out exactly who they want for a nominee and what their party stands for now.  Should be a very interesting spectacle either way!

The New Moon on May 6th forms an incredibly helpful grand earth alliance to Virgo Jupiter and Capricorn Pluto.   We can hardly ask for more:  this formation effectively boosts our efforts on the work, health, and resources front, including the actual structure of our lives.  Use this energy responsibly as possible and to your advantage to build, renovate, repair, or heal any area of your life. Three days later on May 9th,  this cosmic support is underscored by two significant events. First, Generous Jupiter turns direct motion.  Hallelujah!   You can practically hear the choirs sing!  The Titan of Blessings forms a beautiful alliance with beneficent Venus (love, money and relationships) casting a glow of goodness around May 9-11.  At the very least, we feel the rough edges of life are softened a bit.  YAY! 

The second event occurring on the very same day is called the “Transit of Mercury”.  This phenomenon happens only twice in a century as the messenger planet Mercury passes between the earth and sun.  For us, it means heightened communication.  Much.  WOW.  If you have an important message to deliver or have been waiting for the right time to say something, the time is now.  But be careful with your words.  Once uttered, they cannot be put back in the mouth.  Say what you mean but think before speaking.  Ask:  how would I hear these words if someone else spoke them to me?  Are there kinder word choices to deliver especially difficult messages?  This is crucial as this passage falls during the Mercury retrograde phase.

Energy builds like crazy just after mid-month.  As we enter the Full Moon phase several planetary gears shift.  It is as though the cosmos saved them up to unfold all at once.  On May 21 not only do we have a Full Moon but the Sun changes signs, from earthy Taurus to communicative Geminii.  Give your gardening tools a rest and strike up a conversation…with anyone.  While this particular Full Moon is chatty, it also seeks more lengthy, probing discussions, searching to learn, questing to understand life as the Moon (our emotions) tightly conjoins Mars (action) in spiritual Sagittarius.  It appears happy go lucky on the surface but actually wants to take things apart, figure out the why and how of the situation at hand.

The very next day Mercury turns direct motion prompting that Full Moon pursuit of knowledge to churn forward.  Get going on all those projects, contracts, relationships and purchases.  Two days later, Venus moves into Geminii joining the Sun.  Discussions really pick up the pace now, aided and abetted by direct motion Mercury in Taurus which aligns to Virgo Jupiter and Transformer Pluto in Capricorn.  Wow.  Whatever you have your eye on, person, place or thing, GO FOR IT now.  There is nothing holding you back.

This grand earth formation remains with us thru the end of May and into the first days of June.  Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus are all earth signs lending grounded realism, practicality and pragmatism to our efforts, noting what functions well in our lives and how to build on that.  It is actually very comforting.  There is a quiet, implicit certainty.  It is not loud and noisy energy but simple, clean, elegant communication.  Yes we still have our struggles to clarify and understand that which is a mystery to us, what keeps off off-balance, or does not optimally serve our lives.  But we are given immense help, healthy communication, transformative power and detailed work ethic now to create the changes we seek, to create the life we want.  Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Take a breath!

If nothing else, this April reminds us that the only constant in life is change.  Amidst all the upheaval, or at a minimum -- lightning-fast paced living, please remember to take a breath.  As the month opens we may be suffering from what is known in astrology circles as an “eclipse hangover”.  Moving around, we try to collect ourselves and get our bearings.   With the immense amount of planetary activity bombarding us, we feel unsettled and that nothing is for certain right now (definitely not in the US elections!).   What we have always relied upon as givens in our lives, the tried and true, has been or is in the process of being radically altered or yanked out from under us.  And if you can put your mind around this:  the givens we always expect to support us are supposed to dissolve and be altered; otherwise, we would stay put, get too comfortable and not grow.

The great news is that helping us, the month unfolds with a fiery, can-do, trailblazing energy as well as earthy stability underpinning our dreams.  It is a potent mixture.   The fearless first combination involves Saturn and Uranus.   Taskmaster Saturn is cycling through Sagittarius, seeking adventure and new horizons.  Saturn aligns beautifully all month long with Change-maker Uranus in Warrior Aries.  Go for it, these two say.  Open to new possibilities and stretch yourself!  Meanwhile, the second planetary pairing beautifully ties Transformer Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn to Jupiter in hardworking Virgo, telling us to make a plan and build, baby build. 

Together, the effect of these four planets say:  If you build it, they will come. 

So…what is your dream?   What do you seek to build?

By the end of the first week, two key personal planets shift signs.   April 6th finds Messenger Mercury (how we think and speak/communicate) moving into earthy Taurus lending practicality to our ideas and words.    On the very same day, Venus rolls into pioneering Aries.  The planet of love and money isn’t comfortable in this brave warrior sign.   Here, she is very impulsive and rash, not known to keep her emotions or wallet in check; so exercise caution with relationships and purchases.  Buying needless things and plunging headlong into relationships with a Devil-May-Care approach can cost you.  So will challenging others to a throw down, or smack down, as Aries Venus has been known to do, to, you know, prove themselves or prove a point, to be sure everyone knows they are right!  Not to mention maxing out your credit cards to take home that flashy red sports car.  Do you really need a car or do you just want to make a statement? 

The impulsivity of Aries Venus is notorious.  Think:  the runaway bride jilting her groom at the altar; the couple who elopes; the crazy-mad and completely reckless one night stand.  You get the idea.  The effect of Aries Venus is exacerbated by the New Moon on April 7th .  Both our emotions (the Moon) and will to act (the Sun) are ignited by the blazing energy of Aries, especially as it conjoins Radical Uranus.  You may feel as though you are standing on a rocket launch pad. That’s how fired you will be!

With four planets in Aries ready to hit the ground running, such fearless energy pushes us to launch any endeavor in a blaze of glory. Tightly bound to this energy, Uranus sparks sudden, out-of-the-blue movements, insights and discoveries.   With the Sun, Moon and Uranus in Aries making a gorgeous angle to Saturn in Sagittarius, do not be surprised if you have the energy of a three year old, the innovation of Edison and the determination of Caesar to set life in motion.  No joke!  That is how powerful this New Moon is.

The downside is there is significant look-before-you-leap cautionary note here.  Impulsiveness is an understatement.  So … take a breath.  Just stop and count to three.  Don't worry that if you hesitate all will be lost.  Really?  Will sleeping on a decision for a night (or two) really cost you? 

The combustability leading into the New Moon and afterward is difficult to exaggerate since Transformer Pluto challenges all three:  the Moon, Sun and Uranus.  Plutonium is named after Pluto for a reason.  Think atomic energy.  Rubbing against our emotions and will (sun and moon) with Uranus as the match, Pluto has the power to level and reduce to rubble that which must no longer stand, what is standing in the way of our growth. Hence, as aforementioned, we have the feeling of the rug being pulled out from under us, or the givens we have relied on for years disappearing before our eyes, what we have been able to count on is just no longer there.

Along with fearless choices to act bravely, this atomic energy can prompt us to walk out of a poisonous partnership (romantic or business), cause accidents, violence, religious or philosophical warfare, etc.  April is a notoriously violent month for a reason:  Aries, the god of war, is leading the Sun’s charge.  This April is a poster-child for upheaval.  And while I do not like to predict the dreaded and dire, I would be remiss to neglect mention of darker possibilities.  Take heed.  Do what you can to protect yourself…pay your insurances, really listen to and follow your intuition.  Don’t allow anyone talk you into anything that does not feel right for you. 

The best antidote and helpmate during April is Messenger Mercury’s cycle through grounded and practical Taurus.  Much more cautious, plodding and methodical than Aries, our mind and thoughts are guided to look check the underside of any relationship, project or purchase (car or otherwise).  Taurus asks the hard questions, wants solid information, stats and data because it rules values.  What bang am I getting for my buck?  How are my skills and talents valued?  What is this job, relationship, project, appliance, worth?  How am I valued?  What am I worth?  Taurus Mercury is the original show me the money combination.

We work hard for our money, applying our talents and skills where they are most useful and appreciated, to fulfill and enrich us literally and figuratively.  Taurus Mercury says: all that Aries Venus bravery and bravado is fine, all that Aries Uranian innovation is fabulous, just as long as there are solid foundations underneath what you create.  In the great rush to act this April, take a breath and gently apply some Taurean brakes.  Then ask:  how will this person, project, collaboration, purchase, benefit me or others in the long-term?   

The following day, April 8th, the Moon joins Messenger Mercury in Taurus to bolster our realistic thoughts and center our emotions; when mind and feelings align pragmatically, we can accomplish anything!

By mid-month, both Motivating Mars and its higher extension, Transformer Pluto, slow down to a halt and reverse course turning retrograde motion on April 17th.  For the next two and half months, Mars travels backwards from Sagittarius into Scorpio until it moves forward again the very last day of June.  Pluto's retrograde phase lasts much longer.  But the fact that both of these catalytic planets shift into reverse on the same day is truly significant.  Brace yourself.  You can practically hear the grinding of the gears.  Be gentle with yourself and others.  Practice patience.  And yes, take a breath.

Mars is the motivating planet.  By extension, as the Transformer and ruler of our desires, Pluto triggers our actions.  Both push us out of bed in the morning and propel us forward in life.  Without them, we’d be hard pressed to do just about anything.  They are the great initiators.  So as with any planet that has turned retrograde, the energy of Mars and Pluto now turns us inward toward ourselves, inviting us to review and reflect (in this case) our actions.  Of any planet in retrograde motion, Mars no doubt gives us the most difficulty because our activity is wired to move outwardly and externally.  We want to literally move on with our lives in every sense; especially in springtime when life is coming into full bloom. 

The effect of these inwardly facing planets depend on where they fall in your chart; but for all of us, Mars will retrace its steps in Sagittarius, then the latter part of Scorpio.  So first, we are called to reflect on the honesty of our intentions and actions.  Sagittarius is about spirituality, freedom, lessons we learn through living, education, the law and long journeys.  We will be called to answer for our actions and deeds where we have been less than honest with others and ourselves.  We are granted freedom in life but only by obeying common rules of civilization:  the law.  So anyone committing crimes or acting dishonestly (especially those in the name of religion, God or spirituality) will be held accountable.

When Mars backs into Scorpio, we are then asked to pay up:  pay back taxes owed, balance the karmic slate where or however it is uneven in our lives.  Consequences are nigh. This Spring is not the easiest time…yet another reason to stop and smell the flowers.  To pause in our ever-loving compulsion to get ahead.  Retrogrades are naturally built into the cycles of life on purpose.  Because think about it:  where would you be if you never stopped to reflect, muse or mull over something or someone before doing?  In the past, when you have leapt into a significant endeavor or relationship without sleeping on it first or listening to the valued opinions of others, how has that worked out for you?

This Spring, we have little choice but to hit the brakes.

Three days later on April 20th, the Sun joins Mercury in practical Taurus where our mind and thoughts are beautifully linked for a few days (April 19-21) with Generous Jupiter and Transformer Pluto all in down-to-earth signs.  This energy provides the grounded grid on which to establish plans, create healthy choices that serve as a sustaining base for our future:  what is built to last.

The energy is a lovely entrĂ©e to the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 22nd.   Where the practical Taurus Sun is still offering a realistic foundation for our lives (thank goodness) there are some contrarian forces at play now which are definitely heightened and magnified by the Full Moon.  The Scorpio Moon deeply and carefully examines every emotion.   Why am I feeling this way? you ask; meanwhile Aries Venus, now conjoined to Radical Uranus, absolutely cannot be bothered looking twice into the emotional whys and hows much less deeply at the underlying causes of relationships, conflict, etc.   Aries Venus-Uranus wants to get on with it already, whatever it is, most likely brand new, highly charged, fearlessly exciting, brazenly flagrant and perhaps recklessly undertaken relationships, work, projects.

Aries Venus-Uranus wants to love and spend money completely unchecked, unquestioned, unfettered, especially in its challenge to Capricorn Pluto.   The Scorpio Full Moon says:  not so fast.  With all the earthy planetary elements mitigating the Venus-Uranus haste, some will be saved from grand mistakes.  And themselves.  Not so for many others.  All full moons garner lavish attention.   This particular Full Moon has a severely radical quality to it (like its inception at the New Moon on April 7) that begs awareness.    Venus rules relationships and Uranus is the change agent.  Already we are witnessing the complete upheaval, if not the collapse, of the Republican party in the United States.  On the positive side, accidental meetings or reunions of karmically tied relations may occur, including those you have never met before in this lifetime.  Remember:  there is no such thing as coincidence.   Sudden awakenings in consciousness, realizations, breakthroughs (in every possible path…artistic, psychological, scientific), emotional a-ha moments will be the norm.

The flip side to this energy cautions us about accidents, sudden death, complete breakdowns in relationships including breaking off ties to family and friends.

SIGH.  Inhale.  Exhale.  Breathe…

In all of our rushing around, if we have not learned that haste makes waste, we surely will this April.  On the 28th, Messenger Mercury turns retrograde for the next three weeks until May 22nd, joining Mars and Pluto in its reflection of thoughts, words, deeds and desires.

Slow down, you move too fast.  You’ve got to make the morning last” reminds Simon and Garfunkel.  Time to conduct a full assessment of who, what and where we are in our lives.  Think of it as a whole and thorough spring cleaning.  This Spring, before planting hopes and dreams, take stock.  A full inventory of yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.

Of Special Note:

I am once again offering my class "Creativity, Moon Cycles and Self-Expression".  The course will be offered on two nights, Tuesday, April 26th and May 3rd at the Newton South High School, Newton, MA from 7-8:30 PM.  To register, please go to the Newton Community Education website:  The class is listed under Body, Mind, Soul.  Cost of the session is $45 for both nights.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Visionary or Victim: you choose

As cosmically quiet as February was, March shifts us into high gear.  The calm before the storm has now passed (it was busy enough!) and it is time to buckle down and brace ourselves.   There is so much brewing this March that it is best to keep your eye focused firmly on your goals while relying on steadfast routines as the celestial forces push and pull us this month.  

While it is good to be stretched in mind, body and spirit, March may seem like we are careening around in the spinning teacup ride at an amusement park.  Hold on tight for dear life to that center wheel!  The build up toward the Full Moon on February 22 gave us a sense of what is to come over the next four weeks.  Everyone:  Inhale; then exhale!  Remember to breathe and often.  If you have go-to relaxation habits and tricks, be they exercise, reading, walking the dog or meditation, prepare to put these to full use this month.  It is not that there is anything “bad” that is going to occur.  It is just the pace at which life will move is very intense over the next four weeks.

By the end of the first week, change is a comin'.  Saturday, March 5th, Messenger Mercury leads off the Great Gear Shift as it moves from stable, intelligent Aquarius into dreamy (and often foggy) Pisces.  Mercury delivers messages and maneuvers our thoughts and speech.  In watery Pisces, the messenger planet doesn’t operate so easily as it did last month in mentally agile Aquarius.  So you may find your thinking more muddled and confused.  There are always upsides to every planetary passage though and Piscean Mercury encourages daydreaming and reflection about all those ingenious ideas stirring around your mind sparked in February. 

And, Messenger Mercury in Pisces is highly, acutely intuitive (psychic really) and imaginative. So take your ideas and fantasize:  let them really soar, ride along to see where they take you.  A magic carpet ride is much more preferable to going down on the Negativity ship…so a word of caution here:  your thoughts form your intentions which in turn form your actions and words.  Stick carefully to positive tracks and streams of thought while holding the wolves of worry and dark down sides at bay.  This is truly the best use of this energy combination.

Two days later, Motivating Mars moves into adventurous Sagittarius where he is very comfortable taking charge.  Challenges arise as the Red Planet butts heads with Mercury’s visions and dreams.  Mars wants you to get down to work but your mind may be off at the beach or dreaming about the book you’ve always wanted to write.  HELP!  Torn between Do-It-Now Mars energy and Mercury's thoughts of...hmmm, wouldn’t a Mai Tai be so pleasant right now, take a breath.

Center yourself and count to ten.  Focus.  Try to strike a happy medium between these two by writing down a list of all those fabulous ideas Mercury is prompting (active motion combined with messaging).  Pick one or two items that can reasonably be accomplished.  Re-focus.  Bring that mind of yours back to the work at hand.  The otherwise conflicting energy between Mars and Mercury now can actually be highly productive when well applied:  imagination (Pisces Mercury) mixed with a drive for adventure (Mars in Sagittarius). WOW.   So think breakthrough rather than breakdown.  

Apply all of that terrific intuition to manifest life adventures and long-held dreams.  Because the gateway to the next phase of your life is right around the corner if you have the wherewithal to focus and apply energy positively.  On March 8-9 there is a total solar eclipse on the New Moon.  The planetary aspects of this eclipse are strong to say the least.  There is tremendous potential, power and healing available to us now.  So it is essential to open and align yourself with what is possible, your soul goals, your highest and fullest Self.  Here’s why:

There is a very strong pull between stretching ourselves to do the work it takes to reach our potential OR falling into a victimization role and blaming others for our woes.  Jupiter (abundance) and the Lunar North Node (our soul’s calling) in Virgo (work/health/service…or victimization) are opposing the Sun (our will and identity), the Moon (our emotions) and Chiron, the wounded healer, all in Pisces… our very soul, the highest and lowest of humanity, the saints and sinners.  Watery Pisces is the epitome of cleansing and purification OR the sheer delusion of the great escape artist:  drugs, alcohol, dishonesty.

Thus nothing illustrates the choice between Heaven or Hell quite like this total solar eclipse.  When the Universe wants to get our attention, it certainly knows how.  You may feel a range of emotions brushing the Dark Side:  worry, anxiety, doubt, OCD second guessing, all in an effort to review where we stand in the course of our lives.  Our internal tug of war is underscored by the aforementioned challenge between Mars-Mercury and the final throw down between Pluto and Uranus.  Where are you going?  Are you sure about why you want that particular destination?  How are you going to get there?  What are you going to spend your time when you get there?  Motives, motives, motives.  We may feel like we are being ripped apart at the seams while being run through the dishwasher.

Because before we can realize our fullest potential, our slate must be clean.  Virgo is all about health and work; the root of her quest is pure, clean, honest living.  She seeks to virtually houseclean our lives.  Hence, all the questions, self-examination. Virgo Jupiter and the North Node want to give our identity, emotions and old, buried wounds a thorough scrub down, take a complete inventory of who exactly we are and make sure we are on the right track.  Or get us on the right track if we have strayed too far from our soul goals. 

IF we allow ourselves to be completely cleansed and face ourselves honestly and with pure truth, then we can harness the untold potential and power afforded by this eclipse that remains with us all month long:   Saturn in Sagittarius demands our utmost honesty in order to start brand new ventures sparked by the gorgeous angle to Uranus in Aries; while powerful transformer Pluto aligns perfectly with Jupiter, the Sun, Moon and Chiron to bring home the material support we need to get the job done.  This latter planetary combination is terrific for building what we seek to create while simultaneously clearing out and healing wounds by the old baggage we've dragged around for years.

The key to working with this hugely potent eclipse energy is to ask yourself if you want to be a victim or visionary.  We must remove the rose-colored glasses of false expectation (often promoted by advertisers) that delude us into believing we should be living an unattainable fantasy life.  Instead, by facing the reality of our circumstances it is now truly possible to build the life we need.  Do this by picking up the most valuable and useful pieces of your Self and put them to work.  Most likely, they have been patiently waiting for you to notice their qualities.  Allow them to support you now in every way.  What may seem like the impossible path in front of you is actually the immeasurably more fulfilling and enriching one.  There are no short cuts in life so shake hands with the work ahead. At no time like any other the Piscean energies with us in March afford wonderful opportunities to pray, meditate, vision forward, dream, and connect with the Divine outwardly and in ourselves.  You need not sit still to pray or meditate:   hike through the woods or along the water’s edge to count your blessings and those assets you do have; with these, create a plan.  Virgo Jupiter and Lunar North Node pull us toward the future.  Then fire it with the heady steam engine that Sagittarian Saturn and Aries Uranus have to offer.  Go for it!

On Saturday, March 12th Venus enters Pisces greatly helping our quest since she is especially happy in this dreamy sign.  Over the next week she gradually joins Neptune to heighten our intuition and willingness to share with others -- on every level – time, money and energy.  Venus-Neptune are quintessentially selfless, the essence of giving the shirt off our back to help our fellow man, utterly devoted.  In a world where it is often “every man for himself”, this duo invites us to think of others, how we can best, fully, serve humanity with dignity and grace.   Applied positively, their combined energy is truly the highest we are offered in our lives and that we in turn may offer to others.  The caution here is:  be careful of giving yourself away, by either over-committing or draining your being to exhaustion OR colluding with the escape artist that Venus-Neptune in Pisces entice.  Choose forgiveness and love rather than avoidance and delusion.

By March 20th the Sun moves into Aries marking its annual passage of the Spring Equinox.  Can you feel the shift in energy as the Sun, your will and identity, move into the primal fire sign?  You can practically hear the announcer call, “ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!”  Life really takes off now.  No more wandering around in that Piscean haze and fog.  Oh no.  Feel the surge.  Because the very next day, Messenger Mercury joins the Sun in Aries and the following day, March 23rd, there a lunar eclipse on the Full Moon.  You really couldn’t script a better entrance into Spring 2016 than this burning cosmic wave.  Smack on the Equinox, Lunar eclipses are about endings.  We are now invited to say goodbye to the winter and walk straight into brand new energy firing on all cylinders.

With Mercury tied to this eclipse at 3 degrees Aries:  pay attention to all messages you receive now – both those you see and hear.   As always, if you receive the same message twice or more, the Universe is trying to catch your eye or ear.  Ask:  what is this message trying to tell me?  How can I best use this information or follow where it leads?  Be open minded.  A willingness for adventure enhances our growth and development.

Conversely, the opposite end of this eclipse falls with the Moon at 3 degrees Libra.  So:  strike a balance.  Aries is famously impulsive energy so look before you leap!  Read the fine print of any document before you sign.  Find a happy medium between rushing into a commitment and resistance to considering your options.  With Libra in this eclipse equation, there may be relationships that are ending now or phasing out.  While it is wonderful to have friends, employers, work, networks and even relatives from all times of your life, if there are those who aren’t serving you right now (or haven’t been for a long time), it is OK to set them free…and yourself too!  That way you can both proceed on your life’s journey.  Think of this as another form of life-housecleaning.  Are there friends who completely drain you and make it all about them when you spend time together?  Do you have employees who always fall short of delivering on the job?  Or are you in a dead-end job?  Time to find friends, workers and a career path that fulfill you and with the latter, that also pays the bills!

Hammering this message home is good ol’ task master Saturn when he turns Retrograde motion on March 25th.  Time to take a long, long Sagittarian journey to your inner landscape and find out how to truly best spend your time (ruled by Saturn).  He’ll give us the next few months and the summer to reflect on that which truly feeds our core being, soul, with depth and meaning.  You may find yourself reading, traveling (virtually or in your mind), or studying to learn how to bring out the best in yourself. 

The final week of March finds Venus pairing with Caring Ceres and Healer Chiron in Pisces, affording optimal energy for the deepest of nurturing and healing, both for ourselves and others.  Make the most of this time to repair old wounds spotlighted by both eclipses.   Pisces' greatest healing tools are water and music.  Walk by a lake while listening to bird songs or your favorite Ipod tunes.  Then, march out of March carried by a song in your heart.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cosmic Support amidst Shakedown City

February offers us a bit of a break.   It feels so nice after the push and pull of planets in January and the hustle-bustle of December’s holidays.   This month, not a single planet turns retrograde or direct motion out of retrograde which affirms our sense of where we are going.  With the exception of Jupiter, all planets are moving forward in February.   So we feel less struggle and more directed.  YAY!  Not that there isn’t work to be done (there always is…); but we will feel as though we are actually getting somewhere, making tracks, accomplishing our goals. 

Underscoring this are some really helpful configurations.   For starters, Generous Jupiter and the Lunar North Node (our true calling) continue to travel together in Virgo, focusing and delivering our goals in the health and work sectors of our lives.  This power couple finishes details to an astonishing level of perfection and will not skip over a single item of note. 

Forming a gorgeous alliance to Jupiter-North Node are Messenger Mercury tightly conjoined to Transformer Pluto in constructive Capricorn, matching our minds, messages and desires.  Messages will be really strong now, both those you receive and deliver.  Pay attention to what is said and what you say.  Capricorn is all about solid foundations, creating that which lasts the test of time.  What are you trying to create and manifest to sustain yourself and loved ones?  Envision. By the end of the first week (Feb. 7th) beneficent Venus joins this pair complimenting and cheering on our efforts; all three align with Jupiter-North Node to plan and execute to the final detail.  Build baby build!   

The trick is managing the unexpected.  The curveball.  Because challenging the Capricorn planetary trio is Radical Uranus.  This is the game changer.  All of us find we must reinvent ourselves, our methods and routines to accomplish what we seek.  No exceptions.  What used to work no longer does.  This can be a break through period for those willing to go out on a limb and take chances (see below).  You will be rewarded.  For those clinging to worn out ways, little movement occurs.  An example of this out-of-the-box climate is the highly tumultuous political scene in the USA.  On both the Right and the Left, the Capricorn Establishment is facing complete upheaval.   Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are shaking down the traditional system and offering something totally different. Keep an eye on the Iowa Caucuses as an indicator of how much change voters demand.

So while we have a tremendous amount of cosmic support this month to get where we want to go, do make allowances for surprises.   When we aren’t caught off guard and staying on track, February is a time to roll up your sleeves and really nail down the format and details of your desires.  Mars accentuates the messages from the Mercury-Pluto duo:  trust what you are hearing and seeing.  As February begins, Motivating Mars is at a critical degree of Scorpio telling us to dig deep.  Keep looking, searching and hunting to leave no stone unturned and each detail accounted for. 
(A cautionary note about Mars at such a notable degree in Scorpio:  watch your wallet.  Fortunately it is aligning helpfully with Mercury-Pluto in practical Capricorn.  So balance and settle accounts. Ask:  do you really need that extra such and such?  It is always a good idea to pay debt off first.)

Scorpio is the master intuitive so trust your gut, your instincts and your hunches in all cases.  The greatest art has been produced by artists following their intuition.  Some of the most profound and significant scientific breakthroughs have occurred by scientists following their hunches.  The trick is stamina.  To persist and keep at it even when you think you have no energy or ideas left.  Try not to let failure or disappointment dissuade you.  You have gut instincts and hunches for a reason.  Make like a Scorpio detective and put your nose to the grindstone.  Hard work now will indeed pay off.  It just isn’t always for us to know when or how.  Trust the flow and allow.  Take a break when needed. Just when you believe all paths have been exhausted, that’s when Mighty Uranus and Saturn step in by offering an Awakening, a Surprise, a breakthrough. 

Because the engines of invention and innovation are working overtime now, firing on all cylinders.  Wow.  We can hardly ask for more!  Radical Uranus in fiery Aries beautifully aligns with Saturn in adventurous Sagittarius fueling our mind, body and soul through the entire month.  Working late to solve a problem?  Feeling like you are on the edge of landing that job, healing old psychological or physical wounds but just don’t know if you have steam left to pull it off or are overwhelmed by the task ahead?  The Uranus-Saturn alliance is your friend for sure.  It’s like having an endless supply of gasoline to keep the car running.   Turned into yet another dead end?  Uranus-Saturn delivers miraculous ways of looking at something, a fresh round of resources you never knew you had.  It is very cool indeed.  Saturn in Sagittarius is all about trust:  believing even though you can’t yet see results.   Like agreeing to something or someone with a handshake and a whole lot of blind faith and just knowing it will all work out.  Uranus-Saturn say go ahead and make the deal, try something new: you have nothing to lose.

This gorgeous, fiery energy is in place on February 8th for the New Moon at 19 degrees Aquarius.  Talk about the Mother of Invention and out of the box creativity…Wow!   Smack in between both planets, the New Moon forms a very helpful angle to both Uranus and Saturn, aligning our emotions, will, effort and creative intent.  There is a “your wish is my command” expression to this New Moon.  The caution here is the challenging angle between the Moon/Sun in Aquarius and Motivating Mars in Scorpio.

We must reach far deeper than we expected, re-examine exactly what we’ve gotten ourselves into to achieve our goal.   In fact, we must ask if our goal is in line with our soul purpose.  In other words, are we really certain our goal is what we need for our best and highest good?   Have you thought about what you will do when you attain that goal?  Then what?  We definitely have an endless supply of energy to get us across the finish line now. It is within reach:  you can see it just in the distance.   If your mark is in fact soul-aligned, you will attain it.  Keep moving toward it with everything you have. 

On Valentine’s day, Messenger Mercury moves into group-oriented and detached Aquarius.  And the Messenger planet in this airy sign loves springing surprises; with Venus in status-conscious Capricorn, expect the rather large and unexpected ­­­­­­­­_________ fill in the blank.  The moon is exalted (super honored) in earthy Taurus all weekend forming a gorgeous angle to Transformer Pluto and Jupiter-North Node.  What may seem to begin as an ordinary date night on February 13-14 could very well carry particular, positive and weighty significance.  Ahem.  Any proposal will be most heartfelt.  The ring accompanying it, BIG. 

Three days later beneficent Venus joins Messenger Mercury in Aquarius helping us to detach emotionally from any difficult relationships we may be ensnared in.  Incline toward folks who are new to you, can help you see through a different lens and/or enjoy group activities and networking for the rest of the month.  Aquarian Venus is humanitarian by nature and reminds us that we are all one, with souls and beating hearts.   Through detached interaction, we can more easily bridge the differences among us for better understanding of our fellow man.  This connectivity increases as Mercury-Venus travel together to the end of February.

On the 19th, the Sun moves into self-sacrificing Pisces.  Known as the Mystic, Pisces directs our will (Sun) to believe.  Believe in our ideas, our fellow man, our loved ones, ourselves, what we create, increasing as the Sun joins Neptune, the ruler of Pisces.  It is an excellent time for creativity of any kind…to day dream and let your imagination run wild, to listen to music and enjoy any kind of water activities (from a soak in the tub to swimming in the ocean).  Have fun and see where the flow takes you…just remember to come back to earth!  Because the polar opposite of focused belief is escapism.   This is the caution with Pisces.  While Pisces imbues us with faith and imagination, it is best to strike a balance between reality and our fanstasies.  Fortunately, the earthy and ever-pragmatic Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter-North Node in Virgo trio keeps our feet on the ground even while our head wanders through the clouds. 

This effect is highlighted on the Full Moon, February 22 with the Sun in dreamy Pisces while the Moon is realistic, analytical Virgo.  What we have sown blossoms into fruition now.  With Messenger Mercury exalted (specially honored) in Aquarius, it is a particularly great time for announcements of significance.  All Full Moons are key periods to make a splash and get noticed.  But the Full Moon on the 22nd is a particularly ripe time.

The final week of February (and we get an extra day due to leap year!)  both Messenger Mercury and beneficent Venus move through a very noticeable degree of Aquarius.  So the spotlight you garnered on the Full Moon will carry over until the end of the month.  It is an excellent time to share news, build a network, grow the work force and expand building on all that hard work you have accomplished to date.  Mercury-Venus in Aquarius have a magical connectivity power.  So what you unleash and release to the masses can spread like wildfire.  Conversely, any information you are not prepared to share is best kept to yourself since Aquarius loves a surprise and can catch you off guard.  Whatever the case, may the Force be with you!

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