Monday, October 30, 2017

Money, sex and power: transformation at hand

I’m always a bit skeptical when I review the month ahead and don’t see much happening in our galaxy.  The lack of celestial events pushes me to look harder, deeper at what is actually occurring and how our lives may be affected.  This November is a particularly quiet month celestially.  There are only three planetary sign changes and just one planet, spiritual Neptune, which shifts direction.  So let’s take a closer look. 

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, November starts preparation for winter:  closing down and pulling within.  And certainly as the month opens, we have three planets in Scorpio, the deepest, most secretive, intuitive and psychological sign:  the Sun (our will), Jupiter (abundance) and Messenger Mercury (communication) shape our thoughts and internal guidance.

Scorpio energy digs down underneath layers that we or others use to shield or hide feelings, intentions or perhaps, less than honorable actions.  The highest form of Scorpio is to bring to light what is hidden and transform it.   Only a few days into November, the Full Moon falls on the 4th, shining an enormous light on everything and everyone.  Scorpio rules resources, including property, taxes, bank accounts, while the Taurus Full Moon opposite the Sun deals with the money we earn from our skills and talents.  These are the money signs, one very personal (Taurus):  how we earn a living; the other, our collective resources (Scorpio). 

This Full Moon exposes any efforts to conceal finances or illicit transactions (think tax fraud).  Congress is aiming to restructure the United States tax code this month; and Special Counsel Robert Mueller just indicted two men with dubious financial ties to Russia.   It is an incredibly revealing and intuitive Full Moon and we are pushed to trust our inner voice and better angels.  It’s best to refrain from doubt and second guessing during the first week of November.   Trust your gut.  See where the trail leads and what information is revealed to you now.  Are you shocked by what you learn?  How can you use the knowledge you uncover?

Scorpio also rules regenerative processes:  sex, death and rebirth – whether physical, mental or spiritual.  Your interest in sex may very well heighten now; and/or you may fully examine with that famous Scorpio X-Ray sense what parts of yourself, your relationships, your habits or career, etc., need to “die”, be transitioned out so new life may grow.   And, Scorpio rules power, the right use or abuse of it and the karma tied to its use.   Just as Jupiter entered Scorpio in early October, powerful men in Hollywood, the media and business have fallen like dominoes from sexual harassment and assault accusations.   The misuse and abuse of sex and power toward women, and men, can be soul damaging. 

Scorpio’s X-Ray glare the first week of November can make us feel like we are being watched.  And in many respects, we are.  Our children observe our every move.  Our co-workers see our behavior.  Our clients and patients watch and hear us.  So, pay particular attention to your thoughts, words and deeds now.  When you do, this Taurus Full Moon is super practical in a down-to-earth and realistic way.  She intuitively shows us the buried parts, our shadow, pieces we deny or what has been intentionally hidden from us by others.  So now that you know, now that you have the information, the Full Moon asks, what are you going to do about it?

Take stock, take inventory of your worth, finances, talents and skills, sexuality, personal power.   What do you bring to the table?  Know your worth so you know what you have to effectively mobilize, how to efficiently marshal your resources.  Because two days later, Messenger Mercury moves into adventurous Sagittarius.  Here, our thoughts and words are directed to tell the Truth, with a capital T.  As Scorpio digs up what is buried, Sagittarius shines the light of truth on it. 

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself blurting out the obvious, well…obvious perhaps to you.  Where before you may have held back, now you speak your truth.  Go ahead, say your piece.  No doubt you are saying what others’ need to hear as well as speaking up for yourself.   No worries.  Motivating Mars cycling through gracious Libra, diplomat extraordinaire, works to consider the effects on your relationships and strives for balance. 

The very next day, November 7th, Venus joins the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio pushing us further.  Scorpio is about desire…because through our desires, we transform ourselves consciously or not.   With the two benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter) in the sign of rebirth and regeneration for the rest of the month, a powerful time is at hand for transformation.  What is it about your life that you seek to change?  Any habit, any goal, any facet of yourself that you seek to change and grow is now possible.  Set your sights on what you want. 

With the on-going alliance between Saturn-Uranus in fiery Sagittarius and Aries, we have enough raw power to execute our plan.  The key is to make a plan.  Establish a clear goal (one or two at most) then get to it.  The great thing about the Sun (our will), Jupiter (abundance) and Venus (love and money) in Scorpio, they give you everlasting stamina to see work through to completion, accomplish the task; realize the dream.   Why?  Since Scorpio rules power, this sign is the original never-say-die energy.  Because of its unfathomable depth, you are fortified now, imbued with strength even you didn’t know you had.  So go back for one more try until success is yours.   Remember:  You are vastly more powerful than you realize. 

Messenger Mercury in Sagittarius aims our arrow high.  Be sure of your target, to point it exactly where you want to go.  Because the caution with three planets in seductive Scorpio is its shadow side:  addiction, obsession and compulsion.  Mixed together you can stir up one great hangover from doing too much of a good thing.  Moderation baby.  Again:  rely on Mars in Libra, sign of balance and temperance to help center yourself, especially at mid-month when Messenger Mercury aligns beautifully with Motivating Mars.

From November 12th-22nd, we are blessed with a full ten-day run of accurately aimed action, thoughts and words.  When harnessed well, this energetic combination is incredibly effective.  Even after Mercury moves away from Mars, it joins heavyweight Saturn in Sagittarius, both aligning with change-agent Uranus to attain our goals.  The message here:  go for it!   This November truly can be a pivotal month for many.

Point your arrow well.  Particularly on the New Moon November 18th, which falls in the midst of this ten day time frame.  Write down 1-5 goals/wishes/prayers you hope to realize over the next month, season, or year. Then plant your written hopes in the earth or cast them in a moving body of water.
Days later, November 22nd, the Sun shifts into Sagittarius, merging our will and our thoughts with Saturn’s current life lessons.  This seems to significantly buoy our arrow and the direction we aim it.  The same day, mystical Neptune turns direct motion.  Gentle Neptune inspires us, is the quiet nudge we feel to create, help our fellow man, dream.  You will feel the tides of your life roll in, pushing you forward.  Pay attention.  Neptune is subtle.  What does your higher self say?  Your intuition?

Moving forward the day before Thanksgiving in the United States, Neptune asks us to tune in.  Think about the kind of connections you want to have over the dinner table this family weekend and over the winter.  Messenger Mercury and karmic Saturn align with radical Uranus in Aries prompting some to bluster loud and long.  Check your tongue.  Filter your speech.  Flow with Neptune instead, as it harmonizes with Jupiter asking:  what behavior, atmosphere, and setting will best serve you, the group, the family now?  Not just during the holiday weekend but for the long-term.   This joyous pair inspires us to show up as our better selves, to trust, have faith in our self, others and the situation at hand.

When we do trust and practice faith, it is the equivalent of putting our hands on the steering wheel of our lives.  You have all of the tools and equipment you need.  Trust, believe.  You’ve got this.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Balancing Act

Ever feel like a juggler with one too many plates in the air?  That’s how September and the post-eclipse wake feel to many, including yours truly.  The devil’s in the details. Virgo rules them and how. 

By October 1st, three planets have moved into Libra; yet key players Venus and Mars still cycle through Virgo which rules the future.  With unknowns, worry and anxiety heighten, as well as the need for control, often of infinitesimal detail. 

Enter Libra.  The farther we step into October, the bigger planetary shift occurs into her energy.  A beautiful thing, Libra.  I will admit:  I’m a sucker for this sign…the sign of balance, harmony, and order.  Libra rules art, beauty, design, peace, diplomacy and negotiations.   Already the Sun (our will), Jupiter (abundance) and Messenger Mercury (communication) are in gracious Libra, though harmony and peace seem to be in dreadfully short supply these days.  Extending the olive branch en masse is essential now.

Some days it takes tremendous courage to get out of bed, let alone direct grace toward our fellow man; however, at the beginning of October, this is precisely what we are called to do.  And with Jupiter wrapping up its tour in Libra, the emphasis is all the more on finding middle ground, getting to yes, and that dirty little word:  compromise.  Life moves forward by meeting half way.
Tricky stuff the first week of October.  Generous Jupiter is exactly opposite radical Uranus.  Change and change now commands this opposing pair.  We are challenged to find new and innovative ways to forge a path forward – not alone, in isolation, cutting off those who disagree with us; but through inventive channels to come together and collaborate.  Asking questions, good old curiosity is the best way to learn a new method, about another person, and surprise! learn something new about yourself, too.

Really helping us at this time is transformer Pluto in earthy Capricorn aligning positively with Mars-Venus in Virgo.  Super practical and pragmatic, this troika keeps our feet on the ground as we figure out what works.  The combination lays a realistic groundwork for everything we pursue, especially relationships, both work and personal.  Pluto-Mars-Venus asks exactly how to accomplish your goals:  who is your audience?  What do you want the final result to look like?  Do you have enough or the right kind of resources to get the job done?  When you do your homework, this threesome promises support.

Also aiding and abetting our efforts is the continuing grand fire alliance between task master Saturn, Uranus and the Lunar North Node.  This is the engine that stokes our work, be it interpersonal, spiritual, scientific, romantic, you name it.   Uranus is the Great Awakener.  Finishing its last year in warrior Aries, we are pushed to break new ground, pioneer new terrain, and yes:  boldly go where no wo/man has gone before.  Those dreams and ideas you’ve been tossing around – you have them for a reason.  Explore where they might take you.  Be adventurous and daring says Sagittarian Saturn.  Say yes…and figure the details out later.  (That’s what Mars-Venus in Virgo is for right now!)  Motivating Mars, our hardworking drive, and Venus (love and money), are exactly conjoined in Virgo on Thursday, October 5th, at the time of the Full Moon.

All Full Moons carry extra emotional weight and on an Aries Full Moon such as this, watch for trigger-happy tendencies in yourself and others.   October 4-6th is not a great time to throw the baby out with the bath water.  Guard against abruptly ending relationships in particular this week.  This frenetic energy is emphasized by the Jupiter-Uranus opposition.  Really be careful of making any impulse decisions from October 3-6.  Take a breath.  Think about your choices. Once you are certain you’ve weighed all the options, then commit.

Weigh well what lies before you but know that on October 8-9th, the Sun (your will) and Messenger Mercury challenge Pluto.  Someone or something may force your hand.  Libra is the great fence sitter:  looking at the grass on either side of that proverbial fence, trying to decide if one choice is better than another.  With Mercury in Libra, the decisions seem to multiply and/or become trickier.  It is a very good thing then, when Generous Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10th.  Scorpio’s laser-like, X-Ray vision exposes the underside of situations and people, buried truths.  For the next year, Scorpio Jupiter gets to the bottom of the matter. 

It’s been 12 years since this planetary giant passed through this sign.  Think back:  where were you and what were you doing then?  Any great secrets revealed at that time?  There is a larger than life element to Jupiter in whatever sign it cycles through.  In Scorpio, Jupiter can accrue large amounts of money and literally…magic.  Scorpio rules the metaphysical realm, joint finances, sex, death, rebirth, transformation.  It is the ultimate make-over, do-over sign.  So if there is some part of your life that you want to completely overhaul, Jupiter in Scorpio is here to assist.  What you once thought was dead (in you, in your life) has come around now twelve years later to be revisited at a minimum, and resurrected in full at most.  Make the most of this next year!

A few days later at mid-month, we gain a helping hand from Venus entering her own sign of Libra.  Here Venus beautifies life, relationships, home, all she touches.  Beauty, like her counterpart grace, is increasingly taken for granted and overlooked in modern life.  So ask yourself:  when was the last time you updated your wardrobe?  Got a new hairstyle, invested in fresh home d├ęcor?  The next three weeks is time to look around.  Let Venus guide your eye.  Since she rules money, she’ll make sure you have a steady supply.

Three days later, on October 17th, Messenger Mercury joins Generous Jupiter in Scorpio.  If you were trapped by indecision until now, you won’t be after the 17th.  Now no stone truly will go unturned as our thoughts and words seek to know the deeper (and deepest) meaning and answers; the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Scorpio rules shared resources such as joint bank accounts and properties.  Our minds will turn to the actual cost of expenditures to both ourselves, but more critically, to our families and yes, to society as a whole.  We are living through some extremely expensive natural disasters lately.  What is the actual cost of an earthquake or hurricane? Anyone?  If the US Congress implements a new health care proposal, what will it cost the government, businesses, individual taxpayers?  These are immensely vast collective expenditures and ones that Scorpion Jupiter-Mercury can take aim at with its forensic financial eye at the bottom line.

The New Moon in Libra on the 19th is tied to the Jupiter-Mercury pairing.  As these two in Scorpio dig up answers, Moon-Sun (our feelings and will) weigh the cost and benefit implications.  This is an uneasy New Moon, as the Moon-Sun oppose radical Uranus.  Unlike Full Moons ripe with unbounded feelings, New Moons are a time to plant what you want to grow and harvest in the future.  Uranus is uneven, catalytic energy.  It electrifies and exponentially charges whatever it comes into contact with.  So you can imagine then the tug-of-war effect it has with this New Moon.  If ever there was a time to be mindful of the phrase, “be careful what you wish for,” this would be it!  The Scorpio Jupiter-Mercury duo will reveal far more than you may want to know.  But at the New Moon time, this is no doubt a very good thing.  You want to know exactly what you are planting, and in for.

By the 23rd, both the Sun and Motivating Mars change signs.  The Sun joins Jupiter-Mercury in Scorpio and Mars shifts into Libra.  The Warrior planet feels out of place in artful Libra, full of grace and diplomacy.   Used to doing what it wants regardless of what others think or have in mind, Mars in Libra asks, “do I really need to consider the feelings of others?  Can’t I just barge ahead the way I usually do?”  Good thing Venus is already in Libra to soften the rough edges that Mars brings to this delicate sign.  Libra is the sign of open enemies and Mars, the planet of war.  Given the events dominating the world stage right now between Trump and Kim Jung Un of North Korea, a collective prayer for peace is best offered now.

As each of us is balancing quite a full load this month, it may be too much to ask what can we do individually to make our world more peaceful.   And yet, that is precisely the question desperately needing answers.   The Jewish religion offers the teaching of Tikkun Olam.  It means to repair the world.   The response rests on our collective shoulders and the lives of our children.   To repair our earth, bring balance and restore order to our world, our lives, two quotations you may find very useful in the coming weeks: 

The Hawaiian Ho’oponopono saying “I love you.  I forgive you. I’m sorry. Thank you.”
And from Louise Hay, “I forgive you for not being the way I wanted you to be.  I forgive you and set you free.”

Try saying these as mantras.   Virgo reminds us we are at best imperfect.  Libra strives for balanced relationships. And Scorpio shows us how to transform.   Forgiveness is always the best place to start.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Now What?

My oh, my, oh my.   As my mom used to day, “what a difference a day can make.”  In this case, what a difference a month can make.  Certainly looking back over this past month of August.  Whew. That was a doozy!  

I truly hope you and yours, all of my readers are faring well despite the drama and upheaval of the last few weeks.  The great news is that celestially, September is an infinitely calmer month.  That said, now the work begins in earnest, to do the real clean up wrought by August's chaos.

In the United States, we now find ourselves in the aftermath of the most damaging hurricane on record. Hurricane Harvey occurred just days after the total solar eclipse and during Mercury Retrograde.  For nearly one week, this storm just sat over South Texas spinning and dumping rainwater, as if to say, “You won't forget this one!”  It made landfall not just once but twice on the Texas coast.  Nothing will make you slow down like the record setting 40-50 inches of rain this area received. Wow.

Imagine complete disruption to approximately 12 million lives and the ripple effect that causes to the rest of the country and world.  A massive humanitarian effort is now underway and it is debatable how long it will take to bring order to this region.  All this on the heels of a horrific racial event in Charlottesville, Virginia.  In these days of complete polarization, nature has forced people to join together to help one another.  To cooperate.  To get along.  And there is nothing like an act of God to inspire people to reach across self-imposed (and illusory) barriers and join together.

As one woman recently observed, “I truly don’t understand America.  One week we have Nazis running people over in cars [August 12th] and the next we have people coming out of the woodwork with their boats to save lives of people and animals.  And I am sure some of those people will save the lives of people they once thought they hated and I am sure some who once hated will get saved by the people that they claim to hate.  It just goes to show you that hate is learned and can be unlearned.  Love your fellow human.  Get to know someone different than you.”'

It is a key message for the coming months. 

With this natural disaster greatly in mind, we push forward with our lives.  September opens with three planets in Leo, two of which conjoin our directional point, the Lunar North Node, and all aligning to change agent Uranus in Aries.  A whole new order is at play here.  What is going on for you?  Uranus says change and change now.  No excuses.  The creative power of this alliance is hard to overstate.  Motivating Mars is sandwiched between the North Node and Messenger Mercury.  We are called to take a chance, throw caution to the wind, break out of what keeps us down and holds us back.

More vitally, we are being given key messages now, strong ones, heart-centered, soulful messages.  Please listen.  Messenger Mercury is at the August 21st eclipse degree (SUPER STRONG!) as it stations, comes to a complete halt, before turning direct motion on September 5thPay attention now.  Stop and listen.  What are you hearing?  No really.  Through the frenzy of our lives, carefully tune in.    Mars hammers Mercury’s point home between September 1st and 10th.  That is a significant stretch of time.  What are you being told now?  Who and what information is trying to reach you, teach you?  We are never too old to learn anything!   What are you supposed to hear?  Listen to children (out of the mouths of babes pours forth the truth), the cashier at the checkout counter, your subordinate at work.  Often the most vital information arrives when we least expect it from the most surprising voices, from those we often do not pay heed to. 

With all of this Leo energy, please watch for drama.  Don’t be afraid to roar yourself.  Let your self- expression fly. Just make sure you truly have something valuable to say.  Try not to take up prime air space.  The first ten days of September can also be very romantic and surprising on many fronts.  Remember, Uranus, the ultimate game changer, is at work here.  When Mercury turns direct motion on Tuesday, September 5th at last month’s eclipse degree, life really kicks into overdrive.  School begins in earnest; big purchases are made, contracts signed, deals sealed.  Leo is courageous.  Be brave.  You are being called to step up and step out now.  Where and how?

Mercury’s push forward in all shades of flagrant Leo bravado occurs on the eve of the September 6th Full Moon.   In marked contrast, another aspect of this picture is the gentle, highly sensitive pairing of watery Neptune and the nurturing Moon in mystical Pisces.  If we allow, this Full Moon is deeply cleansing and healing.  Listening to music, meditating, journaling, walking near water or being in water will work wonders on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 5th and 6th.   The Pisces Moon and Neptune pair are profoundly intuitive.  As part of this Full Moon picture, we truly have a key opportunity to receive messages, information for our highest and best purpose. 

Be still for a moment and tune into yourself.  What are you feeling emotionally?  What are you being urged to release, cleanse, purge?  This Moon’s healing potential derives from its opposition to the Sun in health conscious Virgo.  Emphasizing this is Motivating Mars entrance into Virgo just hours before this Full Moon.  What needs to be healed in your life?

Mars spearheads the shift of planets from Leo to Virgo.  This will be of tremendous assistance in the massive clean up of South Texas.   We don our thinking caps on September 10th when Mercury joins Mars and the Sun (our energy and will) in Virgo.  Great for planning, analytical detail, maximum efficiency, health efforts and plain old hard work, Virgo energy compels us to roll up our sleeves and get to it.  Virgo is a numbers gal.  The Information Queen.  She will have all of the statistics and data you could ever want.   She shows us where to target our efforts and how best to accomplish our goals.

The caution with three planets now in Virgo is overthinking.  Losing the forest for the trees.  Overthinking leads to worry and anxiety.  Remember, worrying is like praying for something you do not want to happen.  Messenger Mercury, Motivating Mars conjoined in perfectionist Virgo can easily lose sight of the big picture, the grand goal(s) Leo had in mind.  When trying to accomplish your vision, keep an image nearby, a written phrase in a spot you see every day.  Use mentally wound Virgo Mercury and Mars for positive mantras, to plan the actual steps to execute and accomplish your goal.

At mid-month, planet of love and money Venus conjoins the North Node in Leo aligning with Uranus in Aries.  This pairing underscores precisely the above.  Here we are pointed toward, called to a larger vision than ourselves (Venus/North Node in Leo) to change (Uranus in Aries) our lives for the better.  While Mercury, Mars and the Sun in Virgo efficiently find exactly how to accomplish that.

The Virgo New Moon on September 20th invokes precision and commitment to healthier routines and habits, work-life balance, service devoted to others.   The very same day, Venus joins the New Moon in this quest with her entrance into Virgo.  Messenger Mercury’s direct opposition to mystical Neptune at the New Moon heightens our awareness of illusion vs. fact, what is real and what is not, hyperbole versus the real deal. The large emphasis on Virgo now begs a “just the facts ma’am” attitude.  We are urged to streamline our thoughts, forget any extraneous ideas, eliminate what does not serve, what muddles the work to be done.

The Sun enters Libra on Saturday, September 23rd, urging peace, harmony, reaching out to our fellow man and woman, encouraging the pursuit of art, beauty and an orderly life.  Already in Libra, Jupiter now opposes Radical Uranus in fiery Aries during the last week of the month.  You will feel this aspect.  Uranus in Aries breaks down boundaries and pushes everyone and everything aside regardless of consequence.  Meanwhile, Generous Jupiter in Libra says not so fast.  There is an order to be considered, relationships to self and others to be honored.  These are both tricky and delicate days.  At such a time it is good to have three planets (Venus, Mars and Mercury) in Virgo to ground us, our words and actions, to think before we speak.

Titanic planets such as Jupiter and Uranus in opposition heighten our awareness.  Push forward as Uranus demands but always with a strong eye and mind not to throw the baby out with the bath water.   Libra’s dilemma is to decide.   It sees both sides of the fence so very clearly and often, causes us to sit on the fence not choosing one way or the other.   So when facing your decisions to be made, ask:  does this (fill in the blank…job, project, relationship, prospect…) bring peace?   Ask, what leads you to calm?

Peace be with you.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 2017: Fully Loaded

I will come straight to the point:  August 2017 is simply a fully loaded month.  Rarely do we have the volume of significant celestial events in such a short time frame as this August bears.  It is actually breathtaking. Amid all of the sturm and drang, you will feel these gear shifts now. Remember to breathe.

I’m not a doom and gloom astrologer.  When describing the push and pull of cosmic forces, I try to strike a balance between the positive and negative energies at play, brought to bear on each of us:  how best to deal with the light and dark.   Yes, we must go about our daily lives to make the most of each day.  However, this next four week stretch is so incredibly bumpy that if there is any way you can lay low, hold off on major decisions, take a stay-cation or leave on holiday, even if only for a few days, that is the best option.

August’s twists and turns are dramatic.  Here’s the skinny:

From the outset of the month comes the first event:  change agent Uranus turns retrograde motion on the 3rd.  Radical and rebellious, Uranus rules earthquakes, lightning strikes, anything sudden, shocking, surprises both good and tricky.  When this major player shifts direction, it sends a message.  So pay attention.  Uranus’ nickname is the Great Awakener.  In retrograde motion, we are often abruptly found in unexpected situations.  Most often we have no idea why we are suddenly thrust into seemingly alternate realities.  Some of us will learn over time exactly why and how these steep shifts occurred in our lives.  The wisest among us learn to integrate the lessons taught by such changes.  However, many may feel victimized for months and perhaps years to come, refusing to adjust to altered circumstances. 

If you are in the midst of dramatically changing life landscapes my words are harsh at worst, and cold comfort at best.  But please know, try to remember, with time and effort, what seems impossibly difficult now will soften then grow into something perhaps infinitely better for you and your life path. 


Human beings do not like change and will resist and fight against change with everything they have.  Uranus has other plans.  Especially for resisters.  The ultimate lesson it teaches is trust.  To trust what comes next, even if this is totally unplanned.  Have faith that there is a reason, a method behind the current chaos.  Believe. 

Trust, have faith, believe. 

What makes this particular Uranus gear shift especially dramatic is that it not only occurs just days before a Full Moon but this Full Moon is a powerful lunar eclipse.  The degree point is 15 Aquarius, a gigantic flashing light for astrologers.  Why?  Fifteen of any fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) is STRONG.  A real attention getter.  Add to this that the lunar eclipse occurs with the Sun in Leo, the original drama queen.  Listen for whiners squealing to kingdom come this first week of August. 

A suggestion:  Grace.   Find it, practice it, use it, from August 1st-9th, every day in every way.  Give people the benefit of the doubt.  Try not to overthink.  Read between the lines.  Grace is the finest antidote we have to mediate all of that drama.  The world is in tremendously short supply of grace just now, a quality on the brink of extinction.

Where grace runs low, we do have some cosmic help underlying this otherwise tumultuous time.  The on-going grand fire alliance between the lunar North Node in Leo, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius.  This troika sources solutions to complex problems.  The very day Uranus turns retrograde, the Moon joins the mix pairing with Saturn in Sagittarius.  WATCH for:  emotional breakthroughs, the highest we can aspire to.  But be aware of:  emotional breakdowns, the most challenging we may experience.  Remember the old adage, we sometimes need to break down before we can break through.

The drama of the Lunar North Node in Leo with the on-coming eclipse at such a powerful degree point makes sure we get the message in no uncertain terms.  You will know without a doubt after this passage what needs to stop, change or continue growing in your life.

This said, bring on the lunar eclipse of August 7th Full Moon on the Aquarius-Leo axis.  Aquarius is ruled by guess who?  Right!  URANUS!  The double message is:  change and change now.  Aquarius is the sign of invention, non-mainstream and alternative everything.  Ruled by Uranus, the earth may very well move beneath us now.  Watch for Eureka! moments this week.  Everything from little “Ah-hah! Now I get it!” to vivid astonishment, wow-holy-cow discoveries both personally and professionally rendering you speechless.  Uranus and Aquarius can really knock you off your feet.  So exercise some caution while driving, walking, exercising, using kitchen knives, etc.   Accidents may happen.

In the days that follow, guard your decision making.  Act when necessary, with a mind to Messenger planet Mercury about to turn retrograde motion as well on Saturday, August 12th.  Now is a great time for vacations, holidays and taking breaks in general from the usual routine.   With all of the planetary upheaval this month, take heed of the RE words during Mercury’s inward turn:  RE lax, RE turn, RE view, RE generate, RE new, RE search, RE store, etc.  You get the picture.  So for the RE mainder of August, BEING rather than doing is the operative word.  Lay low.  Be still.  Plan.  Do your homework for prospective projects.  But acting now on major fronts will yield reversed or unpredictable results. 

Self care now is ours for the asking.  We are encouraged in the next few weeks by Venus (relationships, love and money) and Ceres (nurturing) in caring Cancer aligned with Neptune in Pisces.  Cancer and Pisces are water signs.  Water conducts and magnifies.  Think about that for a second.  An unwatered plant dies.  That same plant watered regularly grows.  What do you want to grow in your life now? For the next few weeks, keep in mind:  water and music; music and water.  Soothing yourself and loved ones on sun and sand will do wonders for the spirit.  Listening to music you enjoy, any tunes that feel right will go far to soothe the savage beast and change the energy and mood (yours, a group, a room), instantly.   We, each of us has much control now.  It is all about how you control, steer and direct your energy.  Worry now and you will get greater worry in return.   Laugh and the whole world laughs along.

Mid-month is a wonderful time to get away, love yourself, flow with what comes, dance and dream, escape.  Above all, follow your intuition.  Do what feels right for you.  Remember to BE rather than DO; but if you must do something, feel your way rather than think your way through.

And then, there is the August 21 solar eclipse.  The Great American Eclipse this event is so called.  Why?  The eclipse path will cut a swath from coast to coast across the United States, slicing the country virtually in half from Oregon to North Carolina.   Talk about metaphors in motion!  For a nation ideologically divided and a populace and culture so bitterly torn politically and socially, the eclipse speaks with gut-wrenching accuracy.  Hotels and inns 40 miles deep along the eclipse path have been sold out for months in advance as stargazers seek to catch a glimpse of this phenomenon striking the USA.  This is something else.    

Then there this vital fact:  the eclipse degree of 29 Leo exactly sits on the Ascendant/rising sign and Mars of Donald Trump. The effects of this astrological “hit” to the President’s chart cannot be overly stated.   The Ascendant rules the physical body, self and identity.  Mars rules motivation, energy and yes, war.  Clearly, Trump is already feeling the effects of this eclipse with the on-going investigation into his Russian ties dogging his administration.  Watch for dramatic (Leo) shifts to Trump and his administration now and well into the fall of 2017.  As of this writing, he has directed two key administrative changes (White House communications director --twice-- and chief of staff).  Expect more to come.

Two days later, the Sun (our will and identity) moves into Virgo.  Exacting, precise, efficient, Virgo rules health and work.  We find our energy steered toward work that is healthy for us, considering health-related choices, perfectionism and attention to detail in all things.  Virgo is the work horse of the zodiac so it is good to know that with the Sun’s departure from Leo, there is still plenty of festive and creative energy around.

Venus, planet of love, money and relationships moves into Leo on August 26th, gradually joining Motivating Mars and the lunar North Node.   These latter two are tightly conjoined now the final week of August, inciting us to create, make life FUN, take a chance where we would otherwise refrain, and pursue our passions, even a little romance…

Underscoring the power of possibilities and our potential now is the alliance between Mars, North Node, Saturn and Uranus in fire signs.  That is a whole lotta fire going on.  In addition, Generous Jupiter is exactly aligning with Saturn now to help us all on the relationship and decision-making front.  We are afforded tremendous opportunities now.  Really focus on what you DO want, not what you DON’T want.  Formulate and make your plans; rev your engines, prepare like cra-a-zzzzy.  Because once Messenger Mercury turns direct motion on September 5th, this incredibly helpful fire energy still abounds:  GO FOR IT.

The very same day Venus enters Leo, sagacious Saturn turns direct motion in Sagittarius.  The cosmic task master in the sign of The Law will see to it that justice is done, in your own life and the world at large.  With Saturn’s key alignment now to Jupiter in Libra, the scales of nature on all fronts will be balanced and how.

As we wind down summer and the final days of Mercury retrograde, take stock:  where are you out of alignment?  Not others, but you?  Assess and formulate steps to right your world, bring yourself to where you want to be with a specific action plan.  We have all the planetary forces working for us now through the fall to proactively create the world we need as well as want, to serve our highest and best potential.

August 2017 is truly a fully laden month.  Our souls and spirits are working over time, even if we may not be actively “doing”.  So breathe, allow for play time, fun, dreaming, and a petite holiday.  I’m not much of a “Star Wars” fan, but heading into the following weeks I feel compelled to say: 
May the Force be with you.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Feeling the Feels

July opens with a whole lot of feelings.  Cancer the Crab rules emotion, nurturing, home, food, mom and family.  With the Sun (our Will), Mars (active energy) and Mercury (communication) all in the watery emotive Cancer, we are feeling the feels.  Deeply.  Direct your energy toward positive and constructive directions:  healthy, conscious eating (mom says “eat your veggies”), repairing or renovating your home, organizing a family get together, spending time with children and elderly.  It will do your heart good. 

The caution with Cancer is not to let emotions run away with you.  Ride the waves of feelings when they surge rather than fighting them.  You will only be dragged down by the undertow of swelling emotions if you push back.  Breathing now is all-important.  Stepping out of the fray to walk around the block is not just a good idea this first week of July but imperative.  Clear your head so you can think. 

Adding significant stress this first week of July finds Mars, Pluto and Jupiter challenging each other.  Motivating Mars is not at its best in nurturing Cancer.  A fiery planet in a water sign is an awkward combo.  Here we are drawn into the depths of emotion far more than we may normally like or allow.  Opposite Pluto in stolid Capricorn with Jupiter in Libra swinging in the balance prompts us to take action regarding relationships.  Pluto and Jupiter are reserved and objective in these signs sparking us to stand back and assess our involvement and reactions to people and situations.  They offer calm in the emotional storm ignited by Sun/Mars in Cancer.

Talk matters out with loved ones and valued friends.  Hearing, really listening to the other’s perspective is sorely needed now more than ever.  Just as key is slowing down your own life to hear your quieter, soulful voice often drowned out by clamoring and competing agendas.  What do you want?  What do you believe is right for you?  Are you listening to what others are saying (maybe repeatedly) to you?  How do you integrate your needs with those of others?  This can be a hugely revealing week.   Explore the underbelly of relationships that have been swept under the rug far too long. Speak up for yourself by all means. Just make sure you think through your actions and choose words carefully before speaking.

Maintaining and working toward serenity, with measured actions as our goal, we build toward the Full Moon on Sunday, July 9th.   The first of two planetary sign changes occurs on July 5th when Venus shifts into communicative Gemini.  Endlessly versatile, Venus in Gemini is detached and cool, can assess relationships with reason.  Here in Gemini, the planet of love and money is an expert conversationalist.  She makes connections easily and keeps people “in the loop”.  We will need all the level-headed reasoning we can get as Messenger Mercury moves into dramatic Leo on July 6th adds significant fire to our thoughts and words.

Underlying this mix is the combustible pyre of the Lunar North Node, change agent Uranus and Saturn in fire signs.  Ch-ch-ch-change and change now say these three.  Creative solutions abound and we are best to harness this remarkable energy while it prevails to move our lives in positive directions.  The only constant in life is change and this Full Moon of July 9rth, like the one on June 9th, pulls the trigger on us.  Surrender and surrender now to change.  Flow with it or get pulled into the undertow. 

So  let’s break down this Full Moon energy:   The Sun conjoins Mars in Cancer so our feelings are raw and powerful.  Both planets oppose the Moon (emotions)  and Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn and form an odd angle to Saturn (responsibility).  The Moon rules the sign of Cancer on the 9th, she is in the opposite sign:  structured, formal, practical Capricorn.  Can you feel how uncomfortable the Moon is in this sign?  She is absolutely chafing.  Paired with transformational Pluto, something's gotta give.

An earth sign, Capricorn gets down to business, is no nonsense; whereas Sun-Mars in Cancer wants to cling like a static slip to pantyhose to whatever has been in our life.  Moon-Pluto says there will be a profound transformation of emotions, complete restructuring of family, your relationship to food, home and homeland, as in country and nation.  Moon-Pluto in cold, pragmatic Capricorn opposite Sun-Mars in warm, nurturing Cancer is a challenge indeed, one of evolutionary growth.  They don’t teach this stuff in school…No, the only way to master this lesson is through on-the-job-experience, life lessons.   

The operative phrase here is:  HAS BEEN.   There is no going back.  What has been is no more.  Gone are people, lifestyles, possessions perhaps, passages and life purposes that no longer serve us.  In short, these are dead.  It sounds very cruel to say or read; however, this is the effect of this combination.  Cancer Sun-Mars are all about attachment and sentiment (clinging to the old).   Capricorn Moon-Pluto demands and will see to it that the old is buried for good.

Be mindful if you are stubbornly clinging to the old ways, outmoded people, this will be a difficult phase. If you put on your pragmatic, can-do hat with efficiency and point yourself toward the future and what can be, what is possible, you will find your way through the dark.  Super helpful to remember now is the cycle of life.  All things must die to make way for new life.   Irony abounds that this passage occurs during the very height of summer:  the growing season.   Yet that is the cosmic point driving home the need to grow or stagnate.   Choose to see, believe, and have faith in the positive side, what can be planted anew. Walk out from the old and into the new during summer’s peak is a blessing as we can grow and harvest whatever we desire.

At mid-month, Venus challenges Neptune.  This conflict poses a test to us.  Think of it as a set of stairs to climb.  Be aware now of self-deception and landscapes of mirage.  For the more discerning is endless versatility as to how to approach relationships and money matters.  Neptune in Pisces is highly intuitive.  What does your soul want?  Be still for a moment and tune in.  Listen.  Follow its direction.  Then allow Gemini Venus to be its best, flexible self and merge your needs with those of others.

For a full week from July 18-25th, we are given an immense boost as Messenger Mercury joins the aforementioned grand fire alignment between the North Node-Uranus and Saturn.  Our thoughts and words align with our directional calling (north node), our mission (Saturn) and ingenuity (Uranus).  I cannot emphasize enough the sheer power this troika affords.  Whatever projects and relationships you have stoked to date, irons in the fire are ready to be launched, used, born.  The manifestation strength is off the charts.  Within this time frame, Motivating Mars moves into Leo on July 21, the Sun shifts into festive Leo on the 23rd, and the New Moon occurs the exact same day! WOW.  In a flash we turn from a landscape of watery emotion to the Launchpad of Life.  You will feel this energy change sharply.  Awash with feelings no more.

Rushing in to fill the draining emotional void is hyper creativity and dense action.  Fully five planets are in fire signs from July 21st well into August.  Incite and invoke your dreams, goals and wishes on the New Moon July 23rd.  The Sun, Mars, North Node and Mercury in Leo want to party, live life to the fullest, be romantic, play, play, play, take risks and…shop for new clothes.   Leo rules the heart.  Passion?  You bet.  Step out of yourself and love with abandon.  In this increasingly wary world, Leo reminds us of the lyric, “what the world needs now, is love sweet love.”'

Messenger Mercury moves into analytical Virgo on Wednesday, July 26th.  Pointedly discerning, making sure everyone has their exact slice of pie counted down to the last crumb (or penny as it were), the messenger planet adds a phrase to the above lyric, “...No not just for some, but for everyone.”  As we dance into the last month of summer, let’s emphasize sharing in equal parts to caring.  Truly, there is enough for ALL on Mother Earth.

On a very personal note:  

I would like to thank the legions of people who have supported me during my mother’s recent death.  Endless gratitude goes out to family, friends, clients and fellow astrologers who held me up during this most difficult time.  I am grateful to you each and all.  Blessings be, Hilary

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Self-Sabotaging or Saving Yourself?

June opens with some very curious energy that reminds us that with every situation we face in life, we have control over our decisions and how to wield our power positively or destructively.
Chiron, the wounded healer, in cleansing Pisces, challenges Motivating Mars in communicative Gemini.  Look for old wounds being picked open, harsh verbal exchanges targeting the vulnerable, our soft spots splayed wide by someone’s remark gone wrong.  Like any challenge, there lies within it tremendous hidden potential:  to use healing words, meditation, prayer, and most especially: conscious re-direction of our thoughts out and away from the dark holes we often back our mind into.  This is the key to this combination:  re-focusing thoughts along positive lines of thinking before they become regretful words or actions.

Sandwiched between Chiron and Mars are three (3) planets making beautiful angles to aid and abet your redirected focus.  The emphatic point here:   you have the power to change course with any decision you make.  The first pair of planets cycling between Chiron and Mars is change-agent Uranus and gracious Venus in fiery Aries; both align helpfully with Chiron on one side and Mars on the other.  Aries is a tour-de-force of CAN DO energy.  This planetary duo of change and love say yes you can jump trains of thought, heal those old wounds, put them in the past and walk on new paths to well-being. The strength of this alignment, Mars-Uranus-Venus-Chiron cannot be overstated.   Uranus-Venus are part of grand fire trine, an immensely beneficial alliance with the Lunar North Node in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius that offers invaluable energy throughout the summer.  Come on baby light my fire!  Says this combination.  Grow, baby grow.  How high do you want to climb?   How large are your dreams?  Now is the time to set wheels in motion.

Supporting the “how” part (as in, how will I bring my dreams to fruition?) are Messenger Mercury’s super helpful angle to Transformer Pluto, both in hardworking earth signs.  This pair says, "so you’ve got all these great inspirations and aspirations….well, here’s how to tackle them one, by, one." Mercury in earthy Taurus and Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn function on the material plane and want to know exactly how you will manifest your grand ideas into reality.  And how much it will cost to do so!

This is no small energetic pattern.  It holds incredible healing and expansion potential.  Bear this mighty force in mind as we move into June.  Otherwise, a cosmically calm month, the last month of Spring is a terrific time to plant what you want to grow.  The first week of the month unfolds a series of planetary sign changes where Motivating Mars takes the lead.  On Monday, June 5th, Mars shifts from mentally charged Gemini into nurturing Cancer.   We now feel more apt to act from our emotions, directing our interest toward food, family and home.  The next day, Venus moves into her own sign, Taurus, really boosting our efforts to plant (literally in the garden) or invest in the virtual garden of our lives.  Venus shines like crazy in Taurus.  Creature comforts, art and beauty, and yes, world peace are all on our minds under gracious Venus’ guide, especially as she makes a flowing angle to Mars in Cancer.  Kindness, caring and compassion toward yourself and others prod these two.  They are an unbeatable combination of love and nurturing to initiate and grow any project, relationship, business, venture.

Then June 7th, Messenger Mercury shifts into Gemini.  “Let’s try it this way or that way, and if those methods don’t work, then let’s try it yet another way,” is the theme.  Endlessly versatile and flexible in its own sign of Gemini, Mercury has us believing in infinite possibilities.  Here it refuses to take “no” for an answer and will blast through any obstacle in its way.  The trick is staying focused long and steady enough to conquer your challenge.  (Rely on Venus in Taurus for that!)  Can’t get around that obstinate boss at work, lack of funding for a beloved project or are you blocked in a relationship?  Mercury in Gemini directs our thoughts to find a way over, under or through what stands in our way. 

Gemini Mercury is not beneath using less than honest tactics to get what it wants, so a word of caution:  make sure your words and thoughts are honest.  Watch for deception and deceptive people and practices in yourself and others, especially at mid-month June 12-16 when Mercury challenges illusory Neptune.  Look yourself in the mirror.  Have an honest talk with your reflection, and others, even if that conversation is painful.   Because of the wildly potent energy during June, it is vital to walk your talk, with truth, in truth.  We reap what we sow particularly now under the late Spring Sun, and you really don’t want to find yourself in a month or two, a year from now, caught red-handed for shading the truth dating back to June 2017.

All of our efforts, truth telling, strident compassion and eager push forward will be under the bright spotlight of the Full Moon on Friday, June 9th.  Every Full Moon make manifest our intentions and shine on every aspect of our lives – even that which we prefer to keep hidden.  This particular Full Moon is super-charged.  We’ll call it “Extra Strength Full Moon”, like dozens of super nova bursts added to its power.  There will be zero chance of escaping its glare.  Why?  Let’s break it down:

First, this Moon joins heavyweight Saturn in sagacious Sagittarius, truth teller extraordinaire.  Saturn rules karma and dharma, so whatever you’ve been playing at, for good or ill, the results,consequences and effects roll in now.  There just will not be a place to hide, run though you might.  Saturn in Sagittarius demands raw honesty.  The Sagittarian moon hitched to Saturn demands emotional truth.  Pure and gut-wrenching. 

With this duo combined with the Lunar North Node in Leo and Venus-Uranus, expect a radical show of justice.  Or simply, a radical show.  Parades of Truth.  Moon-Saturn opposite the Gemini Sun presses our will to communicate off the charts.  We will learn, know, every single thread, detail, puzzle piece to the story of our lives.  Cases gone cold, unsolved mysteries are revealed in whole complete detail under this Full Moon.  Ugly facets, the underbelly shadowy parts of ourselves, our relationships, will be shown for exactly what they are.  You still may not embrace these but they are highlighted for all to see.  Better to own up, deal with it all now.  Be red-handed no more.  This is true as well for the United States Presidency as well.  If there are back lines, hidden communication, conversations and ties with Russia, these are exposed now for everyone to see.

If all this wasn’t enough to heighten the strength of this Full Moon, the super-nova power of this moon derives from Jupiter, planet of Truth and Justice.  It turns direct motion the very same day as the Full Moon.  Wow.  In the sign of Libra, the planet of Law, Truth and Freedom will surely balance any situation or any one that has been out of whack or off kilter, (read:  not being honest in any part of their life).  Turning direct motion gives a huge kick start and forward thrust of energy to any planet.  So it is with titanic Generous Jupiter now, especially as it aligns helpfully with the Gemini Sun, to communicate and get our message out.  We will know every precise turn of events in a cascade of overflowing truth on June 9th and surrounding days.  Fess up now while you still have time!

By mid-month we are afforded an opportunity for emotional cleansing.  Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, turns retrograde motion conjoined to the Moon (our feelings) in Pisces.  Use this opportunity to wash away impurities, emotional illusion and self-deception now.  Moon-Neptune in Pisces form a quirky angle to Generous Jupiter.  There is emotional balance to be had, pursued.  Sweep under the run no more, my friend.

A rather pronounced event occurs days later on the summer solstice, June 21.  Both the Sun and Mercury enter nurturing Cancer.  This is significant as the Sun, our will, directs our energy, while Messenger Mercury channels our thoughts and communication.  00 degrees Cancer on June 21 is a giant flashing light astrologically, urging us to pay attention and act on all things patriotic, family, food, home, mother, anything inherited psychologically or biologically.  This includes your own physical being “home”:  body, mind, soul and spirit, and how you care for it.  After all the “frenergy”, frenetic energy of the Full Moon, this really could not come at a better time.  Unlike fast-moving, mercurial Gemini, Cancer is a slow study, a watchful, observant dance.  There is beauty, grace and charm to its careful movement that allows for vast absorption of detailed information.  Cancer is a sponge.  Little escapes Cancer’s notice.  Her memory is vast.  She forgets nothing.  All is stored away for future use.

Give yourself over one day at a time to Cancer’s embrace.  We could all sure use some tender loving care:  a home-cooked meal, warm bath and bed, and great big mama bear hugs right about now.  Nurturing ourselves and others is one of most undervalued, unseen, unrecognized acts.  It is often even labeled selfish when we practice self-care.  Beneath the glow of warm summer sun, its slow simmer, hand write your intentions on the New Moon on Friday, June 23rd.   Promise, incite vows for radical self-care first.  Then you will be able to give endlessly to others.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Nodal Change: Creativity in Motion and The Lusty Month of May

Heavenly warmth, flowers blooming, living outdoors again after months of cooping up inside:  this particular May offers a welcome stretch of grace after April’s planetary frenzy.  Wow.  What a month that was! We need every day of May's measured strength following the past few weeks’ cosmic jolting to and fro.   The Taurus Sun is known for calm, quiet steadiness; however churning beneath that serene surface is a volcanic power ready to be unleashed.   And we are surely ready to get going.  After the tumult of April's planetary retrogrades, finally, we are on with it.   Use these strong fires wisely to stoke your inspirations and dreams.

May is slow in terms of cosmic events, with the exception of two celestial shifts, both positive harbingers.  The first event occurs just days into the new month.  On Wednesday, May 3rd, Messenger Mercury, ruler of thoughts, communication and commerce turns direct motion.  Feel the collective sigh of relief as gears are set forward again.  Conversations, anything relayed in writing or verbally, flow smoothly once more.  Be gone communication snafus!  All that pent up springtime energy unfurls now and does so seamlessly, not getting caught or tripped up by the cosmic trickster. 

After May 3rd, go ahead with major purchases (appliances, homes, cars, computers), sign significant contracts and make those travel plans you’ve been holding off on. Speeding up our need to act, buy and communicate is Mercury’s tight pairing to Radical Uranus.  Make no mistake, this is duo packs a punch in Aries.  Whatever planet joins Uranus, its energy is ramped up exponentially.   Together these two fire off emails, phone calls, launch projects, seal deals, agreements and more so rapidly your task list will be reduced to rubble in no time flat.  Their combined force is even further enhanced by the gorgeous angle they make to the Leo Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius.  This is called a grand fire trine and under its influence, very, very few sit still.  Be ready to roll my friends.  

If you are reading this blog during the first few days of May, prepare to tackle all you have to do:  boom, boom, BOOM!   You will amaze yourself at how much you can accomplish in just a day or two.  What’s more, this fiery surge motivating us to do, do, do, stays with us right through mid-month, until May 16th when Mercury shifts into the more plodding and cautious Taurus.  So pace yourself.  There is no need to push yourself to exhaustion; although the energy is so sharp that you will feel like going til you can’t anymore.

Pacing yourself is one caution with this fiery combo.  Another caution: watch for impulsiveness.  You may receive flash insights and quick thinking on your feet as to how to fix/problem solve or launch an endeavor.  But remember please that Aries is terrific at starting projects yet not so great at seeing things to conclusion.  Make sure your heart is invested in whatever your mind is telling you to do. Aries is the Great Delegator...a fabulous boss or supervisor telling others how to get the job done. Remember, Aries is the god of war and Uranus (change agent) and Mercury (thoughts/words) can be incredibly destructive OR instructive and productive.   So it is vital to direct this energy in healthy ways.  You have free will and the power to shift your thoughts, words and actions in any direction.  Use these strong fires to stoke your inspirations and dreams, and begin new, healthy habits for body, mind and soul.

On May 9th, comes the second of the two cosmic shifts this month.  The Lunar Nodes move from mutable to fixed signs.  Say what?   Let’s break this down:  the Nodes of the Moon are invisible directional points 180 degrees opposite each other.   How do they influence you?  These points mark current events and our evolutionary progress.  Every 18 months the nodes shift clockwise, drawing us forward, bit by bit, toward new frontiers and goals in our lives.  They push us to follow True North by offering fresh focal points.  For the last eighteen months, the Lunar North Node (what calls our name/speaks to us) has been cycling through Virgo:  health, work, animals/pets, planning, detail, service and volunteering; while the South Node has moved through Pisces (music, water, faith vs. fear, belief, mysticism, the One/Universal mind), pushing us to simultaneously answer the call and release the best of ourselves via these traits.  Ten days into May, our directional compass shifts.

The Lunar North Node moves into Leo and the South Node into Aquarius.   Time to set aside work and play, play, play.  So let’s talk Leo.   Fun, festive, and wildly creative, Leo is the life of the party.  This sign rules all forms of pleasure, from vacations and parties to creative pursuits of any kind:  body, mind, spirit.  Leo is grand.   Its energy takes up space, demands to be heard, loves theatre, costumes, makeup and as it rules drama, can be a drama queen extraordinaire.   Are you prepared?  Get your festive best on, Leo says it is time to strut your stuff.   After sitting at home reflecting and meditating (thanks Pisces south node) last winter and into April’s retrograde cycles, planning your future in minute detail (thanks Virgo north node), the Leo North Node calls you out:   outside of your house, out of your routine, out of your head, and bellows take a chance.  Go for it.  

Why?  Leo rules risk taking.  Step up and step out.  Now.  Just do it.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Surprise yourself.   Actually live a little.  Play like there’s no tomorrow.   Have FUN.  Enjoy.   The time for thinking (and overthinking) are D-O-N-E, done.   

The lunar nodes’ sign shift occurs on the eve of the Full Moon, too, Wednesday, May 10th.  This Scorpio Full Moon aligns beautifully with Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) prompting emotional transformation at the deepest core level.  While this is not the most challenging of Full Moons astrologically, it will resonate deeply; you will feel this Full Moon’s effects down to your toes.   Pluto and Scorpio are about death and rebirth.  Ask yourself:  how have you changed over the last month, season?  What still remains to change in your life?  Whom do you want to be by the end of spring, summer, this year?   How will you get there?  Become that person? 

After the big push to get our task list done during the first half of May, we may feel a distinct satisfaction, a rich inner glow for all we have accomplished.  Yet there is a, “but wait, there’s more” sense attached to this Full Moon.  All Full Moons shine a spotlight on us, our lives.  This particular moon highlights our emotional crevices, shining a big beam on that which we’d rather keep hidden from others, loved ones, even ourselves.  However, the challenging angle now between Neptune and Mars draws us out; these two energies want us to talk (Mars in Gemini) about what we believe (Neptune in Pisces), what information we need to still gather to finish our soul’s work.   Yes.  It is that kind of Full Moon:  profoundly soulful.  Even revelatory.  We are reminded now that yes, we do live in a very material world, but actually, no really, we are in truth spirits on a temporary earthly educational journey.

By mid-month, Mercury changes signs, moving into earthy Taurus.  Our thoughts become more grounded, practical and realistic.  We need this temperance now and how!  Mercury in Taurus wants the breakdown, a business plan to know where you are going and how to get there.  A very good thing too as change-agent Uranus’ exact alignment with Saturn continues to fire our engines to take on the world and new challenges in our lives;  added to their fiery motivation now is the Lunar North node in Leo;  this highly dynamic troika will last through the entire summer.   Additionally, Venus in pioneering Aries hastens our rush, our sense of urgency and immediacy to push forward.  Pay attention to balance, says Generous Jupiter in Libra, opposite Venus May 17-20.  Give equal measure to various parts of your life.    All in good time.   First things first.  First one, then the other, take turns with your projects and relationships, definitely your energy output, so you do not burn out.  Be inspired by the fires stoking inside you but rely on Mercury in Taurus to firmly get things done at an even keel.

The Sun moves into versatile Gemini on May 21st, encouraging us to be flexible, seek and search out information.  Not just written.   Have the conversation.   Look the other guy/gal in the eye.  We can learn so much from each other says the Gemini Sun if we just talk to each other.   Who is that person, that neighbor, living across the fence from you?   Gemini Sun is all about community, neighborhood, talking, information gathering.  Organize a block party, a community gathering.  Ask questions.  In doing so, we learn that we are not all that different from one another.  We actually share similar goals:  clean air, water, safe neighborhoods, good schools for our children…

With this knowledge in mind, these common factors, set intentions on the Gemini New Moon, Thursday, May 25th.  Gemini is the Great Communicator, so be sure to hand write your five or so goals for the next month.   Remember to be careful of spreading yourself too thin:  Gemini tends to over promise or over commit and with the fiery grand troika aforementioned, our vision is grand indeed.  Messenger Mercury in Taurus will temper our aims, helping us to bite off only that which we can effectively chew.  Rely on this increasing pragmatism.  Increasing because through the close of May, from May 25-31, Taurean Mercury aligns beautifully with powerhouse Pluto.  Plant every little seed that you desire (Pluto), to grow and harvest down the road.  Nurture with good intentions and positive, mindful thoughts (Mercury).  

Then:   Let it grow, let it grow.  Let it blossom, let it flow… (Cream).