Monday, May 1, 2017

Nodal Change: Creativity in Motion and The Lusty Month of May

Heavenly warmth, flowers blooming, living outdoors again after months of cooping up inside:  this particular May offers a welcome stretch of grace after April’s planetary frenzy.  Wow.  What a month that was! We need every day of May's measured strength following the past few weeks’ cosmic jolting to and fro.   The Taurus Sun is known for calm, quiet steadiness; however churning beneath that serene surface is a volcanic power ready to be unleashed.   And we are surely ready to get going.  After the tumult of April's planetary retrogrades, finally, we are on with it.   Use these strong fires wisely to stoke your inspirations and dreams.

May is slow in terms of cosmic events, with the exception of two celestial shifts, both positive harbingers.  The first event occurs just days into the new month.  On Wednesday, May 3rd, Messenger Mercury, ruler of thoughts, communication and commerce turns direct motion.  Feel the collective sigh of relief as gears are set forward again.  Conversations, anything relayed in writing or verbally, flow smoothly once more.  Be gone communication snafus!  All that pent up springtime energy unfurls now and does so seamlessly, not getting caught or tripped up by the cosmic trickster. 

After May 3rd, go ahead with major purchases (appliances, homes, cars, computers), sign significant contracts and make those travel plans you’ve been holding off on. Speeding up our need to act, buy and communicate is Mercury’s tight pairing to Radical Uranus.  Make no mistake, this is duo packs a punch in Aries.  Whatever planet joins Uranus, its energy is ramped up exponentially.   Together these two fire off emails, phone calls, launch projects, seal deals, agreements and more so rapidly your task list will be reduced to rubble in no time flat.  Their combined force is even further enhanced by the gorgeous angle they make to the Leo Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius.  This is called a grand fire trine and under its influence, very, very few sit still.  Be ready to roll my friends.  

If you are reading this blog during the first few days of May, prepare to tackle all you have to do:  boom, boom, BOOM!   You will amaze yourself at how much you can accomplish in just a day or two.  What’s more, this fiery surge motivating us to do, do, do, stays with us right through mid-month, until May 16th when Mercury shifts into the more plodding and cautious Taurus.  So pace yourself.  There is no need to push yourself to exhaustion; although the energy is so sharp that you will feel like going til you can’t anymore.

Pacing yourself is one caution with this fiery combo.  Another caution: watch for impulsiveness.  You may receive flash insights and quick thinking on your feet as to how to fix/problem solve or launch an endeavor.  But remember please that Aries is terrific at starting projects yet not so great at seeing things to conclusion.  Make sure your heart is invested in whatever your mind is telling you to do. Aries is the Great Delegator...a fabulous boss or supervisor telling others how to get the job done. Remember, Aries is the god of war and Uranus (change agent) and Mercury (thoughts/words) can be incredibly destructive OR instructive and productive.   So it is vital to direct this energy in healthy ways.  You have free will and the power to shift your thoughts, words and actions in any direction.  Use these strong fires to stoke your inspirations and dreams, and begin new, healthy habits for body, mind and soul.

On May 9th, comes the second of the two cosmic shifts this month.  The Lunar Nodes move from mutable to fixed signs.  Say what?   Let’s break this down:  the Nodes of the Moon are invisible directional points 180 degrees opposite each other.   How do they influence you?  These points mark current events and our evolutionary progress.  Every 18 months the nodes shift clockwise, drawing us forward, bit by bit, toward new frontiers and goals in our lives.  They push us to follow True North by offering fresh focal points.  For the last eighteen months, the Lunar North Node (what calls our name/speaks to us) has been cycling through Virgo:  health, work, animals/pets, planning, detail, service and volunteering; while the South Node has moved through Pisces (music, water, faith vs. fear, belief, mysticism, the One/Universal mind), pushing us to simultaneously answer the call and release the best of ourselves via these traits.  Ten days into May, our directional compass shifts.

The Lunar North Node moves into Leo and the South Node into Aquarius.   Time to set aside work and play, play, play.  So let’s talk Leo.   Fun, festive, and wildly creative, Leo is the life of the party.  This sign rules all forms of pleasure, from vacations and parties to creative pursuits of any kind:  body, mind, spirit.  Leo is grand.   Its energy takes up space, demands to be heard, loves theatre, costumes, makeup and as it rules drama, can be a drama queen extraordinaire.   Are you prepared?  Get your festive best on, Leo says it is time to strut your stuff.   After sitting at home reflecting and meditating (thanks Pisces south node) last winter and into April’s retrograde cycles, planning your future in minute detail (thanks Virgo north node), the Leo North Node calls you out:   outside of your house, out of your routine, out of your head, and bellows take a chance.  Go for it.  

Why?  Leo rules risk taking.  Step up and step out.  Now.  Just do it.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Surprise yourself.   Actually live a little.  Play like there’s no tomorrow.   Have FUN.  Enjoy.   The time for thinking (and overthinking) are D-O-N-E, done.   

The lunar nodes’ sign shift occurs on the eve of the Full Moon, too, Wednesday, May 10th.  This Scorpio Full Moon aligns beautifully with Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) prompting emotional transformation at the deepest core level.  While this is not the most challenging of Full Moons astrologically, it will resonate deeply; you will feel this Full Moon’s effects down to your toes.   Pluto and Scorpio are about death and rebirth.  Ask yourself:  how have you changed over the last month, season?  What still remains to change in your life?  Whom do you want to be by the end of spring, summer, this year?   How will you get there?  Become that person? 

After the big push to get our task list done during the first half of May, we may feel a distinct satisfaction, a rich inner glow for all we have accomplished.  Yet there is a, “but wait, there’s more” sense attached to this Full Moon.  All Full Moons shine a spotlight on us, our lives.  This particular moon highlights our emotional crevices, shining a big beam on that which we’d rather keep hidden from others, loved ones, even ourselves.  However, the challenging angle now between Neptune and Mars draws us out; these two energies want us to talk (Mars in Gemini) about what we believe (Neptune in Pisces), what information we need to still gather to finish our soul’s work.   Yes.  It is that kind of Full Moon:  profoundly soulful.  Even revelatory.  We are reminded now that yes, we do live in a very material world, but actually, no really, we are in truth spirits on a temporary earthly educational journey.

By mid-month, Mercury changes signs, moving into earthy Taurus.  Our thoughts become more grounded, practical and realistic.  We need this temperance now and how!  Mercury in Taurus wants the breakdown, a business plan to know where you are going and how to get there.  A very good thing too as change-agent Uranus’ exact alignment with Saturn continues to fire our engines to take on the world and new challenges in our lives;  added to their fiery motivation now is the Lunar North node in Leo;  this highly dynamic troika will last through the entire summer.   Additionally, Venus in pioneering Aries hastens our rush, our sense of urgency and immediacy to push forward.  Pay attention to balance, says Generous Jupiter in Libra, opposite Venus May 17-20.  Give equal measure to various parts of your life.    All in good time.   First things first.  First one, then the other, take turns with your projects and relationships, definitely your energy output, so you do not burn out.  Be inspired by the fires stoking inside you but rely on Mercury in Taurus to firmly get things done at an even keel.

The Sun moves into versatile Gemini on May 21st, encouraging us to be flexible, seek and search out information.  Not just written.   Have the conversation.   Look the other guy/gal in the eye.  We can learn so much from each other says the Gemini Sun if we just talk to each other.   Who is that person, that neighbor, living across the fence from you?   Gemini Sun is all about community, neighborhood, talking, information gathering.  Organize a block party, a community gathering.  Ask questions.  In doing so, we learn that we are not all that different from one another.  We actually share similar goals:  clean air, water, safe neighborhoods, good schools for our children…

With this knowledge in mind, these common factors, set intentions on the Gemini New Moon, Thursday, May 25th.  Gemini is the Great Communicator, so be sure to hand write your five or so goals for the next month.   Remember to be careful of spreading yourself too thin:  Gemini tends to over promise or over commit and with the fiery grand troika aforementioned, our vision is grand indeed.  Messenger Mercury in Taurus will temper our aims, helping us to bite off only that which we can effectively chew.  Rely on this increasing pragmatism.  Increasing because through the close of May, from May 25-31, Taurean Mercury aligns beautifully with powerhouse Pluto.  Plant every little seed that you desire (Pluto), to grow and harvest down the road.  Nurture with good intentions and positive, mindful thoughts (Mercury).  

Then:   Let it grow, let it grow.  Let it blossom, let it flow… (Cream).

Friday, March 31, 2017

Are you coming or going: April's major gear shifts

April is notoriously a powder keg of a month.  Three, two, one, KABOOM.   The Sun in fiery Aries often triggers impulsive or volatile acts.  April 2017 is no exception.  Added to the usual combustible energy is an inordinate amount of planetary gear shifts, both retrograde and direct motion.  The month opens with three planets in the Warrior sign, in the beginning, middle and latter stages of Aries, ramping up the dynamic that much more and just to make sure all the bases are covered!

Aries at its best is terrific for initiating anything:  projects, ventures, relationships.  The caution (and there is always a caution) is finishing what Aries energy starts.  Bright, brash and brave?  You bet!  Considered, thoughtful or reflective?  Hardly.  Aries is essential energy to push forward, enter spring, into the true New Year as the ancient world understood and celebrated on the Spring Equinox. 

With the Sun (our will), Radical Uranus and Venus (love and money) all fired up in Aries, we may rush headlong into life.  Venus in particular is at a flash point degree of Aries and choices made now regarding relationships, purchases and investments need a greater degree of scrutiny than you may feel inclined to spend.  Meanwhile, Generous Jupiter exactly challenges Transformer Pluto during the first week of April, further inciting our inner flame thrower.   Mind your words and deeds now.

Enter Mercury and Mars in pragmatic Taurus.  Taurus wants to know what its Return On Investment (ROI) will be for any effort made.  Wants to know what it’s getting for its hard-earned dollar.  A good deal, sure.  A treasure to be admired, even better.  A relationship/partnership or venture to last a lifetime:  now you are talking.  These are questions of worth.  Value.  So in your rushing around, Messenger Mercury and Motivating Mars (how we think and act) in practical, earthy Taurus pushes us to stop and ask:  what’s in it for me?   Don’t be shy.  Step right up and find out what you are actually getting into here.  Really.  Are you getting the best value? Does he/she/this company/group truly understand your worth?   What is the long-term gain of this idea and product?   Inquiring minds (Taurus) want to know.  For certain.  Supporting this closer look are two super helpful angles:  the Lunar North Node in analytical Virgo to Messenger Mercury (how we think) and Mars to Pluto in Capricorn, matching our actions and desires.

The North Node is our directional compass, True North.  Paired with Mercury, it prompts:  forget the flashy packaging, how will this relationship, job offer, purchase, project serve you next month, next year, for the rest of its (and your) life span?  All the while Transformer Pluto and Motivating Mars pump up the power, the moxy, to get under the hood, buy the right products to plant and invest for maximum growth and establish firmest foundation.  We are, after all, in the season of planting.   And these four energies (North Node, Mercury, Mars and Pluto) do not mess around.  In earth signs, they are straight shooters in word and deed.

With this framework, April moves under way.  It wastes no time doing so.  That gear shift?  It starts now.  Sagittarius Saturn, Lord of Dharma and Karma, turns retrograde motion on Wednesday, April 5.  Unlike the inner planets, the effects of Saturn’s inward motion is more subtle.   Saturn is about lessons, making sure you understand the lesson at hand, now, what you are experiencing here today.  In educational Sagittarius, Saturn’s internal direction offers a review, one more chance to make sure you have learned and understood.  We are especially reminded now that earth is one big school.  Are you making the grade or giving less than your best effort?  If the latter, face the consequences.  Saturn is the Teacher via current events and Sagittarius is the Truth and the Law.   The Truth will set you Free.   But only if you are honest, do the work, tell the whole Truth. There are no shortcuts or escape hatches.   With Saturn retrograde, you have yet another opportunity to show you’ve mastered the material, learned the lesson.  This is a period of tests and examinations for us all Watch for yours.  You will know when it is Test Time.  Presenting itself to you might be:  an uncomfortable moral dilemma, a choice to speak up for someone who cannot do/speak for themselves, facing your fears, accepting an opportunity to expand your horizons/grow and evolve…or choose to stay small, safe, tucked away in what you already know.

What will you do?  Just remember:  grow or stagnate. 

The start of the following week Sunday April 9th, Messenger Mercury also turns retrograde.  This actually helps the internal review process aforementioned.   The next three weeks, until May 5th, is a time to review, reflect and renew.  Re-member all the RE words during Mercury retrograde.  Use the rest of April to Re-search any new products or proposed commitments to buy/invest in.  After May 5th, go for it. 

Mercury’s inward motion occurs just two days before the Full Moon in Libra on April 11th.  While we do have significant planetary earth and water energies to temper the planets fired up in Aries, this is a LOADED Full Moon.  Radical Uranus conjoins the Sun, acting like a match to gasoline opposite Libran Jupiter and the Moon (oversizing emotions/relationship/attachments) while Capricorn Pluto hovers in between triggering both pairs.  In other circumstances, Libra is about temperance, balance and detachment.  However the stress of these angles may prove way too much for some.  A gentle reminder in the raw, hyper-charged days leading up to the Full Moon (especially with Messenger Mercury switching gears):  listen, pause and think before replying.  Walk around the block to clear your head, exercise, write, release the volcanic energy you feel rather than taking it out on loved ones or co-workers.

You’ve got this.

On the following Saturday, April 15, we get a reprieve.  Venus turns direct motion, emerging as a Morning Star.  For those celebrating, this event arrives in time for Easter.  Venus moves forward in Pisces which she backed into the first part of April.  Surrender to the flow, the universal ebb and tide, with overflowing gratitude and grace.  Conjoined to the healer Chiron and making a lovely angle to Motivating Mars and Nurturing Ceres in Taurus, we are afforded ample opportunity to repair damage to our lives (whether self-inflicted or harmed by others), or to offer a wealth of healing, help and service those who need it.  This is exceptionally compassionate energy, April 14-18.  Love, love, love.  Plant what you seek to grow, let the light shine in and out, experience OM…your personal call to prayer and creation, be one with the Universe and Universal Mind.  This is truly the energy of redemption.  What do you seek to redeem?   It is just lovely for Easter celebrations and the conclusion of Passover week.

This energy stays with us for an entire week, through April 21st and we will need every bit of it as the largest cosmic gear shifts occur one right after the other.   Hold on to your gratitude and grace!  First up on April 20th, power house Pluto turns retrograde motion in Capricorn.  Still challenging Jupiter in Libra, watch for break downs in negotiations, discussions or matters you thought were resolved, stepping away from relationships and deals of all kinds.   The very same day, the Sun (our will) changes signs, moving into earthy Taurus, conjoined to Messenger Mercury.  Again, the alignment of our thoughts and will in such a practical and grounded sign, greatly neutralizes the powder keg that can be April. 

It certainly diffuses tension, and, beautifully aligned to the Lunar North Node in Virgo, fosters the Pluto retrograde desire to detach and review what is on our plates.  April 20-23 is truly a time for second thoughts, careful planning and preparation rather than a major thrust forward.  Ask:  what are you missing?  Have you been completely thorough in your work?  Have you asked enough, the right questions about a possible purchase, relationship, venture, project?  Helping you probe into all aspects of your horizons is Motivating Mars’ shift into curious Geminii.  The first of the air signs, Geminii is purely mental energy, versatile and flexible.  It is exceptionally good at information gathering. 

Challenging the Virgo North Node and Pisces South Node, you may feel pushed and pulled, not know if you are going or coming, or which way is up or out.  Use this energy to process all sides of the matter at hand.  What direction do you want to go?  Which avenue is the healthiest and most productive to pursue?  What do you want, need, to know?  Do you have enough or the right kind of information?  What is the data telling you?  This is very cerebral stuff, not emotional or touchy feely.  Best to detach and evaluate during the final ten days of April.  If you are trying to problem solve in any way, take occasional breaks to clear your head in a way you know works for you:  a woods walk, drive in the car, sleeping on it, listening to music, exercising, or talking it out with someone you trust who can lend understanding.

 It is amazing what comes of stepping out of the mental melee for an hour, day or two, to glean fresh insights.  We forget this in our modern instant messaging era.  Space and time are tremendous antidotes.  The caution with this Mars/Geminii-North Node/Virgo mental energy is getting way too wrapped around the axel, losing sleep over something, getting stressed out then boiling over emotionally and verbally.  With Messenger Mercury-Radical Uranus conjoined, this is very possible indeed.   So before you lose control, step back from the heat of the moment to maintain calm, peace and quiet.  You can accomplish a lot with this energy by applying intentional thoughts to action positively.   Refrain from sinking down into the mental rabbit hole of what ifs.  Stop.  Just stop.  Think of the best that can happen, all of the good, healthy scenarios…not the worst.

Did you know that being calm, the state of peace, is in fact the highest emotional state a human being can achieve?  Not joy, bliss, happiness, eureka… but calm.  Why?  Because from a place of tranquility, when our thoughts and mind are calm, we think more clearly and rationally… and can then make choices that best serve us.

Good to know as we celebrate the New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday, April 26.  In the Northern Hemisphere, we feel and see the signs of Spring.  Tis the Season for planting, increasingly spending time out of doors and in natural settings.  Make your New Moon wish list:  hand write about five desires you want to achieve in the next month, season or year.  Plant your wishes in the warming earth or cast them into a moving body of water.  Then step back like a mother sending her children off to school.  Let them go.  Let them grow.

Of Special Note:

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Surge Forward

Feeling dreamy?  Foggy?  Crystal clear?  Inspired?  Sleepy?  All of the above?

March begins in a Neptunian wonderland as the Sun makes its annual conjunction to Neptune on March 1st.  This watery outlying planet rules the highest and lowest of humanity:  the saints and sinners, the glamorous to the guttural; mysticism and mysterious malaise.  Somewhere in the middle resides the truth, the facts, the actual essence of life.

Neptune and its sign Pisces increasingly infused our cosmic landscape and lives as February drew to a close and March commenced.  Rather than dominate (as would Taurus or Aries), gentle Pisces and Neptune wash over us, alluring, inspiring, tantalizing us with imaginative solutions, fantasy, the possible.  There is a reason it rules extreme polarities of human behavior:  It is a test of human judgment to cut through life’s fog, discern what is real from what is not, fact from fairy tale.  Those born with challenging aspects to Neptune may often spend a lifetime addicted, pursuing escape promised by any given drug (power, sex, money, and substances), or in a hazy confusion. Those with good, or no aspects, to Neptune may be possessed of pristine insight, artistic gifts and deep healing abilities.

Neptune and the sign it rules Pisces are so often misunderstood.  This energy may prompt dense misunderstanding if we do not slow down, take time to sort through details, give ourselves over to the source, root cause of the matter at hand.

Take for example the recent Academy Awards announcement for Best Picture which took place under a Piscean eclipse.  Pisces and Neptune rule fantasy, Hollywood, image….Warren Beatty was handed the wrong envelope to open and paused when he read the incorrect printing; instead of believing his eyes, asking for clarity...where is the envelope for Best Picture? to avoid the whole debacle, he and Faye Dunaway were eager to "get on with the show", rushed to judgment and a major (or minor, depending on your viewpoint) error occurred.

Extend this scene to your own life:  where do you rush to judge?  Your job, co-workers, your neighbors, partner, children, personal health or finances?  Popping a pill with the desire to make the pain go away (or any other quick-fix cover), rather than hitting pause, taking time to sort through what is real, what is not, sourcing out the truth, will only lead you in circles until you run into yourself.  “Wherever you go, there you are” says the title of a wonderful book by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Neptune and Pisces are water.  What do we see in the water?  Our reflection.  Ourselves.  Do you like what you see?  If not, how do you go about changing your image?  What is on the inside reflects on the outside.  If your interior is not clean and whole (notice I did not say perfect), then your exterior will not present, reflect, as clean, whole, honest, real, true. 

Pretenders take note.

And so it is with this steep dose of Neptunian energy that we wade into March.  We'd prefer to day dream; but to the contrary, we feel positively pushed, internally incited to DO on Day 1 of March.  Despite the Pisces Sun-Neptune pairing, an abundance of fire dominates the cosmic force field.  Serious Saturn in Sagittarius aligns beautifully with Motivating Mars and Change Agent Uranus in fiery Aries.  This combo says change and change now.  Like a match to gasoline, the emotional Moon joins Venus in this active Aries mix on March 1st.   All things are possible.  Don’t like what you see in that Piscean reflecting pool?  No time like today to get going.  Make your move.  For some, this energy will feel like standing in a swamp or strong ocean waves, fighting to move ahead one step at a time.  Our feet (Pisces) get pulled down and under with each step and yet we push on, driven by tasks and to-dos.

Tempering our rush to pull the trigger is Generous Jupiter in judicious Libra.  Playing tug of war directly opposite Mars/Uranus, Jupiter's placement is all about temperance, evaluating your options carefully before deciding how to move ahead.  Also helping us to clarify and discern reality is Mercury in Pisces.  Take a moment to meditate, pray if you like, ponder your situation.  Ask your inner authority for insight.  The answers (contrary to popular belief) reside within you, not externally.  Messenger Mercury in mystic Pisces says “follow the trail of breadcrumbs to find the answers.”  It is a magical journey if you allow.

Then, on March 4th, Venus turns retrograde motion.  Talk about hitting the pause button.  Wow.  Every eighteen months the planet of love, money and relationships shifts into reverse gear, a giant re-wind to re-view your relationships (to money, other people and yourself).   The next six weeks is a great time to give yourself a makeover while Venus moves backward in Aries before turning direct motion on April 15.  Take stock, of yourself first.  What works and doesn’t work about you, your behavior, habits and patterns.  How do these impact (for better or worse) your life, including the most significant parts of your life – relationships to others, at home and work.  How do your patterns negatively or positively impact your ability to earn money, to earn a living?  This six week stretch is not a great time to start a relationship...of any kind.

It is also worth noting that Jupiter, the other great benefic planet is now retrograde in Libra, ruled by Venus, lending double emphasis on reviewing relationships, negotiation, diplomacy, art and beauty. 
Having Neptune (imagination/escapism), Mercury (communication) and the Sun (our will) in dreamy Pisces will slow us down to ponder, wonder, and reflect.  Meanwhile, Saturn, Mars and Uranus fire signs are pressing the gas pedal to go, go, go ahead with changes.  How to manage this contrarian energy?  This clash of emotions and internal forces? 

Take turns.  Be inspired and flow, then do, act.  Control what you can control and let the rest go.

Give each wave their due so neither feels squashed/suppressed.  Make like a painter:  apply that paint to the canvas of your life as needed.  Then step back and take in your picture.  Where do you need to make changes or adjustments, more here but less over there?  Paint accordingly.

Steadying our hand is Motivating Mars’ shift into earthy Taurus on Friday, March 10th.  Pragmatic and real, Mars in Taurus lends a practicality to our thrust forward, especially in the areas of finance, how we bring home income, the kind of people and possessions we surround ourselves with.  Mars in Taurus wants us to make the most of our skills and talents.  Are you?

This is an especially vital question as it occurs under the light of a waxing Full Moon on March 12th, in analytical Virgo.  This Full Moon really tempers our emotions, the clash of cosmic planetary cycles in fire and water, colliding within us.  Eminently practical, she makes a gorgeous alliance to transformer Pluto guiding us emotionally to plot and plan our future steps.  What is your vision?  asks Neptune, Sun and Mercury in imaginative Pisces.  Ok then, here is how you get from A to Z say Capricorn Pluto and Virgo Moon.  The Lunar North Node (True North on our internal guidance mechanism) aligns beautifully with the Taurean Mars right now.  What is realistically accomplished?  Small steps forward every day.

Two days later, Messenger Mercury moves into Action Aries.  Feel the surge?  From now through the end of March our minds are on fire, igniting the urge to push ahead.  Blaze a trail.  You feel you’ve had just about enough of the delicate dance, that pause and reflect business. 

Not so fast cupcake.

In all things, nature and life, there is balance and temperance, remind titans Uranus and Jupiter.  Still directly opposite in the sky, change agent Uranus demands new growth, new methods, new…well, everything.  In Aries, its predisposed radical tendency is heightened that much more.  Meanwhile Generous Jupiter in Libra says, all in good time.  All in good time.  First things first.  In our post-modern, stressed out world, we are well to remember nature – the natural cycle and rhythms to life.  For everything there is a season.  Divine timing.  Do what you can, when you can and give a rest to the rest.

There is tremendous healing potential now with the Sun (our will) conjoined to wounded healer Chiron in a prominent degree of Pisces.  What, how, whom will you heal?  Good question.  Especially on the Equinox as the Sun shifts into Aries on March 20th.  Spring is a time for giving birth, new life, a vivid reminder that the only constant in life is change.  Our will now joins Venus, Mercury and Uranus in the primary sign of the zodiac and we feel a seemingly irrepressible mandate to forge on.   And, the angry challenge between change agent Uranus, transformer Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in measured Libra, just got a whole lot tighter.  Feeling squeezed?  Put upon, constantly under siege?  Many of us are. 

All that Aries Warrior force lashes out:  no defense here, only offense, offense, offense.  Forward we go.  Attention readers, a public service announcement: do not be offensive.  Think before you speak, consider how the other person will receive your message.   Pluto in practical Capricorn says:  take the long LOOOONNNGG term outlook.  What will be the consequence of your actions a day from now, a week, a month, a year…or longer?  Aries is mighty impulsive.  It is great for blasting out of ruts we may be stuck in, starting anything new and leading the charge where you are so called.  Just be mindful of fallout from your actions, intended or otherwise.

The shift into action mode is complete with the Aries New Moon on Thursday, March 28th.  Tightly wedged between Venus, the Sun, Uranus and Mercury, this brave New Moon makes 5, count ‘em, FIVE, fully half of our planets in the solar system, cycling through raw, shot-gun Aries.  If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, says this New Moon.  It is an excellent time to set intentions for what you want to manifest in the month and year to come. 

Just be careful rushing into any endeavor riding on the chariot of this New Moon.  You will not feel inclined to slow down though.  In your racing around, think of the Big Picture and long term.  You don’t want to have an accident, undo all the work you’ve planted to date, turn in sloppy work or incite arguments.  Please be especially careful with heat-based appliances or equipment (cars, dryers, stoves, grills, furnaces, anything with a switch) in the home for the next few weeks.  Take caution with fire:  matches, candles, cigarettes, fireplaces.  Late March offers highly energized but combustible energy.  Watch your words. 

Words DO matter.  Not just for Mr. Trump, but for us all.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Victim, Bully, Rescuer: what role will you play?

After reviewing the cosmic coordinates of which I was about to write, I paused.  The title.  What would I name this blog?   All fired up?  Ok but not great.  Rebel, Rebel?  Warmer.   With a Rebel Yell.  Mmmm.  I don't think so.  It says something when the three titles emerging for this month’s message all have to do with fire and rebellion.   Each is pertinent.  Yet none of them rang true (see below).  

To say that we as individuals and global society are on the edge of new thresholds, of breaking down the old to make way for the new is putting it simply. President Trump’s actions in the last ten days of January is a very vivid reminder of how one person can truly change the entire, interwoven landscape that we live in.

For those awake and paying attention, these days are fraught with a divisiveness that few living in the United States have witnessed, mostly not seen since the Civil War era 150 years ago.  This openly hostile energy fans out in waves like a tsunami, affecting all in its path.  The ripple effect globally (as that is the world we now inhabit whether acknowledged or denied) is indisputable.   A friend of mine recently reminded me of the drama triangle:  victim--bully/perpetrator—rescuer, and how we often subconsciously act these roles out in our personal lives and at work.  This is certainly the case with the collective psyche right now which has given rise to nationalism and populism by those who feel victimized/abused/abandoned in their life circumstances.

Each of us, our actions, words and intentions touch another.   Awareness of this fact is essential.  Living consciously of our behavior towards others minimizes the opportunity to slip into roles our better selves would not have us play (whether victim—bully—rescuer).   So forging through the days ahead, it is best to align your thoughts and efforts with the utmost honesty; that way, as a collective whole, truth emerges, is seen and heard, and will prevail.

Every ounce of pure, factual truth is necessary as February opens with raw fire power; a seething agitation fomenting stokes the unsettled undercurrents already surging at the end of January.  Prepare:  The next four weeks are not for the faint of heart.

At the very end of January, Motivating Mars (and ruler of war) entered its own sign of Aries.  A few short days into February, on the 3rd, Venus, planet of love and relationships joins her male partner Mars in Aries packing a fiery punch.  These two play duck and cover.  Watch for impulsivity, restlessness, anger, raw emotion and power releases.  Power plays and power grabs. The upside of the two interpersonal planets in Can-Do Aries is the willingness to take a fresh look at old situations and do something new, perhaps startling yourself and others.  In short, you won’t be sitting still.  Feel your get up and go?  Your push to do rather than think?

Blasting off is all very fine and well as long as you have a plan behind the intent.  Act smart and wisely, not just for the sake of poking a reaction.  This is crucial:  NO REGRETS.   Know that when you look back on your actions this month you left a catalog of deeds and words to feel at peace with.   When facing decisions, ask whether your choices will make you part of the solution or part of the problem.  Think before speaking; ask how you would receive the words (or actions) you are delivering?  Helping us now is Messenger Mercury and transformer Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn.  These two really apply caution to what courses through us.    It is truly very helpful to have checks and balances this week knowing one foot is on the gas and the other hitting the brakes.  Capricorn Mercury tempers our thoughts and language, while Pluto measures our urge to surge forward with cautious deliberation.  They say:   how will you manage all that you initiate now?  Be real and realistic.

Half of the planets are in cardinal (action-oriented) signs the first part of February.  We feel every bit of this.  Five out of ten planets tell us to go, go, go.   On the positive front:  those stuck in a rut may be catalyzed into movement.   It is an excellent time to launch new projects, ventures and relationships or re-start any of these that may have stalled or broken down.  Feel like you are on a launch pad ready for lift-off?  Well, you are!

Making February even more exciting is the helpful energy flow between Serious Saturn in adventurous Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.  This gorgeous alignment fosters our breakthroughs, willingness to try something new and different, step out of our comfort zone and hiding place.  Ask:  what have you got to lose?  Nothing really.  And gradually during the coming weeks, Venus and Mars grow closer to Radical Uranus.  Forewarned is forearmed:  take precautions where you can; harness this rare power surge productively and positively; dance in the daylight rather than with your dark side.

Helping us hear our better angels now is Messenger Mercury’s turn into inventive Aquarius on February 7th.   The Messenger planet shines brightly in this communicative sign, where it is wildly creative, imbuing our thoughts with keen insights and initiatives.  Over the next week, February 7-14, Mercury aligns beautifully with Venus and Mars in Aries, adding to our creativity and keeping our head calm, cool and collected.  Such detachment serves us well.  Our minds are particularly sharp and clever with the lunar eclipse of the Full Moon on February 10-11.    Mercury and the Sun (our thoughts and will) in Aquarius help minimize the drama otherwise abounding with this Leo Full Moon baiting us into playing said roles mentioned above.

The creative potential for this eclipse is immense with the gorgeous alignment between Aries Uranus, Sagittarian Saturn and the Leo Moon opposite the Aquarian Sun.   Can you say:  genius?!   Feeling boxed in (caged, perhaps) by life circumstances or relationships?  This planetary formation shows you the way out.  Possibly more than one solution emerges.  We, each of us, whether you think of yourself as creative or not, are in fact inventors of our lives, manifesting our potential every single day.  What direction is it you want to turn now?

Adding to this celestially action-packed week, Generous Jupiter turns retrograde motion in Libra on the 6th.  We may feel the urge to pause ever so gently in our relationships, both to ourselves and others.  This energy acts much more subconsciously and subtly than say when Messenger Mercury turns retrograde, causing communication snafus.  With Jupiter’s inward motion, we may ask:  what am I getting out of this relationship?  Am I benefitting others, my partner, family, co-workers, myself…and how?  Jupiter’s continued opposition to Radical Uranus expands our awareness to a larger world view as to how our actions impact our community and environment including the animal and plant kingdoms, the very air we breathe.

Uranus is the Great Awakener and we awaken now individually as well as the collective body, while it forms helpful planetary angles.   The Resistance movement in the United States has stirred a sleeping giant and will blossom, full blown.  At stake is nothing less than Earth itself.  If there is one thing each of us has in common with our “other” fellow man, it is our beloved planet.  We are reminded now that precious natural resources of the earth are not to be taken for granted (as signified by Uranus’ challenge to Jupiter and Pluto).  How we use these resources truly matters as much as how we steer our personal drive, energy and focus. 

With the preponderance of invention and creativity now, harnessing renewable energy sources (such as solar and wind) rather than further exploiting Mother Earth for limited fossil fuels makes sense.  Time to divest from our personal and collective need for ego power trips and do what is right  for the long-term, the future of our children.  Jupiter in Libra reminds:   the health of the land, air and sea is a relationship we all need and can agree on.

Faith, understanding and a universal ONE-ness, arrives with the Sun’s entrance into dreamy Pisces on February 18.  Through the end of the month, our will conjoins with the Lunar South Node, then Neptune, clarifying, distilling, releasing.  The final sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents the highest and lowest of humanity:  the saints and angels along with the derelicts and addicted.  As always, we have a choice about how we direct our will.  Choose wisely during the final days of February.  Are you trying to escape and avoid something or someone?  Or are you applying elbow grease and know-how, good old-fashioned effort to solve your situation?

With the Sun’s conjunction to the South Node and Neptune opposite the Lunar North Node in industrious Virgo, we may be very tempted to press the escape button.  Watch for (excessive) drug and alcohol use, avoiding emotional relationship hurdles requiring effort and work (including clearing up our own act!)  Help is available now for the asking.   If no one has told you or given you permission:  It is OK to be vulnerable, not have all of the answers, admit we need help.  Focus on productive work, conscious healthy living, and mindful well-being.  Ask how can you be of service to others?  Thereby helping yourself along the way.  For as the visionary New Moon in Pisces on February 26th instructs:  we are ONE.  We are the collective body, collective mind, collective soul.  Flow now into your highest Self, listen to your better angels, follow their guidance to heal yourself and the world all around.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Whole New World

In the last few days of 2016, the stage is set for the New Year.  On Thursday December 29th there is a New Moon in stable, sturdy Capricorn.  Please take time on this day and over New Year’s weekend to handwrite your list of intentions for the month and year to come.  With FOUR planets packed tightly together in practical Capricorn, it is truly a golden opportunity to draw plans for the future. 

Capricorn is the ultimate building tool.  An earth energy, closer to granite, bedrock rather than rich fertile soil – say like Taurus, Capricorn enables us to set in stone a solid foundation upon which to forge ahead. So cast your hopes and dreams with all of the realism and pragmatism this sign affords. The New Moon occurs the same day that Radical Uranus turns direct motion giving us huge motivation to activate our life.   

Change is the only constant in life and Uranus IS the change agent.  Just when you think you are settled into a routine, whoops!   Uranus unleashes surprise.   It can be big and volatile, wildly romantic, small and irritating.  But it happens to all of us in some regard.  This week, my gym changed all of the equipment… just after I mastered a fitness routine. A first world problem to be sure but annoying for one who struggles to exercise.  Whatever situation you find yourself in, Uranus’ shift in motion assures unsettling events.  So hold on and breathe!

It is a good thing then when just after the New Year, Venus enters dreamy Pisces where she is treated like an honored guest, a VIP and in turns encourages us to be generous and kind.  This deepest of water signs brings out the best of Venus, her cherished goddess qualities, endlessly selfless and giving.  Here she offers great hope to the start of 2017.  Venus will be in Pisces for the entire month of January, too, joining the lunar south node, Neptune, Mars and Chiron, endowing each of us with extra special love, inspiration, care and healing.   She bears abundant peace in Pisces, has a rather Mother Theresa-like quality that significantly softens all of our relationships and finds us to be more charitable with money and spirit with which we approach situations and people.

Capricorn the architect compliments visionary Pisces so well, offering us tremendous potential for 2017.   The dreamer (pisces) and the builder (Capricorn).  The energy is literally:  if you dream and build it, they will come.  Given the immense divide politically and socio-economically in the United States (also globally), having four planets in mystic Pisces at the outset of the year enables us to envision and dream about the kind of world we want to create.  Our vision starts with our own individual lives, then building that solid Capricorn New Moon foundation.  What do you hope to accomplish by this time in 2018?

Remember to set reasonable, manageable goals or choose a few large goals with attainable sub-set goals to give yourself some self-esteem as you knock off the to do list.  Try not to bite off more than you can chew especially if you are working toward one or two big goals.  Knock off the smaller tasks bit by bit.  Want to clean up your finances?  Cut up the credit cards first then pay down the monthly debt one chunk at a time.  Kick unhealthy habits and embrace new ones.  A helpful fact is:  it takes 60 days straight to firmly implant a new habit, pattern or routine.  You can do it!  Yes you can!

The caution with Pisces (and the heavy focus of 4 planets in this sign) is that it likes to press the escape valve when the going gets tough…and even when the going is smooth sailing.  Definitely watch your drug and alcohol intake on New Year’s Eve and all month long.  If you do need an escape, choose healthy outlets – walks in nature, meditation, exercise, giving to others (random charitable acts of time and money), enjoy music especially live or playing an instrument, journaling and all artistic forms of self-expression.

The on-going and continuing challenge leftover from 2016 is a hard angle between Jupiter in Libra vs. Pluto in Capricorn vs. Uranus in Aries.   Wherever these three fall in your chart you feel called to action, to press forward and tend to business.  Jupiter in Libra endows us with immense grace, dignity and relatability.  We want to interact with others and change our relationship to ourselves.  Pluto in Capricorn transforms some foundational aspect of our lives…something we always counted on as a bedrock.  While Uranus in Aries pushes us to break out, break down barriers to what no longer serves us – to be the warrior and pioneer of our own lives. 

To say this troika is highly catalytic, even volatile, is an understatement.  It is as combustible as it is galvanizing; and prompts much of the global unrest we now witness.   When the Sun joins Pluto on January 7-8 adding our will to the existing energy, some may feel they are on a mission, that their purpose is of vital importance.  So it is essential for us to remember that there are always, always, ALWAYS positive and productive uses of energy.  Please focus your intentions and plans for any endeavor or relationship in the spirit of peace and love rather than power, might or revenge.   Keep close to your mind the words of Jimi Hendrix:  “when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

Also on January 8th, Messenger Mercury turns direct motion.  The wheels of life start churning forward again and do we.  Sign those contracts and move ahead with major purchases.  The Pluto-Sun alliance challenge to Jupiter and Uranus are still in place leading into the Full Moon on January 12 so you may feel your personal mission take on a new, heightened dimensions.   Just think before speaking or acting.  Our sense of purpose is even more accentuated by Mercury at the final degree of Sagittarius on the day of the Full Moon.  We may feel the need to fight for our individual philosophies, truths and beliefs; some may be filled with religious zeal to fight for a particular reason (Isis terrorists, Christian Evangelicals, etc); some may feel their own truths are at stake against a larger, uncaring/thinking/non-believing collective.   Are they?   

Stand back from your personal emotional fray and assess objectively. 

If you have a message to deliver or stake to claim, speak up now on your own behalf or for those who aren’t able to speak for themselves.  Speak your truth.  Just remember, there are many truths and realities, not just your own.  You have the spotlight on you between January 10-13, so review the content of your message thoroughly.

We gain huge help at the Full Moon with Venus’ annual conjunction to Neptune, now in Pisces.  Talk about the possibilities for universal peace, love and harmony.  WOW.  This is it!  This duo really inspires us to cast the widest net ever to be inclusive, sharing and generous in the greatest interest of mankind.  In short, it really softens the Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus struggle and strife, to channel the energy for the greater (and greatest) good.  Venus-Neptune lends a saintly and angelic quality to this Full Moon, and boy, our world sure can use it.  Ask how you may best be an extension of love for yourself and fellow man?

The grace and harmony of Venus-Neptune stays with us the following week while Motivating Mars joins healer Chiron in Pisces.  This latter pair affords an extra added healing capacity.  What wounds in your life need gentle tending?  If you do find yourself on a mission, let it be one of healing, purposeful well-being for yourself, others, our planet Mother Earth.  Be vulnerable.  It is OK.  Let your vulnerabilities show.  You too guys.  You do not have to know/be/do everything all of the time. 

By January's third week, Mercury has re-entered Capricorn post-retrograde, structuring our thoughts and words in to a cohesive whole.   So you want to lose weight, find a new job, relationship, help your fellow man?   Messenger Mercury says let’s make a step-by-step plan.  On the 20th, the Sun enters Aquarius ushering a changing of the guard.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the radical, inventive and altogether different planet.  In the United States and globally, we feel this energy and how.  Mr. Trump is due to be inaugurated on this day and the whole world watches to see how drastic a landscape (politically, economically and socially) he will initiate.  Aquarius is about humanity and human interests.  It asks, what is possible and best for the ordinary Joe comprising the vast majority of the populace?  Let’s hope and pray to heal the enormous gulfs and divides separating us.

Refine and redefine your intentions on the New Moon, Friday, January 27th.  This date finds Motivating Mars at the final degree of Pisces, inciting extra strength to our dreams and desires for the future.  The very next day Mars enters fiery Aries, sparking us into action.  Carry out those dreams with thoughtful effort through connected relationships that form a generous, healing, welcoming world.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Magic Wand: What is Your Command?

After all of the tumult, sturm and drang of the US election, there is a collective sense of:  So now what?

What, indeed, will happen?  Will the hopes and dreams of Trump supporters be realized?  Will the nightmares of Clinton supporters manifest?

Whether you are a US citizen or not, one thing is for sure:   a whole lot of hard work is ahead of us.   The reality of just how disparate our global landscape is has vividly emerged.  What is not yet clear is how to work together to achieve common goals.

The good news is that we have a lot of help this month to begin the work ahead.  Opportunity abounds at the start of December.  The month opens with Messenger Mercury changing signs on Saturday the 3rd.  Our thoughts shift from truth seeking and truth telling to creating a grounded, realistic task list.  Now that we have uncovered the truth (with all of its warts and fangs), how do we apply our knowledge in practical and useful ways to move forward? 

More immediately, with the holidays upon us, we may lean toward giving ultra pragmatic and essential gifts this holiday season rather than decorative, playful toys.

How will you wrap up 2016, letting by gones be by gones, and kick start your 2017?  Mercury in Capricorn wants to know.  Prods you to decide in no uncertain terms, black and white.  What will you build?  How will you reach across the great chasms that divide our country, communities and families to build bridges? 

Consider this extraordinary cosmic gift:  we are being handed a magic wand.  Literally.  Serious Saturn forms an increasingly harmonious angle with change agent Uranus, both in fire signs.  In whatever area of our chart these two fall, task master Saturn demands raw truth while Radical Uranus creates from thin air.  Watch life change on a dime.  If you are feeling (or have been) stuck or mired in seemingly impossible situations, relationships, blocked either at home or at work, this month is groundbreaking. 

Nothing like a little FIRE to get things going.  Stir the pot.  Because not only are these two planets drawing together, flaming higher, higher and higher, Saturn continues to be complemented and enhanced by Generous Jupiter all month long.  Additionally, Motivating Mars in Aquarius forms immensely helpful angles to this trio from December 1-10th.  Both in air signs, Mars and Jupiter fan the flames, pumping oxygen into our relationships (whether with our selves or others).   And we know, understand, that relationships are the bedrock, the foundation of any world in which we engage.  Relating and relationships.  Getting along.  Reciprocity.  I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.  This is the stuff of bridge building. 

I cannot emphasize enough how opportune December is – both for those who have prepared and waited for the tide to turn in their lives as well as those who may have prayed so long yet lost hope that life might deliver better times and outcomes.  The trick in all of this is certainty.  Because possessing and wielding the cosmic magic wand is incredibly powerful.  With Transformer Pluto challenging both Jupiter and Uranus, we have raw, catalytic energy in our hands.  What you incite now comes to fruition.  Truly, be careful what you wish for. 

Be sure of exactly what you desire.  Understand why you want what you want, the underlying source reason(s).   Know that what you want is actually what you need, in your highest and best interests.  This is vital.  Because the New Moon of November 29 challenged Neptune, elusive master of disguise, layering our emotions (the Moon) and our will (the Sun) with fog and delusion.  If you haven’t been working decisively toward a goal before now, Neptune will easily sidetrack you here. 
Beware of buying into something that is too good to be true; if however, you have been patiently and diligently chipping away at your dream, with pristine clarity and steadfast faith, you may watch it all unfold this month and manifest.  The actress who has patiently waited landing her big break comes to mind as does the scientist who has toiled and searched for years for a breakthrough in his quest to find a cure, a solution to a vexing disease.  The hour is nigh.  Big break and break through:  that is the role of Uranus, the Great Awakener, rule of earthquakes and lightning strikes, dramatic and sudden shifts that blind side us for good or ill.

For those who have lost faith or feel generally lost, Messenger Mercury’s move into down-to-earth Capricorn draws attention to the bare bones, the essentials, our focus toward what can be done, what implements, facts and tools we have to work with, use to build something better, move us out of our rut, be it unemployment, addiction, abusive relationships, etc.

For all of us, no matter what our circumstances, Mercury in earthy Capricorn is just plain smart.  Down to business, driving toward the bottom line.  It directs our thoughts and words (ultimately our actions) efficiently and wisely, if not gracefully.  And the Messenger planet gathers strength as it gradually aligns with the Lunar North Node in grounded Virgo.  Need to deliver a message that everyone will not only hear but relate to?   The second week of December 6-11 is your time.  The ongoing Lunar South Node/Neptune pair adds pure intuitive insight to the Mercury-North Node duo, guiding our thoughts now most effectively.

This same week finds Venus switching into airy Aquarius on December 8th.  Not exactly the warmest, cuddliest of signs for Venus; here she acts as an observer from a distance. Though if you need to stand back from a relationship(s) or group, whether at work, home or community, Venus in Aquarius is your gal.  She exercises cool detachment rather than in-depth involvement.  Distance and detachment help off-load some of the fiery steam generated by the Sun’s conjunction with Saturn in Sagittarius on December 10th, adding super power to its continuing alliance with Uranus.

Cooler heads are always necessary as we approach any full moon.  Inching toward the December 13th Full Moon in talkative Geminii, put on your listening hat, your expert, mature filter.  A little less know-it-all and a lot more curiosity will serve you, all of us, well.  The Geminii Full Moon wants to share, exchange, chat.  Pull up a chair.  Discuss amongst yourselves.  This moon glides comfortably on the surface rather than plunging into deep, soul-searching conversations.  The energy is great for company holiday parties and neighborhood gatherings happening this month as it forms harmonious angles to Jupiter, Uranus and Mars.  So make full use of this force to steer deftly in and out of conversations and situations that would otherwise ensnare and entangle. 

There are two rather special formations as part of this Full Moon.  One is a grand air trine and the other, a mystic rectangle.  What you need to know:  both are immensely beneficial and highlight change agent Uranus.  This is the week to make your big move, pop the question, be blindsided by blessings and breakthroughs.  This moon guarantees huge visibility.   If you are seeking a promotion, raise, notice of any kind, December 10-13 is ripe for promise.  Go for it now!

Especially so because the following days leading into mid-month winds the energy down substantially.  Both Messenger Mercury and Uranus are slowing to a crawl, to eventually halt and reverse course.   On Monday, December 19th, Mercury turns retrograde until January 10th.  Then ten days later, Uranus shifts direct motion on December 29th.

First Mercury.  A wee review of Mercury retrograde DO’s and DON’Ts: 

DO:  any RE-words…reflection, review, renew, replace, research, restore, relax, reading…
Assuming you booked your travel plans before the retrograde phase, 12/19, the next three weeks is a terrific time to enjoy a much needed holiday.

DON’Ts:   purchase anything major now including cars, appliances or sign any contracts of significance.  Once Mercury turns direct after January 10th, proceed purchasing and signing as usual.

The very same day Mercury turns retrograde, Mars moves into dreamy Pisces.  This is not the most comfortable of signs for fiery, Motivating Mars, where it will reside through all of January.  The best use of this combination of fiery planet in the deepest and most sensitive of water signs is to dream.  Allow yourself to believe, practice faith over fear, meditate, do yoga, write, dance, play or enjoy music either live or recorded, surrender what you cannot control.  These actions will make you feel productive and soothe the savage beast beating beneath our surface.  Mars in Pisces is terrific for artists and pursuing spiritual endeavors.  For those tuned in, it can be divine. 

Two days later the Sun moves into Capricorn, gradually joining Mercury and Pluto for the remainder of December.  This troika aligns our will, thoughts and desires along ever increasing practical measures.  At the same time, the Sun also aligns with the Lunar North Node in pragmatic Virgo.  The earthy realism of this earthy combo cannot be underscored enough.  And we will need every bit in the coming week as Radical Uranus changes direct motion on Thursday, December 29th.  Hold on tight as this shift often brings sudden, dramatic news events.

2016 has certainly had its challenges, especially politically in the United States and Europe with Brexit.  For those who prefer the status quo, resist change and progress, growth and development (both personally and globally), please know that 2017 holds surprising and often unsettling shifts.   Uranus the Great Awakener’s turning direct on December 29 jolts all of us, particularly those who want to sleep through change.  Let’s be real:  this just isn’t possible now.   Think of being tossed out of bed and heavy slumber by an earthquake in the middle of the night.  Uranus in warrior Aries aligned exactly with Saturn, planet of dharma and karma, delivers a potent dose of cosmic justice.

We are charged to begin the New Year on a wildly different and alternative front.  Return for a moment to January 2016:  who could believe (even among Republicans) that Donald Trump would be the nominee of a major party, let alone win the US election?   The sleepy, lethargic citizens of the United States will have to engage now, become active in civic life if they want a different political landscape.

So:  join hands, look into each other’s eyes, start a dialogue of equal exchange, actually listen, hear your neighbor, their perspective.   They are not so different from you after all.  Begin with one shared goal:  good health and well being.    Imagine a New Year’s Day of radical peace.  Imagine that.

Of Special Note:

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Power, Passion and the Search for Truth

Scorpio is the most psychic sign of the zodiac.  As one of the three water signs, the Scorpion’s natural intuition revs up significantly from the first of the month as the Scorpio Sun aligns perfectly with tuned-in Neptune.  This strengthens the depth of our perception and sharpens our awareness antennae.  We seem to have x-ray vision now; a nothing-gets-past-me quality that can be very off-putting and intimidating to those who have blinders on or choose denial over reality.   Crystal clear insight is nonetheless a terrific asset especially when accompanied by Messenger Mercury in Scorpio which joins Sun-Neptune.  From the very first day of November, we sniff out charlatans, what feels off, false or fake, and definitely suffer no fools.

“Cut the bullshit” says Scorpio and look at what is really going on.  The October 30 New Moon in Scorpio set the stage for this energy to do its transformational work:  gutting out the rotted parts of our lives so the new, fresh and affirming growth and development may occur.

Meanwhile, Serious Saturn joins Relatable Venus in Sagittarius to ardently pursue the truth.  The essential bones of the matter, the relationship, the work to be done, with pure, unadulterated honesty.  The dual planetary combinations in Scorpio and Sagittarius yield a highly potent and powerful time:  shrewd, penetrating observation working alongside the quest for transparent knowledge.  As sharp as your awareness is right now, you may also very well feel  naked and that everyone can see right through you. 

Scorpio also rules secrets and for good reason.  With their keen x-ray vision, Scorpios know if they reveal the slightest clue, others may expose them.  So naturally they seek protection to cover up and conceal thoughts, words and deeds; and are extremely particularly about who they share information with and how they share that information.  They are filtering masters.  Why?  Because Scorpio and its ruling planet Pluto rule power.  Knowledge is power.  And secret knowledge is the ultimate power:  how knowledge is used, steered, controlled.

Brings to mind the election of the leader for the Free World.  At the post of this blog, the US presidential election will be one week away.  There is a great deal at stake in the election outcome.   The October 30th New Moon energy combining the strength of the above Scorpio-Sagittarius alliances says it all:  each side, both Clinton and Trump, seek the most powerful office in the world and claim that only they tell the truth.   Yet both leave a trail of lies and deceit, alienating a whole swath of the electorate.  On the other hand, both candidates have passionate  followers who will vote.  Pushing to see their man/woman win, these voters drive stakes further into the ground, believing only their candidate holds the true answers, resulting in an increasingly divided country.

At the same time, Generous Jupiter dances through Libra, sign of balance, seeking reason through diplomacy and negotiation, to bring order to what is so completely off kilter in the United States, politically, economically and socially.

During the end of October, we’ve already seen the shadow sides of Scorpio and Sagittarius playing out in real time:  Scorpio Sun-Mercury is wildly passionate about its point of focus and carries an acid tongue when provoked.  Sagittarius Saturn and Venus insist on honesty at any price, no matter whom gets hurt.  On the actual election day, November 8, Motivating Mars, god of war, is on a critical, final degree of Capricorn.  Exalted and honored in this sign, Mars tells all Americans to vote your conscience.   And regardless of nationality, Mars now says:  do the right thing.  The fiery planet has been cycling through Capricorn for the past two months urging us to lay a solid foundation for our lives.  In early November, its placement compliments the Sun-Mercury energy beautifully, holding up what they unearth to be seen in the light of day and asking:  is this useful?  Will it help you grow?  If yes, use it as a building block; if not useful, there’s the trash heap.

The very next day following the election, Mars moves into inventive Aquarius.  Now life gets really interesting....  Aquarius is radical, rebellious and rules group consciousness.  It is also the Great Awakener and Humanitarian.  So keep an ear out for calls for peace and understanding.  Watch (out) for disillusioned and disenfranchised voters who take up arms.  Literally.  The days leading up to the Full Moon on Monday, November 14 are dicey indeed, not even a week after the election. 

Two planetary sign changes now shift the individual and collective energy:  Mercury moves into Sagittarius demanding justice, the law.  Wants to know if the election was fairly conducted, or has been suggested:  rigged.  Venus moves into Capricorn at a catalytic degree, inciting action.   If you are roiled to the bones by the outcome of the election (and half of the US population will be), I encourage you to take a look at your own backyard, the mess building up under your very own eyes and clean that up first.  If we each take responsibility for our individual actions, the world would be a very different place indeed.  Harness the power of this very practical placement of Venus to bring a detached pragmatism to your relationships, including with yourself.  Where do you need to apply effort to creating long-term and sustainable relations and work practices?

Amidst the turmoil of November, two words of advice:  calm down.

Take a breath.   Ask, where are your efforts really getting you?  Are they aligned positively and productively, or leading you circuitously, on a road to no where, or worse, digging you (further) into a hole?  Think hard and think twice now about negative words and actions.   Tap into the abundant intuition available now because one thing is for sure:  intuition stems from LOVE.  It only leads in positive directions.  A source of love, our intuition is often drowned out by the loud and raucous egocentric voices crowding our head space.   It is vital to discern the difference between the calm, softer voice of reason versus the demanding voice dictating our next move.   The Scorpio-Sagittarius elements certainly provide us with the tools for such discernment.  And with Saturn, the ruler of Karma and Dharma, at the middle degrees of Sagittarius now, it is wise to remember:   you reap what you sow.

The third week of the month we are offered significant help:  Intuitive Neptune turns direct motion at a super harmonious angle with Venus.  This alliance guides our higher selves – we will know the right thing to do or say.  Now, follow that guidance and blessings be!  We also receive abundant support from planetary titans Jupiter and Saturn.  Through the end of November, Generous Jupiter forms a very helpful connection to Saturn.  In Sagittarius, Saturn seeks structured truth and honesty, while Jupiter in Libra knows how to graciously and effectively ripen relationships with skilled charm.  As Messenger Mercury joins the Saturn-Jupiter pair through Thanksgiving weekend, we find ways to tactfully say what needs to be said.

The caution to this period, November 23-26, is Jupiter’s challenge to Venus-Pluto in Capricorn. Where Venus-Pluto make for practical, realistic relationships, they can also expose an icy, buried underside.  Jupiter may help smooth out the bumps but it also magnifies the intensity of any relationship imbalance.  Better to err on the side of grace, dignity and honorable action.  Be responsible for your words and deeds and let others account for their own behavior.  No need for you to play monitor, judge nor jury.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 29 invites us on a journey.  It precisely challenges the lunar nodes in Pisces-Virgo, calling for a balance between health, healthy habits (including work), and trusting your intuition and going with the flow; search for and find a balance between control and Letting Go and Letting God.  Holding the positive energy of the Jupiter-Saturn alliance, cast your prayers, hopes and wishes for the next month and year.  Write your intentions with honesty:  whom do you want to be?  What do you want to accomplish for your life?  What do you hope for your loved ones?  Like walking a tight rope, practice makes perfect. It is more than OK to fall long as you stand back up and try again.   Once, twice, three times, and more so, habits take time to root and change us, our ways.  Ready, steady, go.

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